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07-14-2004, 08:34 PM
"there is no way we can get past this ship, and my emp net has not fully recharged yet, either stealth or evasive actions, plus that ship most likely will send out fighters as well as attacking us with its turrets, your flying guys, i got no say in this, then again they could not care about us and leave us aloen since they are niether remnat nor new republic" Trent says over an intercom.

07-14-2004, 09:31 PM
"How do we even know it's hostile, though?" Kilmor said right before red laser bolts whizzed hotly by Kilmor and Trent's hull.

"Well, scratch that," Kilmor muttered, rotating the ship to evade the fighters closing in. "Use your side turrets on the fighters. I'll try to get us into hyperspace."

Just as Kilmor gunned the gnines, however, the ship shuddered and suddenly it was drifting towards the starship's docking bay.

"Damn! A tractor beam!" Kilmor said, struggling to break the grip. It was no use; the ship was landed in the docking bay and a group of armored mercenaries emerged, pointing their guns at the ship and motioning for the passengers to come out.

"Not giving up yet," Kilmor muttered, gunning the engines. They flew into the docking bay wall and crashed through the plasteel. Startledmercenaries in the next room dove out of the way.

07-14-2004, 11:10 PM
"good job buddy, activate the guns and i'll try and hold hme off wiht ym turret that i ma currently sitting in" i then start blasting away anyien that tryies ot appraoch, then all of a sudden my guns blow up" ah crap! theres a dark jedi up thier on the highest platform, we are in for a treat" i get out of the turret into the ship

07-15-2004, 08:50 AM
Even at high power shots, Trent's consant stream of laser bolts is vain in slowing down the Dark Jedi, who jumps over and deflects them with his lightsaber. Kilmor squints at the Dark Jedi and sucks in his breath. "That face is all too familiar," Kilmor murmurs. "I'm going to try and get us out of here."

Kilmor turns the ship and blasts back through the hole in the wall. With the added momentum, the ship breaks free of the warships hold.
A blinking alaram goes off. "Enemy fighters on our tail. Use rear cannons," Kilmor called into the comset.

07-15-2004, 02:51 PM
" i'm there!" Trent runs towards the rear end of the ship and gets in the rear turret and starts firing at the incoming ships none get past trent he gets them all in one shot everytime, then a new ship emerges and he senses it is the dark jedi, trent fires at him but he dodges
" we got a problem, dark jedi man is on our tail! evasive actions, he will be a pain to take out!"
trent fires as fast and and presice as he can but it is no use.

07-15-2004, 09:29 PM
Without warning, another ship gigantic ship comes out of hyperspace nearby. This one is entirely black and, though it doesn't have the same shape, it is roughly the size of a Super Star Destroyer. There is no evidence that this new ship is armed, but the first ship turns to attack. The commanding officer knows this ship and he is fearful.

"Spast!" Alyssa hisses. "Not them! Let's hope they've got something against these new enemies of ours!"

She manages to break her tiny fighter out of the tractor beam and sends it rocketing toward the new ship. A tractor beam from this ship strikes her fighter and draws it inside the ship.

((Don't try to get Alyssa out. I've got my own ideas here.))

07-15-2004, 10:16 PM
"oh no! alyssa! we have to back for her, she's dead meat! we have to"

07-16-2004, 12:01 AM
Alyssa waited patiently as her fighter was drawn into the immense black ship. Soon, her fighter was completely hidden from outside view, for the doors to the hangar bay were closed. Once she could be certain that the atmosphere was breathable, Alyssa opened the cockpit of her fighter and stepped out. She had been on this ship only once before. It had not been a pleasant experience.

"You're familiar with the way to the bridge," a female voice said over a loudspeaker. "Why don't you come and see us again? We're, shall we say, happy to see you again? Or perhaps 'happy' isn't quite the word I'm looking for."

"Your feelings on my arrival are indifferent until I offer money, which I don't have with me," Alyssa muttered. She knew the owners of the ship could hear her nonetheless. Their microphones were amazingly powerful.

"True," a male voice answered. "The time we get the money is unimportant. It's the amount we're interested in."

"I'm coming," Alyssa said. She sighed and used the force to jump to a catwalk several feet above her head. From there, she entered a door and walked along the corridor behind it. Soon, she came to a lift and entered it.

"Bridge," she said. The doors slid shut.

