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Darth Blonde
06-07-2003, 08:39 PM
Sith Wars Episode 1 Force Equinox, This RPG will take you about 2000 years before Phantom Menace. It is a time when Jedi and Sith are balanced in power. And because there is balance in the force both side have such power as will seen again. Example, a petty jedi knight could make Windu look like a pansy. Anyway let me set the stage, the goverments of hundreds of planets have begun a massive war using the new technology of Light Speed to attack far across the galaxy. The sith are thriving in this chaos and have begun to openly attack the Jedi. Meanwhile there are plans underway to organize a republic.

I will be the GM and here are my rules.

1.You may be any creature you like as long as it is from starwars.
2.You will make up your own characters or get one from me.
Please state his race
his ocupation
his alignment (good or bad)
and anything else you want. I will check him first however.
3.You do not have a limit on how much force you have only how well you use it.
4.You don't have to be a force user

Questions: koocoo88@yahoo.com

06-08-2003, 08:02 PM
My name is Rod Helmin. I'm a lightside Force-wielder. I carry two lightsabers and a heavy blaster.
What's the story?

Darth Blonde
06-10-2003, 12:58 AM
I'm going to assume your a jedi okay?

Anyway, you and your padawan, Meinic, were silently observeing the congress of Caligu (A Planet) Their Prime minister was asassinated during peace talks with their greattest enemies, the Marcothians. The Congress is about to pass a bill that would athourize total war between the factions. You are focusing all your power on not letting the bill pass. Suddenly your mind is clouded. You cannot properly focus on the Congress. The bill passes. Something else in the area was affecting them and you!

06-10-2003, 08:27 AM
I'm going to assume your a jedi okay?

Ya...I'm a lightside Force Wielder...

Darth Blonde
06-10-2003, 10:34 PM
Respond to the situation.

06-11-2003, 08:54 PM
Menic and Rod decide to investigate the distraction. Rod meditates in his room, trying to pinpoint.........

Then he senses it. A Dark presence. Something was afoot. Rod quickly contacted his apprentice, telling him about the presence. Apparently Melnic had not sensed it himself.

Rod decides to check it out alone. He leaves without telling anyone.

06-11-2003, 09:49 PM
After Rod rounds a corner he is suddenly slammed up against the wall. A black skinned humanoid with white hair has Rod pinned up against the wall, a knife to his neck. "Not a sound Jedi." Around him are three other black skinned men all with white hair.

The group of black skinned people have tattoos of wierd creatures on thier bodies, each one has a different creature which coils around thier torso and extends to their arms an legs. They are wearing no shirts, only soft puffy black pants which bulge out and are secured to the waist with a leather belt. On their legs are padded boots which make no sound when walking and cover their whole lower legs up to the knees. On their arms are similar padded gloves extending to the elbow.

The first man who has Rod pinned, turns Rod around and binds his arms and legs with simple chords. Then two of the men behind him come and carry Rod one at his feet and the other at his arms. They then head down the hall when a black robed Sith appears.

At the sith's apperence Rod's mind is suddenly clouded and confused. Rod soon passes into unconcousness. The sith Lord looks to the black skinned men. "Fenix, good work. Take him to my ship and you will recieve your reward."

The leader bows his head and the four black skinned men head off towards the landing pad.


my two characters:

Dark Silvor-he is a sith lord and very powerful.

Fenix- he is the leader of the black skinned humanoids know as the Salorians. They are a warrior race who are very agile and good at hand to hand combat. They are not force sensative, but are not sensed by the force or affected by the force(like the Yuuzhan Vong.)

06-12-2003, 09:46 AM
Meanwhile, Melnic, Rod's apprentice, realizes that something is wrong, and summons the strongest Jedi to track him down. As they walk, they notice dirty bootprints leading to markings of a ship taking off, and realize with terror that Rod has been taken captive!
"If a powerful Jedi like him was taken captive," one Jedi breathes, "Then his captor could be someone more powerful than we can control."

The others nod gravely.

Darth Blonde
06-12-2003, 04:28 PM
As the Jedi, there will be 5, walk through the Caligru Goverment building they look through the windows to see thousands of shock troops being loaded into transports. The dire situation is manifested in the armored warriors. They could all sense the evil prensence of sith, but nobody could pinpoint it. Try as they might the jedi cannot affect the minds of the Caligru officials, the dark side is to strong.

