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06-08-2003, 01:12 AM
Name: 'Irvine ?? Palpatine' (I thought it was pre-mature to name his middle name after his father's when I was first Introducing WH Irvine)
Force Status/Rank: Jedi Knight
Basic force skills (Jump, push, pull, throw, run, etc...);
Complete Light Side abilities (quivalent to his 'Rank', although might exprence a highened increase during desparation);
Dark Side powers (can be strong, but uncontrollable during desparation);
Sacrifice (sacrifices own life expectency to draw in more poetental in midicholronic reactions (A.K.A. he gets more powerful, but will die soonder in life.));
Saber Combat Form 7 (still quite a ways from perfecting it...)

((I might come up with more. but they aren't going to be all that special.))


Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern (WH Irvine)
Force Status: Unknown
Special: Nonomechine implants (Body always being damaged by a new strain of 'The Raging Death')
Abilties: UnKnown


Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern (Elder Irvine)
Force Status: Jedi Master Equivalent/Sith Lord Equivalent
Basic Force Skills;
Complete Light Side abilities;
Complete Dark Side powers (After corruption);
Force Flight (After corruption);
Fuse (After corruption);
Multi-Saber Combat;
Peroidically increase in physical attributes at will (strength & speed, for limited amount of time. Internal emitions (So no damn Vanguard can capitialise on it :p);


Name: Fused Irvine Cracern
Force Status: Sith spawn Lord (if there is one...),
Special: 1.5 active midicholron count then Elder Irvine Cracern
[list] Force Flight;
Multi-Saber Combat;
Constant increased physical attribute increase;
Complete Light Side and Dark Side abilties and powers (but chooses Dark or course);
Force Hide (suppresses force signature and creates an illusion around him, showing he had vanished);


Name: Fused Irvine Cracern (Evilly Insane)
Force Status: Mentaly unstabile Sith Lord
Special: 2x Active Midicholron count as Elder Irvine Cracern
Special 2Although is perfectly incontroll of himself, those who sense his power, sense two conflicting presences from within...
Everything as normal Fused Irvine Cracern has;
Crimson Death (A variant version of Force Destruction, but does not create not even 1/4th the damage, however it paralises the victum. Called 'Crimson' due to the ball of energy is crimson red;
Nearly Effortless Light-Masamume combat (Can swing a 2.5m LightSaber almost effortlessly);
Insane and unpredictable;

06-08-2003, 02:16 AM
Vanguards don't feed off emotions, Scar. ;)

06-08-2003, 05:32 PM
No, I ment the internal reaction with the psyical enhancement ability

06-09-2003, 05:49 AM
Eh? External and internal mean nothing in that case. The Force flows "through" you, remember? ;)

06-09-2003, 07:21 PM
You know I thought my characters were over powered.

You do realize that you can't be strong in both the light and dark side. As soon as you become more atuned to one the other is diminished.

Also you can't be able to do everything. Flax has "all" force powers and Sophae could knock RH Ivrine flat, litterally. However, they both have different strengths.

If you don't have all powers then you would be a "crippled Jedi", like the Halcyon line.

06-09-2003, 08:08 PM
Well the thing is with Fused Irvine, while he's one person, he's still TWO people at the same time. WH Irvine in this rpg, isn't a bad guy. Think of it like this: A poetentally a bad guy becomes trapped inside of an insane version of himself, and changes, becomes good while not having any way to escape. Not only that he only has one person to keep him company: Corrupted Elder WH Irvine, hence the conflicting presences.

Think of the current encarnation of Fused Irvine of a 'third mind' over the oringal two, created by the conflicting presences.

As for RH Irvine, he's not perfect, but he'd put up enough fight agenst sophae, I won't let you keep all the powerful character slots for yourself BD.

And red: why don't you add in Starr?

06-09-2003, 11:31 PM
Well, firstly he isn't a Jedi. (;)) Secondly I'm sort of waiting for BD, cuz I'm too lazy to think of a description format (and I don't like yours, sorry ;)) The third reason is that Starr has learned alot of weird Force techniques that I wrote down somewhere, lost in a reformat, and I don't feel like remembering right now. :)

Also what BD said about not having all powers making you a "crippled Jedi" is true. Most Jedi (with a few notable exceptions) have the capability to perform any feat of the Force once trained and with enough power.