"Identify yourself," a metallic monotone answered. Alyssa sighed, but had no time to respond. The lift lurched into action, spouting the words, "Identity check overridden."

Minutes later, the lift stopped and the doors opened, revealing the bridge and only two people. The man was clearly the elder of the two. The girl was no more than a teenager.

"We welcome you again to our ship," the girl said. "We hope this time, your stay is a little more gentle on you than the last was."

"Your hope is the same as mine," Alyssa answered. She frowned. "May I ask what you are doing here?"

Nom and Tarila Vilnov were bounty hunters and, though their ship didn't appear to have any weapons, the weapons were there and very powerful. They began this trade when their parents were killed. Nom was 17 and Tarila was 7. Together, they hunted the people who killed their parents. Because of their skill, people began to hire them frequently. They always got the job done. Now, Nom was 27, Tarila was 17 and they had only gotten better at what they did.

"Our job," Nom answered. "This ship," he motioned to a viewscreen, pointing out the large ship, "has a large bounty on its hide. We're here to collect it."

"That's good news to me," Alyssa said. "That smaller ship is being piloted by two friends of mine. I don't know who's in the larger ship, but they're not friendly toward my friends."

"Convenient," Tarila said. "Our bounty hunting saves your friends. First, let us break that ship's tractor beam."

She walked over to a nearby console and destroyed the device causing the tractor beam. Then, she pressed a few more buttons. A tractor beam from their ship caught the one holding Apo and Trent, dragging it into the same hangar bay as Alyssa's had been pulled.

"Would you care to speak with your friends?" Nom asked, gesturing to another console. Alyssa stepped over to it.

"Trent, Apo!" she said. "Don't worry. Nom and Tarila Vilnov are bounty hunters. They're after the other ship and were willing to get you away from it before destroying it. Follow one of the crew to the bridge as soon as you can."

07-17-2004, 02:37 PM
" i'm trusting you alyssa but be warned if anyone does anything funny the better be prepared!"

07-20-2004, 08:43 PM
"Does he think we are totally devoid of honor?" Nom wondered, bristling at Trent's comment. Tarila seemed to feel the same way as she moved to the console that Alyssa was standing by. She took the comlink from Alyssa.

"If anyone is making any 'funny' movements, it will be you," she snapped. "My brother and I do not go back on our word."

"Strange," Alyssa murmured. "Somehow, I thought it was because you recieved money that you came after me the first time I was here. Then, my uncle offered you more and you turned on your original employers. Did I misunderstand?"

"No," Nom snorted. "The Dark Jedi really wanted you. They paid us, but Skywalker offered more. Only in this situation do we turn. It is a rare occurence, I must say."

Alyssa grabbed the comlink from Tarila. "Everything is going to be fine. Nothing 'funny' is going to happen. Trust me."

In a few seconds, a human female entered the hangar bay to escort Trent and Apo to the bridge. When they arrived, the crew member simply disappeared into thin air. Alyssa smiled, pleased with her knowledge of what just happened.

"That crew member is a hologram," she explained. "She has been sent back to her original post. She normally works in engineering, am I correct, Nom?"

"You are," Nom replied. He walked over to where Trent Apo and Alyssa were standing. "I'm Nom Vilnov. Allow me to welcome you to our ship." He extended his hand.

07-21-2004, 12:36 PM
((Apo? Have you gone insane? :xp: ))

Kilmor shakes it warily. "I'm Kilmor. This is Trent. We're on our way to...Yavin 4."

Kilmor decided to keep the fact he was in fact a Jedi and on his way to teh Jedi Academy undisclosed. He had too many bounty hunters on his tail that dispised the Jedi already.

07-21-2004, 01:59 PM
((Apo? Where? >_>))

07-21-2004, 02:17 PM
" sorry, i have been a little uptight lately just things haven't been going my way so sorry for the prejudice, yes as kilmor said i am trent and thank you for rescuing us i guess fomr them"
trent then stands at attention still watching thier every move.

07-23-2004, 01:25 AM
Tarila stares at Kilmor. "The Kilmor?" She laughs. "You've got quite a bounty on your head, if I'm not mistaken."

Nom laughed with his sister. "Fortunately for you, we don't run in those circles. We are for hire and do not run around looking for bounties to collect. Highest bidder wins our services."