06-12-2003, 09:58 PM
Suddenly from behind the five Jedi the presence of the Dark side of the Force explodes. But they sense it too late. One of the Jedi is stabbed in the back and a scowling Sith Lord hurls the body effortlessly asside. "I am Darth Silvor. It is a plesure to kill such fine Jedi!" He points his red saber towards the other four Jedi and prepares for a thrilling combat.

Darth Blonde
06-13-2003, 03:08 AM
Silvor, cool name.

The jedis engage the sithlord. There is a huge burst of force that comes from both sides. It shatters the windows on either side of them. Mienic is taken by surprise by the blast and is swept out the window. This would not be a bad thing considering that he could just lift himself back with the force, but, a whole battalion of shock troops, even with their training can't help but look. And Mienic doesn't know weather or not he should give away that he is a jedi.

Back in the passageway the battle rages. Silvor is almost unstoppable. But then, with a perfectly coordinated menuver the jedi all unleash a massive for barrage. Even to much for the Sith, he crashes through a concret wall. (only sustained by the force) The jedis run to the opening, only to see a huge vent shaft. Silvor cannot be dead, they still sense him, but where is he?

06-13-2003, 03:53 AM
( Mandolorian54 how many characters are you accualy controling? )

*every1 hears a deep voice*

"hehe Darth silvor my apprentice kill the rest of these pitiful jedi,
and let me introduce my self i am Darth Venom the lord of the sith"

*he looks at a in coming jedi and the jedi swings at him feet but venom flips over him and holds hin saber like a dagger and stabs him in the back while faceing the other way, then force pushes another and swings at another jedi who blocks it then hits back but venom blocks it then kicks him off and slashs him leg skimming it making a massive cut then goes to fight byu his apprentices side*

06-13-2003, 08:31 PM
(I am controlling two characters. Fenix and Darth Silvor, as posted in my first post.)

Silvor uses the force to pull Mienic inside the building and slashes out with his lightsaber...(tag Darth Blonde)

Meanwhile Fenix is taking Rod to a small base elsewere on the planet. When he arrives Rod is placed in a cell with a laser grid door. And a group of soldeirs guard by the door(they do not have keys.) In the next room a small group of soldiers stands by and their officer has the keys. But he will not enter the prisinors cell because he knows the prisonor is force sensative.

Soon probe droids will come to inject him and try and get all the information out of him they can.

06-13-2003, 09:08 PM
*Venom goes on and fights Rod*

"hehe you cant even beat my apprentice and u think you can beat me"

*Venom jumps over Rods lightsaber then force pushes him into the wall then jumps at him slashing*

06-13-2003, 11:09 PM
(Death Jedi, you ment Mienic right not Rod? I was in the middle of attacking him.....oh well)

Of the five Jedi, two are dead one wounded and Mienic and one other left to confront Silvor and Venom. With his back to his master Silvor faces the Jedi. "You are no match for me, my skills are far more powerful than you can handle. You still wish to fight me?"

"I will fight for justice and die for honor!" The Jedi charges at Silvor.

Silvor dives aside slashing the Jedi in the side. The jedi falls to his knees dropping his lightsaber and clutching at his wound. Silvor stands over the Jedi with his own lightsaber held casually at his side.

"I admire your corage Jedi, but it was a foolish thing to throw your life away in such a short instant."

"You won't win, whatever your scheem the Jedi will stop you."

"Not this time, the Jedi have no chance."

But then the other wounded jedi leapt at Silvor and slashed out with his lightsaber. Silvor blocked it but was knocked over onto his back. The Jedi then force pushed Silvor along the floor. Silvor leapt to his feet and force pulled the Jedi right onto his lightsaber, killing him.

The other Jedi staggered off down the hall in an attempt to escape.

Silvor let the Jedi escape but followed behind.Silvor left his master to fight with Mienic.

Darth Blonde
06-14-2003, 12:25 AM
:eek: oww....

Meinic, being a padawan, knows he has no chance against silvor, who just took down 3 of his superiors. But he forms a quick plan. He throws his lightsaber at Silvors head. Silvor swings up to block it. At the same time meinic uses the force and propels the shards of window at silvor.