Obviously RH Irvine is the son of a Dark Lord of the Sith, and so should be fairly powerful. But from what you've shown he has pretty erratic training in the Jedi arts, so he wouldn't be able to fight a pair as trained as Flax and Sophae, and expect to win easily.

Fused Irvine should be extremely powerful, as the unnatural creation that he is. However his major disadvantage is that he has been almost completely self-taught (or taught really weird things by really weird people ;)). He has some pretty exotic Force techniques, but all the Jedi training that Flax and Sophae have had gives them an edge of their own.

The end. ;)

06-10-2003, 12:24 AM
Well I didn't mean "Jedi" attribues, really mean any person whom is force adapt in anyway.

as for RH Irvine, which I believe I mentioned to red sometime ago, that I try to continiously develop my characters and fix some flaws that I run into. That force crippling sounds like a pretty good one right now... :animelol: but honestly what I also ment by when I put in RH Irvine's abilties is that he's not perfect with all of them, which adds in the bell curve that any typical character should have. And not just say "Ohh! My character is this much powerful in this, this, this, this, and this ways. and Your's isnt in these ways..."

06-10-2003, 07:24 PM
So you've missed the entire point of the thread. You have to show where your characters strengths are so that you can't decide to change them later. Like this.


Name: Taklin Flax

Age: 52

Height: 5' 11

Weight: 11 stn

Rank: High Master (Mace Windu level)

Affilitation: Light Side.

Training: Classic Jedi, fully trained

Attuned to: Unifying Force

Strengths: Excellenat Telekenicis, Strong danger sense and forsight. He is able to see the entire picture because he follows the unifying force. Reasonable Healing and ability to read others. Unbeaten duelist

Weaknesses: Relativly low ability to influence others, inability to do mind tricks. Flax has to think more in combat, as the unifying force does not guide as well as the living force.

Bias: Warrior/ Philosipher.

Sabre Form: II Master, switches to III when fighting against ranged weapons.

Sabre: One 1.3 metre silver bladed, longhandled saber, with variable length and power settings. Blade goes from 30cm to 200cm


Name: Sophae Flax

Age: 49

Height: 5' 10

Weight: 10 stn

Rank: High Master (Yoda Level)

Affilitation: Light Side.

Training: Classic Jedi, fully trained

Attuned to: Living and Unifying Force

Strengths: Good TK, excelant healing abilities, she sees the future with surprising clarity, her ability to cloud minds is so strong it is potentially lethal. She can see into the mind of even a fully trained Jedi She has an afinity for the unifing and living force, she is so at one with the force that she ages at 3/4 normal speed.

Weaknesses: Her attunement to the force means that she senses death very strongly, she is unwilling to fight when it is not absolutely nessessary. Her light frame means she relies on speed rather than strength in combat.
Bias: Healer/ Sear

Sabre Form: III Master, She does not spend large amounts of time on sabre combat. Switches to fast, conservative Form IV during combat with other Jedi.

Sabre: One 1 metre orange bladed, longhandled saber.


Name: Halren Flax

Age: 27

Height: 6'

Weight: 12 stn

Rank: Knight

Affilitation: Light Side.

Training: Classic Jedi, highly trained.

Attuned to: Living Force

Strengths: Good Telekenicis, usually very strong danger sense and forsight. He flows with the moment, deadly in combat.

Weaknesses: Relativly low ability to influence others, total inability to do mind tricks. Healing abilities are poor.

Bias: Warrior

Sabre Form: Form IV Master, some form II and III.

Sabre: One 1.4 metre silver bladed, longhandled saber, with variable length settings. Blade goes from 75cm to 250cm


Name: Kalren Flax

Age: 19

Height: 5'10

Weight: 10 stn

Rank: Padawan

Affilitation: Light Side.

Training: Apprentice to Deac

Attuned to: Living Force

Strengths: Good healing and forsight/danger sense. He has a strong ability to cloud minds and see the future. Very strong empathy with all living things.

Weaknesses: Poor TK, unwilling to fight unless absolutely necessary

Bias: Healer/ Thinker

Sabre Form: Form III.

Sabre: One 1.1 metre blue bladed, longhandled saber.


See what I mean.

06-10-2003, 08:17 PM
its about time you post those ^_^

okay, I'll rethink RH Irvine, only. I still would of course need to think of the correct weaknesses for all the WH Irvine incarnations w/o taking any bit away from the current strengths.