"It is rare that someone would come to us with a request like taking you out," Tarila continued. "They don't think we could manage it."

"Enough!" Alyssa exclaimed. "You're forgetting about something."

"Are we really?" Nom asked, sounding surprised. "No, I think you are mistaken, Miss Solo. We are not forgetting anything at all."

"What of the other ship?" Alyssa asked. It was her turn to be surprised. Tarila shrugged.

"It's taken care of," she answered. Sure enough, the other ship was merely drifting whereas it had been attacking the Vilnovs ship. "Our crew went over to take care of it."

"Your crew is made up of holographic images of people!" Alyssa exclaimed. "How is it possible your crew took care of it?"

"They are capable of it," Nom replied. "If you'd be kind enough to remember, they are capable of physical contact if they must be. We sent them over there with that ability activated. They forcefully overpowered the crew. It's as simple as that!"

"You never cease to amaze me," Alyssa muttered.

07-23-2004, 02:19 PM
"amazing, physical holograms, ive heard of it but never believed, so what are we doing here anyway?"

07-26-2004, 12:13 AM
"Last I knew, we were waiting for Miss Solo to tell us where to drop you all off," Nom said. Alyssa smiled.

"The Jedi Academy, of course!" she said. "My adoptive mom will send you the money you want after she learns of your help."

"Good enough," Tarila said. She stepped over to a console on the bridge, directing the giant ship into hyperspace toward the Jedi Academy. The other ship followed, controlled by the holographic crew.

07-26-2004, 05:22 PM
((wildjedi called me Apo. I asked her politely if she had gone mentally insane. :xp:))

"A bounty on my head," Kilmor muttered. "I do believe you are mistaken."

07-26-2004, 11:01 PM
"off we go then" trent said, he was thinking mainly on how he would confront the jedi who would not take to kindly to him, probably, Trent was worried.

07-27-2004, 07:54 PM
((OOC: Oh, btw guys, about two pages ago we somehow started calling me Kilmor. I'm Namin in this thread. Just pretend all occurences of the name Kilmor were Namin. ;)))

Kilmor stared at the holo crew with disgust, but he was glad to be headed back to the Academy.

((OOC2: And it appears that Apo is no longer active. This really sucks. Oh well; we have Curt -Man now. :\ ))

07-30-2004, 09:25 PM
((Cripes!! Last I knew, Apo was in here and you weren't, Joe... that's where that comment came from. Oh well, it's all straightened out now, I assume. Oh, BTW Joe, you were the one who 'accidentally' started calling yourself Kilmor. It was because one of the original participants of the thread killed Namin (though later, it turned out Namin wasn't dead because you didn't kill him off). We can go back to using Namin if you would like. I have no objections.))

Tarila stared at Namin and shook her head slowly. "No," she said. "We don't forget what we've been told. You and Miss Solo both have bounties on your heads thanks to the Dark Jedi."

"We never could figure out why they started hiring bounty hunters," Nom continued. "After all, they would be better at opposing you than any bounty hunter, wouldn't you agree?"

"Besides," Alyssa added, "you have said before that, unless you are hired personally, you don't go after anyone. You don't hunt for fun."

"Highest bidder wins," Tarila agreed. "No one has come to us asking for your heads, so we are willing to help."

She checked a nearby console to see how they were getting along in the process of getting to the Academy.

07-30-2004, 10:15 PM
"hey, do you have an armory or a work bench that i can use around here, also i need to meditate so is there a room i can do that in?" Trent got directions to the wokrshop, he entered and right away started altering his sbaer, he took out the green crystal he had been using and put in a purple on, he then closed the crystal containment part of the hilt, he ignited the saber to see it glow a briliant purple, he deactivated it and then went to a nearby empty room, where he put down all his stuff then started meditating and clearing his mind for the academy. Trent felt that they could now view the planet from the bridge, he got up and got his stuff and headed back down there, he stood near the doorway watching the planet get closer.

08-01-2004, 01:05 AM
Tarila half turned when Trent entered the room. Alyssa was nowhere to be seen and Nom was working at a console on the other side of the bridge. He made no movement. Tarila smiled at Trent and turned back to her console.

She hailed the Jedi Academy. In seconds, Luke's voice came through.

"What can we help you with?" he asked after Tarila had identified herself and those on board. Tarila laughed.