Silvor knocks all aside easily. He smirks at Meinic. He lunges, and then topples to the floor. A piece of glass was stuck in the back of his leg. It had gone in so clean he hadn't noticed it. Now the pain was searing through his muscle. Meinic ran. Silvor was not through yet. He channeled all his frustration and pain. Meinic stopped, he couldn't breath. It felt like his chest was being crushed. He started to go numb. Silvor smiled, the child was helpless. Just then Meinic unleashed a blast of raw force, everything he had. This propeled Silvor off the causewa, allowing Meinic to run.

06-14-2003, 01:16 AM
Silvor let the Jedi escape but followed behind.Silvor left his master to fight with Mienic.

Mienic is not fighting Silvor any more, Silvor is following the other Jedi, Mienic is fighting Venom. (I think that's who Death_Jedi ment to fight.)

perhaps we can sort this out before continueing.

Darth Blonde
06-14-2003, 02:04 AM
Well lets just say the same thing happened to Venom. It's the same place so it should work. So right now Venom has a wounded leg and is falling. Sorry about the mess up.

06-14-2003, 02:18 AM

Silvor watched as the Jedi ran for his life down the coridors of the building. Fear poored of the Jedi as his death aproached. Silvor followed the Jedi to his ship were he attempted to send a transmission. No sooner had he punched in the coordinates when Silvor snuck up behind him. The Jedi whirled around and Silvor lifted him up by the neck. With a twist of his wrist the Jedi's neck broke and Silvor tossed the body asside.

Silvor aporached the ship to see the coordinates punched in, it was a small out of the way planet, perhaps a group of Jedi had gathered there. Silvor would return to his master and report what he had found.

(it's just that, Venom is more powerful cuz he's Silvor's master. Oh well...I duno)

Darth Blonde
06-14-2003, 02:22 AM
what do you mean?

06-14-2003, 03:10 AM
(oops sorry for the mix up....so all that happened up there with the 3 jedi and the wounded leg happened to vemon then ok? sorry again i didnt read it right....and lets just say that Silvor isnt Vemons apprentice they are just fighting side by side)

*Vemon tryed to ignore the pain and looked up at the stupid jedi who had wounded his leg*

"You will have wished you never did that"

*Vemon limped to his feet and pulled the glass from his leg and then skinned his leg with his saber closing the wound with a scream, he jumped at Mienic force pulling his saber out of his hands onto the ground then skimming the side of his leg with his double bladed saber*

"Hurts dosnt it, u put up a pretty good fight for a padawan"

*Venom held his saber above his head getting ready to slash at Mienic*

06-14-2003, 03:52 AM
"Venom!" Silvor called out to his (partner shall we say.)

Venom turned for just a second which was enough for Mienic to escape.

Venom and Silvor then both bolted after him racing down the coridors. Silvor caught up to Mienic first and Venom limped closely behind...

06-14-2003, 05:16 AM
"Silvor get him!!! ill fend off these Jedi"

*Jedi surrounded Venom...Vemon span around flinging his double bladed Lightsaber but the jedi blocked it he force pushed one then sith lightninged the rest then Force pulled the other one at him and span around him and cut him in half.....then put his hand on his arm and felt a big cut...and his leg was starting to feel better, he ran after Mienic*

06-14-2003, 04:08 PM
Silvor leapt into the air towards Mienic, force pushed Mienic into a wall and landed hard into him knocking the wind out of him. Silvor lifted Mienic off the ground by the neck, "Your going to tell us all about your buissness here, and what the jedi are up to." He twisted Mienic's face to look at him from a different angle while causing more pain. "Arn't you."

Darth Blonde
06-14-2003, 08:12 PM
"No i don't think he's going to tell you anything," calls a voice from the side. Venom and Slivor look over. There standing in the doorway is one of the most hated and feared jedi masters, Mang.

Silvors force grip is immetiately broken. Meinic falls to the ground gasping. The sith also relize that they had lost control of the Caligru officails. "It's to late jedi!" cries Silvor, "we've already started the war!" and with that the sith exit through a ventalilation chute.

06-15-2003, 01:59 AM
Silvor leads Venom to the Jedi's ship which he had located earlier, "Come on, we'll take his ship. Besides, it's got information onboard we can use."

06-15-2003, 04:55 AM
(Darth blonde please try not to control other peoples characters)

*they aboarded the ship and started thrashing it trying to find some answers, Venom put has hand over his leg and force healed it same with his arm then span his saber around and put it away*

"Whats this?"