06-11-2003, 09:41 PM
Did i mention that WH Irvine and Elder Irvine still have those nano-mechines? ^_^

becuase there was no reason for them to 'go away'

06-12-2003, 03:11 PM

Force Rank: Unknown
Reason: Deac is too choatic, as he is not a natural Jedi. His force alignment is toward light, but can shift toward dark depending on his feelings.

Strengths: Neutral Force Powers and Saber Skills

Weaknesses: Mind Reading, choatic results when dealing with high level powers.

Saber: Two sabers, both yellow.


Name: Orthos:
Force Status: Blind


Name: Reletha

Force Status: Sith Knight

Saber: Double ended black.

Force powers: Neutral, Lighting, Destruction, Deadly Sight, Grip.

06-12-2003, 04:17 PM
See, nice and simple.

I gues Deac is a Form IV fighter, judging by his double sabers and his fondness jumps and flips.

06-14-2003, 12:06 AM
Name: Starr Hailfire

Force Rank: High level Sith

Age: Unknown

Affilation: Dark Side

Training: Nontraditional Sith training, study of ancient technique

Strengths: Starr is versatile. Unlike most Sith, he uses a variety of weapons besides the traditional lightsaber. Against other Jedi, he uses creative techniques to make these sorts of weapons effective. He uses a simple form of lightsaber combat, very fast and hard, but little acrobatics that require moving away from the opponent. He does not prefer long, drawn-out lightsaber fights and will often switch to a different weapon when the fight becomes too long.

Starr's most powerful ability is illusion, assisted by a strong empathy unusual for a Sith. While he has almost no ability to control minds, he is an expert at fooling them. Even most Jedi must know the trick is there to be able to see it.

Starr, unlike most Sith, is good at dealing with people. This has helped him pose as many different identities throughout his career. His empathy and illusion powers help with this.

Another of Starr's strengths is his mastery of a great variety of ancient, simple Force techniques that while perhaps not very powerful, can be used with great effectiveness because, simply, opponents do not expect them. His illusionist powers help this a great deal, as opponents cannot sense how an easy countered attack was made and thus are beaten by it.

He is a focused telekinesis user; in other words he can use it skillfully, but only in small areas.


Weaknesses: Emotions. While Starr's empathy helps him in some areas it hurts him in others. Starr is unable to have a Sith's focus on domination, and is such unable to use the Dark Side as fully in some areas as he would like. (His loyalty to his master is another side effect of this lack of focus on domination.) His emotions can also control him in ways he does not like.

Starr is not able to manipulate destructive energy as well as most Sith. With the exception of lightning, he generally does not bother with those techniques. When he does, it is as a manifestation of frustration and anger, or to intimidate a weak opponent.

While a master illusionist and a powerful mind reader, Starr has very little ability to control minds. He also has no ability whatsoever to self-heal, and little defensive powers. He wears armor to make up for this.

A last thing to note is that Starr is very curious. This can be seen as both a strength and a weakness.


Saber: Simple crimson lightsaber blade, standard length. While the saber uses synthetic Sith crystals, they were purposely altered to a more crimson color (red with a bit of orange in it) so that observers would not immediately recognize him as a Sith.

He also sometimes uses a variety of black lightdaggers.


See, toldja it was long. And I didn't even get into the weapons he prefers. (An obvious can be drawn from the inspiration for his last name.) Happy, Scar? ;)

If I left out anything any of you think should be added, or if I explained something poorly, let me know.

Oh - do you want me to explain Vanguards? They aren't in the RPG at the moment, but they will be making a comeback.

06-14-2003, 01:05 PM
I understand the Vangaurds quite well, thank you :)

In a nutshell, their phsyical powers increase only around active biological energy sources, IE Force, magic, etc.


(A little revise. I like Red's style, I'll copy it :D)

Name: Irvine ? Palpatine

Force Rank: Jedi

Age: 26

Afilliation: Light Side, how ever is questionable

Strengths: Irvine has a natural nack for learning Force abilities easily, due to his families history. Although he isn't able to focas enough to preform Healing, he is able to preform the ability in desparation rather intencely. In combat he protrays someflaws in his style which he makes up for it with some basic force tricks and a little acrobatics, besides from that he is currently studing the Form VII, how ever it is still questionable if he will ever attempt to perform it in combat.

One thing he has been able to do is absorb incoming force energy, espcelly Dark Side force. Although he can only but soften the blow. Another ability that he and his master beginning to explore, was teh ability to sacrifice the person's own life expectency to highen his own output of force reactions with his body, sadly though most people would consider the abilty to be of 'Dark Side' proportions.