"I believe it's what we can help you with," she corrected. "We have some passengers who wanted to be dropped off here. That's all."

"If you don't mind, we'd like you to stick around for a little," Luke answered. "The Vong are around here somewhere, not to mention the Dark Jedi. We know your reputation and would like you on our side."

"You know we don't take sides," Nom said, coming to stand by his sister. "We take money."

"Even bounty hunters have sides they prefer," Luke replied calmly. Nom and Tarila were silent as Luke continued. "You must choose a side at some point. If you don't, the Dark Jedi will tire of your double allegiance and attack you."

"True," Tarila said, nodding. "When that happens, we will side with you."

"It has already happened," Alyssa announced as she came onto the bridge. "That ship trailing us was sent by the Dark Jedi. Surely you understand. It was a trap for you and we were the bait."

"Then we side with you," Nom said quietly. "We will stay."

Nom and Tarila retreated and had a private conversation.

"We already have more money than we need," Tarila said softly. Nom nodded.

"I tire of our bounty hunting also," he answered. "Maybe Skywalker will train us. Last time we met with him, he told us we were strong in the Force."

"That's what makes us so good at bounty hunting," Tarila agreed. "Maybe you're right. Let's stay."

She moved over to the console once more and spoke to Luke. "Where can we land this ship?"

"We don't have anything that size," Luke replied. "You'll have to find a large enough clearing. Once you do, Alyssa will lead you here. I want to speak with you again."

"We look forward to it," Nom said. Tarila directed the ship into the atmosphere and they began searching for a place to set down.

In the Jedi Temple, Luke shook his head in amazement. Nom Vilnov had said, "We look forward to it." Something had changed since his last conversation with these siblings. Luke was happy at the change, knowing it was a change for the better.

08-03-2004, 08:48 PM
Trent smiled back at tarila, they then spoke with master luke, and then they finaly found a large clearing, where they landed, they equiped themselves with weapons, for they were still a ways away form the academy, trent saw some wild beasts far off north, but thankfully they weren't going there, the moved cautiously across the plains "alright, alyssa, lead us there".

08-04-2004, 05:21 PM
Alyssa nodded and started out. Nom carried a sniper rifle as his main weapon. A small blaster pistol was at his side. Tarila, however, did not carry any form of technology save for her comlink. Her only weapons were two cortosis rapiers and an assortment of knives. Alyssa smiled.

Tarila was well known for her skill in using the weapons she carried. It was said she could even battle a Jedi, though not for long. In fact, a small gang had once asked Nom and Tarila to kill a Sith. Tarila had engaged the Sith in combat long enough for Nom to snipe the Sith from behind.

"You are amused," Tarila noted, turning to Alyssa. Alyssa nodded.

"I'm sure everyone in this company has heard of your skill with your weapons," Alyssa replied. "I was just thinking of what it might look like."

"I see," Tarila said. She fell slightly behind Alyssa and continued walking.

08-04-2004, 09:31 PM
trent went up to tarila and tried to conversate with her " so whats with the old school weapons?, i mean they look cool and all but even a blaster can get you when your not expecting it, or something"

08-05-2004, 04:06 PM
Namin followed from the rear without speaking, but listening in on the others' conversations.
Suddenly, a wave of Force energy slammed into him like a shockwave. He hit the ground, stunned. No one ahead of him even appeared to notice what had happened; they continued on. The wave hit him again, and the air seemed to twist violently, throwing him through the air again. He hit the ground running backwards, just in time to dodge a red blade spinning through the air. The lightsaber turned and spun back into the trees. Kilmor activated both his lightsabers and called on the Force to penetrate the trees and spot his attacker.
A moment later, a figure cloaked entirely in black dove through the bushes towards him, igniting a second glowing red lightsaber. Kilmor crossed his blades and clashed them against the Dark Jedi's.
The Dark Jedi flipped backwards and landed a few yards in front of Kilmor. All of his face except for his snarling mouth was concealed by the cloak's hood. Kilmor raised his sabers defensively and waited for the next attack, summoning the force to alert Alyssa.
It was no use. Kilmor was astonished as he sensed the Dark Jedi reaching out and catching the wave of energy, and then throwing it back at Kilmor. It hit Kilmor like a tidal wave and slammed him into a tree. One of his lightsabers skittered across the ground, and the Sith casually pulled it to himself and slipped it into his belt.
Kilmor switched his remaining saber to his other hand and began to slowly circle around the figure.