*he picked up a peice of paper*

"A New Jedi Temple...on corascant?"

*he riped the peice of paper and led Silivor back into the building where Mang was helping Meinic to his feet, Venom jumped out from a shadow and kicked Meinic back to the ground and force pushed Mang to the ground and a jedi knight entered the room , venom force pulled him towards him and held out his lightsaber and stabed him in the stomech then slashed it upwards while it was still in him coming out the top of his head*

"Silivor lets destroy this jedi"

*He pointed his saber at Mang*

06-16-2003, 12:32 AM
Silvor emerged from the shadows behind Mang, "I look forwards to this." A smile widened across his face as he waited patiently for a thrilling new chalenge.

06-16-2003, 01:58 AM
''Hehehe Mang you may be great.....but not great enough"

*venom slashed at Mang*

06-17-2003, 08:37 PM
Look I hate having a guy who's sitting in a jail all this time...I'm gonna control a second character...a Jedi named Darvit Yoo.

Just at that moment Darvit steps in, to see Venom and Mang battling. His lightsaber glows yellow in his hand. "He may not be powerful enough, but together, we will be more powerful than you!" He says, forward-flipping beside Mang.

Meanwhile, Rod is sitting in his cell. He has just woken up, and realizes slowly what has happened. He uses the Force to heal his wounds and reestablish mobility, and then hears the sound of the probe droids.

I have a bad feeling about this.....

06-18-2003, 01:46 AM
The guards open his cell to allow the drone to hover into the room, it is followed shortly by a menicing sith, "You will tell me what plans the Jedi are making, or you will suffer. Tell us and end the suffering."

*Torture comences*

Meanwhile. Silvor stands his ground watching the Jedi carefully, waiting for a chance to strike. He then lowers his lightsaber, "Fine, Jedi. Let us go and we will return Rod alive."

(I am planing to colapse the celing on them with the force when they think about my offer, which is false by the way. Unless of course the celing is un-colapseable. then the floor, or walls. So if you dicede to go ahead you can make my character do that.)

06-18-2003, 03:14 AM
"silvor" Screams Venom "Hurry up and help me i cant handle this"

*then they all hear a shocking boom and the celling above them collapes falling on Mang and Darvit Yoo, Venom trys to get out of the way and drops his lightsaber and moves and his saber in crushed in the rubble, then some jedi come in*

"SILVOR.......Help" he begged

06-18-2003, 04:29 AM
Silvor spots five Jedi coming in and decides otherwise. "Sorry venom, better luck next time." He flees to his ship.

06-18-2003, 05:58 AM
"What you Traitor......when i get out of here im gonna come and hunt you down and kill you becouse u no....i was always better"

*Venom fliped into the air and sith lightninged one of the jedi and then force pulled his saber, he then slashed one and kicked the other to the ground and slashed at ones legs as he fliped over it , venom then looked at the remaining 3 jedi then jumped through the hole on the roof and looked at Silvors ship*

"hmm" he thourght he jumped back down the hole and threw his saber to the ground and used the force to pull the rubble off mang and his friend, he then walked around the wounded jedi and healed them, there was only two dead

he walked over to mang and healed him then said

"i am sorry for all the damage that i and silvor have caused"

*then he fliped out of the building and fled into a ship and flew off into space, while he was in space he looked around the ship to find lots of chunks of metal and other resorces, he sat down and started to build a new lightsaber (after some time) he had build a new saber ....it was a double bladed saber accept this time the blade was not red it was blue, he then looked inside one of the wardrobes and there was lots of cloaks, he picked up one ...it was black with a hood and around the bottom was a blue line going all the way around*

"i am now not a Sith nor Jedi......i am a Dark Jedi"

*he started to feel around with the force trying to pick up Silvor, he found a trace of him at tatoonie*

"alright old friend prepare your self , cas here i come"

*he directed his ship for auto pilote striaght to tatoonie

06-18-2003, 09:35 AM
Rod gathered his strength. Then as the probes came closer, he stared straight at them, and hot invisible Force lazers shot from his eyes. Two of the droids exploded, spraying shrapnel everywhere. The surprised officers and stormtroopers instinctivley drew their guns. Rod smiled briefly, and looked each one in the eye.

One by one they began clutching their face.
"That should blind 'em for a while," Rod muttered. He took all of their weapons and found his lightsaber in the belt of one of them. Then he proceeded down the hall, a new confidence born inside him.