Weaknesses: He can be quite irritable, but what keeps him in line is his sense for duty as a Jedi. Although sometimes he might be able to loose his cool during combat, but mainly during desparationary times.

Saber: His choice was the Crimson saber, although it seemed more of a sub-conscious decision, he consciously doesn't seem to have a reason why he picked the color.

06-14-2003, 05:35 PM
Originally posted by Kookee
I understand the Vangaurds quite well, thank you :)

In a nutshell, their phsyical powers increase only around active biological energy sources, IE Force, magic, etc.

Well, not exactly. ;) But I meant post "stats" and stuff, like with Jedi.

06-14-2003, 07:06 PM
Well I did say "in a nutshell"... :)

Cmdr. Cracken
06-18-2003, 10:20 PM

(yes, goo. bite me)

Cracken Hideki Palpatine
Force Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith
Age: Mid fifties
Affiliation: Dark Side.

Strengths: Immense, pure raw power from his underlying hatred, and pride results in the strongest and deadliest displays and use of the Dark Side since Palpatine and Vader. Hatred for his foes, and of those whom desire to crush his Empire, or his family, can fuel him and give him the extra edge. out of all his family, and student, he's the strongest Force user of them all. This over arching power gives him enough versitility to keeps his opponesnts guessing, and on the defensive.

Also, his lightsaber combat is impecible. Using the lightfoil, and a weapon style that died when blasters came popular, he can disarm other Jedi or Sith in mear minutes, gaining a powerful advantage.

Now, since anotehr dimensional force is enhancing his powers, Cracken can now move at inhumane speeds, and enhances his already powerful array of Dark Side power to new and devestating limits.

Weakness: Ironically, the Dark Lord has a soft spot for his daughter. Proud of what she became during her abcense from him, and of what she is becoming as a Jedi, he cares very much for her well being. Starr also holds a spot of affection, as Cracken raised the boy from his early childhood to adult hood.

Also, Cracken can be overly arrogent. His pride sometimes gets in the way of his objectives, and can end up in devestating, and unpleasent results for himself and those around him. His enemies can seee this, and many time exploit it to get him out of the way, as he usually is the greatest threat.

Saber: a lightfoil, which the blade is red.
Alys'Shera Amoliyan Palpatine
Force Rank: Jedi Padawan
Age: 25
Affiliation: Both

Strengths: Alys strives for balance as she learns the Force. She knows the dangers of the Dark Side, and she knows the benifits of the light. As such, she has access to power from both sides, though because of her liniage, the Dark Side powers are usually stronger than the light side.
Before being brought back into the Palpatine fold, she lived a life that knew not of her family. As such, her force powers came out unexpectidly, and was thought of as extrodinary talent that Force ability. Speed was her advantage, and her reflexes made her an excellent shot with a blaster.

Since learning the Force, she can now accelerate beyond comprehension. She was much faster than her father before his "enhancements", and now would be about on par with him in terms of speed. Her reflexes are boarderline precognition, seemlessly always having her lightsaber in the right place, at thr right time.

Not knowing much of either side, many basic powers, such as healing, and lighting, are in her repetuoir, but not much else. Saber combat is ultimatly her arena with her speed and reflexes.

Weakness: Secretly, she's fallen for Starr Hailfire, and has a natural caring for her father. This love could be exploited against her.

Also, since she's not really apart of any side of teh Force, she's signifigantly less powerful in terms of powers than the rest of the gang, yet her speed more than makes up for it.

Saber:A standerd Jedi lightsaber, purple is the color of the blade.

06-24-2003, 12:43 AM
Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern (insane fused)

Age: Aged to somewhere in mid thirties

Force Rank: Disiple (JKI levels)

Affilation: Dark

Advantages: He is able to out-preform in all force abilites that is available in his 'aresenal' ((:D)). He has created from the blue rather unique force abilties, which seem almost unheard of with the force. Most of these abilites would require someone with a higher midicholron count in their body, however he seems to use them finely with his already doubled amount. The fact taht he has two conflicting 'entities' with in him he is unpredictable, for him being a completey separate being himself, his consciousness is impossible to even put into any form of reason. He is able to use both sides of the force, with the double the normal amount that even the oringal Irvine has...

Negitives: Due to the appearent feel of having so much power, he seems to care less about reasons, more chaos then anything. He is unable to create destructive balls of dark energy, while also not being able to absorb force energy.