View Full Version : Octopus/Pearl scene game loop/freeze

05-30-2003, 10:02 PM
Im on year 3 where you have to grab the lantern from Chepito, as soon as Manny grabs it the character model of Chepito disappears/reappears. Glottis takes Chepito and walks to the Pearl/Octopus area while Manny either keeps making running animation or his legs are completely motionless.
When they arrive and are facing the submarine/octopus/pearl screen, the game starts to loop a bit (repeats voice,motion,and mainly the grabbing of the lantern and Chepito part) while they are still in the octopus area. Eventually the Octopus movie starts, but when it finishes the game starts back at when they are walking over the bottom of the sea towards the Octopus area. Either this loop is going on indefinitely or it freezes.

I tried all this:

- Installed the patch
- Installed newest nvdia geforce 2 drivers
- Turned off hardware acceleration
- Copied to hd (play without cd)
- Set resolution to 640x480 16 bit
- Searched forum for Octopus problem hehe

I have : athlon xp 1.6 ghz, geforce 2, 512 mb ram, Soundblaster Live! 5.1, Win ME, Directx 9.0a, Purchased the game.

I could surely use some suggestions because it's impossible for me to progress any further into the game.

A savegame would also be very helpful, best would be exactly after the Octopus movie (where it grabs the unfortunate skells)

05-31-2003, 08:47 PM
Ok I found out what the problem was;
DirectX 9.0a , I downgraded to 6.1 and it worked.