(Hey guys you ever play the mod prison_escape? This is sounding a lot like it huh?;) )

Darth Blonde
06-18-2003, 06:20 PM
for starters Death jedi I am the GM, i can control others characters. I don't do it often. I only made the sith jump into a vent.

Back in Caligru Mang looks around wondering what just happened. The sith had healed him. Weird things happen when your a jedi but this takes the cake. No room to complain. They had to inform the jedi council at once!

06-18-2003, 08:05 PM
Darvit rubs his head briefly, then turns to Mang. "You inform the Council. I'm tracking down that Sith." He turns to head to the docking bay.

Darth Blonde
06-18-2003, 08:15 PM
Mang sighs. He wasn't going to stop Darvit, he could chose his own path. Darvit isn't a match for either of the sith. However if he found them he could call in reinforcments. Mang could only hope that Darvit would be sensible and do so.

06-19-2003, 01:41 AM
Death_Jedi, I am on the same planet, I have a base there, that is where Fenix brought Rod and that is where all my stuff is. Is that okay?

Back at his base Silvor was looking over the Data he had found, when a jedi hunter came into the room and told him about Rod's escape.

Silvor was angry but gave no physical evidence. "Deploy the hunter's and see to it personally."

The Jedi hunter left. Soon the base was being searched for the wayward Jedi. (they search in groups of 2, and in different areas, not all together.)

Silvor uses the com link to order that all the exit's be sealed and the guard increased.

(The base isn't huge but there's about 100 employees, enganeers, guards, jedi hunters.)

06-19-2003, 02:10 AM
Vemon thourght......now that im not sith i will call myself Death
Death landed quite a distant from Silvor and his hold bace . he walked up to the frot and saw the door open he hid behind it as two seach partys stormed out of it.

Then he walked in and a guard greeted him

"Master Venom i ...."

Death intruped "i am no longer Venom its Death"

"yes sir well crocker has..."

*death had slashed him with his saber he looked around the rooms intill he ran into a few Jedi hunters and death readied himself*

"hahaha your only jedi hunters not real sith this will be easy" thourght the dark jedi

*the 1st one attacked him but death stoped the blow then hit him in the guts with his saber then force pulled the other one and slashed his head off then force pushed the other into the wall then walked up to him and looked down on him, then sabered him*

06-19-2003, 02:19 AM
(but the doors were sealed shut. I'll let it slide, we'll just say you slipped in before the door was shut.)

Silvor was once again interupted from his duties. A guard burst through the door gasping for breath, "Sir Venom has returned and he's killing our own men!"

"Damn! He survived?" Silvor stormed out of the room, "I'll have to deal with him now, perhaps I underestimated his chances againsth those Jedi."

Silvor headed to his command center where he told the teck officer to announce over the pa system that Venom was to be killed on the spot if found. Silvor then told the teck officer to report if Venom was spotted on the servalence.

Silvor left for Fenix's room.

06-19-2003, 04:17 AM
(i did slip in before the doors closed....kinda i said the doors opened then the squads came out then i sliped in ...o well)

*death looked up a he heard the voice saying for him to be extermanated and a few guards came out shooting at him he blocked the shots deflecting them back at him*

*he turned around to see a jedi hunted behind him with a double bladed saber, death slashed it in half and before he shlashed the jedi to death he said*

"The names Death"

*he used the force to lift a big gas generator off the wall then throw it through the roof and he jumped out it and tryed to sence where Sivlor was and he ran to that spot on the roof and struck his saber on the roof inches away from Silvors head then started to make a round circle*

06-19-2003, 06:10 AM
When Silvor saw the lightsaber blade stab through the celeing he was a little shocked. But when Death started to cut a circle Silvor waited patiently. When the circle was complete instead of the ceiling piece falling Silvor force pushed it up instead so that it hit Death in the face. Silvor then stabbed up through the celieng at Death. (Assuming the cealing is low enough.)

Darth Blonde
06-21-2003, 08:51 PM
Meanwhile, elsewhere on the planet there are two Jedis named Dargnal and Muyan Mueg. They were just cleaning up a smuggling cartel when they recieved a message. It's from Rod. He used the force, making sure that it could not be intercepted. I calls for help and explains the situation. The jedi call for reinforcments and zoom of in a high altitude jet to rescue Rod.