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05-31-2003, 12:42 PM
Interested in join a clan (Crimson Legion) we are a seven member clan that is very united and we are accepting new members who which to join. please no 56k connections. Post here if you have any questions.

Read Below,visit http://dante.crimsonlegion.org for clan info if you are interested post on the forums on the bottom of my page then ill tell where to go from there

We hold practices on Mondays and Wensdays at 10:30 central standard time, Fridays are optional we expect to follow clan policies.

Clan Policies Are As Follows:
We are all expected to treat other members with the highest respect and to carry Honor of the clan.
You will be kind, courteous, helpful and supportive of all members.
You will be respectful to any person that visits any CL game. Treat them as guest and potential new member. Be welcoming.
Unacceptable behavior includes but not limited to, name calling, ridiculing, threatening, destructive public humiliation not of a joking or friendly manner toward any member of CL or any associated alliances. Will be inforced by CL Counsil.
You may lose privileges, titles, status, access, and respect or even worse be kicked from the clan if you are caught and charged with this offense.

if you are interested in joining, please be sure to state the following:

*how you found out about us
*your age
*your location
*your connection
*what you feel you can offer