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06-01-2003, 10:36 PM
Imperial Elites is the most advanced fighting force into today's galaxies. Fighting in an ordered way we have done more then just proven our worthiness among the galaxies, but have also shown that we are fearless. Our purpose as a force is to use what resources we have and gain to fight for the land that is rightfully the Empires. We fight for the Empire and fight as one, we fight until the end is done! We are the first ones in and the last ones out. We gaze onward to our conclusion. We serve the Empire in the highest regards. All guidelines and requirements that the Empire gives will be met. Anything that stands in the way will be destroyed, and we will fight strong. Anyone that is for the Empire is our friend, and anyone that is against is our foe.
This is your principle, Imperial force, this is your reason because you are the Imperial Elites.
IE consists of three branches;
1: Civilians
The civilians are the crafters, merchants, politicians, and whoever else does not want to be part of the organized military. If you like to solo, this is where you want to be.
2: Venators-Led by Jace Anzetti
The Venator division is the most advanced hunting groups that the galaxy has to offer. It includes bounty hunters, smugglers, and people with slicing skills. The Venators hunt as one and will not stop until all rebel scum are shattered.
3: Military- Led by General Silth Jarkain
The military is in the process of establishing a simple ranking system of regulat soldiers.
The 4 major divisions of the military are as follows:
Ground Forces: Regular Soldiers
Navy: Pilots, once the space expansion is out
Military Med Division: Combat medics skilled in healing soldiers
SpecOps: Special division for trusted and skilled soldiers/covert
We will be based on the east coast server, Chilastra. Our homeworld wiIl be Naboo. If you are interested in joining the Imperial Elites, visit us at www.imperialelites.net Also feel free to post in our forum.

Recruiting Team
Imperial Elites