08-05-2004, 11:56 PM
(so can we inerfire(sp) or something?)
Trent stopped talking and he felt something wierd, a disturbance in the force, he tunred around and say namin walking behind them, but he felt wierd, as if he wasn't actually there, trent got very suspicious, he he backed up and started trying to talk to namin, who didn't even seem like he noticed he was there
"guys, we got a problem here".

08-06-2004, 12:42 AM
Tarila grinned. "You have a problem, Nom and I are willing to help."

She drew both her swords and backtracked a little. There, she saw Namin being thrown around by the Dark Jedi. She growled softly.

"Hey big guy!" she shouted. The Dark Jedi turned. "Be a big boy and fight me, abandoning your Force abilities."

"Shut up!" he growled. "You wait your turn."

"Dare you speak that way to my sister?" Nom demanded, aiming his sniper rifle at the Dark Jedi. In seconds, Nom found himself thrown against a tree, Tarila found her swords deeply embedded in a tree, and Alyssa propelled herself into the fight, lightsabers flashing.

08-06-2004, 09:18 PM
Trent was furious, he force jumped up and over the dark jedi and did a bunch of flips to look cool then landed and gave him a swift roundhouse kick the the back.

08-06-2004, 10:24 PM
The Dark Jedi casually caugt Trent's leg and slammed him into a tree, then thrust out a hand. Trent was propelled through the air.

The Dark Jedi turned to meet Alyssa's falshing sabers and then whipped around to jab at Kilmor. The Jedi closed in, but the Dark Jedi didn't seem to have any trouble holding them off, nor did he show any signs of tiring.

The Dark Jedi was stalling, Kilmor realized suddenly. He was obviously distracting them for some reason.

The Force warned him to jump aside a split second before a red laser bolt flew by his ear. The air hummed as it shot by and hit a tree, sparking.

Kilmor looked up. "Starships! Several of them closing in on the Academy! One of them is trying to take us out!" he shouted. "They're siegeing teh academy!"

The Dark Jedi took advantage of Kilmor's momentary distraction and sliced off his left hand. Kilmor cried out and staggered backwards, holding his burning arm. His lightsaber fell to the ground and deactivated.

08-06-2004, 10:54 PM
Trent hit the tree hard and then flew up into the air, he glanced down and saw kilmor's hand get chopped off, thne he saw a bunch fo star ships, when trent landed, he ran headlong to the dark jedi, he threw his actiated saber at him, then flipped over him and punched his face all in the same flowing motion.

08-06-2004, 11:36 PM
Alyssa stared and backed away a little. Then, she turned to Nom, who was still dazed from hitting the tree and to Tarila who was still trying to remove her swords from the tree.

"Tarila!" she shouted. "Forget about your swords for now! Go for help! You know where the Jedi Academy is. GO!"

Tarila gave one last tug on the hilts of her swords and turned to run. She ran through the forest to the Academy, arriving out of breath.

"Skywalker," she gasped, for Luke had come to see what was going on. "In the forest... Dark Jedi attacking... my swords... can't get them out."

Luke managed to understand that the party she came with was being attacked by Dark Jedi and she could not use her swords, as they were driven deeply into a tree. Using the Force, he called all the Knights and Masters in the Academy, instructing them to gather the best Padawans as well. When they were all together, it was a good sized group. Luke handed an odd looking pole to Tarila and said she was to come with them.

"The pole is something Alyssa found somewhere in the Academy," Luke explained. "It must be made of cortosis, for it is resistant to lightsabers."

As Tarila was the only one who knew where the battle was taking place, she led the group of Jedi in that direction.

Meanwhile, things had taken a turn for the worse. Nom had been knocked unconscious when he attempted to shoot one of the Dark Jedi. The bolt had been turned by one of the Dark Jedi lightsabers and shot back to a branch above Nom's head. He had no time to get out of its way.

Alyssa was still fighting, but she was getting tired. She hoped Tarila and the Jedi would get there quickly. As she thought this, a powerful wave of the Force propelled her away from the battle and into a tree. She slammed into it and it took her breath away as she fell to the ground. Suddenly, she saw a black boot. Looking up, she grinned. Luke was standing there.

"Care for some help?" he asked softly, helping her stand.

08-07-2004, 02:38 PM
Namin's lightsaber flew to his hand and ignited , shedding the ground in a green glow. The Dark Jedi had his back turned, dueling Luke. Kilmor felt rage well up inside from the loss of his hand, and he attacked furiously, chopping the Dark Jedi's head off and then stabbing him uncontrollably until the smoking body hit the ground. Luke gave him a funny look before turning to call in teh rest of the Jedi. The Jedi swarmed in, hundreds of lightsabers activated. The mulicolored glow hurt Namin's eyes; he counted almost 300. Then he looked farther down the forest and spootted a huge red glow, and realized it was the Dark Jedi off of the ships.

The Light and Dark sides clashed with a huge sizzling. Lightsabers flashed through the air, each one meeting the opponent's blow. Namin ran forward to help a Jedi that was surrounded by enemies.

The battle began.

08-08-2004, 02:51 PM
Trent saw both sides clash, he jumped over a bunch of jedi and started getting into battle wiht a bunch of dark jedi for they always kept moving aournd, he noticed both sides where takeing loses but he also noticed that there were more dark jedi then jedi, trent was very worried.

08-15-2004, 10:55 AM
Nom had recovered from hitting the tree and climbed up into it. From there, he began sniping the Dark Jedi... attempting to snipe them was more like it. After a short time, he gave up and watched the battle. Suddenly, he gave a start. Was that Tarila?

Sure enough, Tarila was in the battle, wielding some kind of pole. Where had she gotten that? However she got it, she was doing very well with it. She used both ends of it, though it was short enough to be used like one sword. Nom stared at his sister, wondering what had come over her. There were already two Dark Jedi who had been killed because of her. Nom decided he'd have to talk to her when the battle was over... if we're still alive, he thought dismally.

08-15-2004, 11:16 AM
The grey dark ceiling was the only thing Shade saw when opening his eyes. He tried to remember what had put him on the floor in this hallway, but his brain felt like banthafur.
"Yu fin'ly weike?"
A bothans head appeared in Shades eyesight, with a big smile on its face.
"Gudie! Theen yu c'n teek tem swirdies 'n gé"
Shade grunted and slowly got to his feet.
The hallway was empty and quiet, with doors here and there. He recognized it from somewhere, some kind of... the brain wouldnt work correctly.
"Where am I?"
"Yu heer! Yu teek tem swirdies 'n leev"
The bothan pushed a cylinder into Shades hand and then started pushing him towards one of the doors
"Hold on, I know what this is!"
An imagine of a black cylinder with a few buttons on it, simple and elegant... "a civilized weapon" A weapon?
"Its a lightsaber! My lightsaber! Where did you find...."
Shade spinned around to look the bothan into its eyes. The hallway was empty, and the bothan couldnt have hid anywhere.
"I must be on spice" Shade mumbled before opening the door the bothan hade pushed him towards. Inside was a hangar with a small fast ship.
"Guess its my lucky day......"

08-15-2004, 04:13 PM
Trent fought valiantly, slicnging and dicing, all while letting the force flow through him, controlling his actions and countering every move the dark jedi made, jumping and ducking he fought onward, and he eventually found himself surorunded by dark jedi, he somehow aquierd(sp) a dark jedi's lightsaber and was using 2 with great skill.

08-16-2004, 11:22 AM
((WEIDERUDARE!! YOU'RE BACK!!!! :eek: W000000TTT! :D :D :D))


Kilmor jabbed, rolled, and blocked, driving back a few Dark Jedi towards the Jedi. A moment later, one of te Jedi came up from behind and chopped off both of their heads in one clean motion. Kilmor whirled to clash with another.

08-17-2004, 07:49 PM
((((((((Who said I left? :cool: )))))))))))))))))))))
Boosting into space, Shade forgot to look back from where he had left and soon found himself in the middle of the cold black space.
He suddenly felt a urge to once again visit the Academy.
In his head, knowing this had something to do with the Force, he sighed and put in the cords for the Academy.
Soon, his ship was blasting into hyperspace

08-17-2004, 07:55 PM
all the dark jedi who were attacking him stopped and and turned and fought someone else, he was wondering why, but then he saw why, a dark jedi, who probably had a very high rank was approaching him, he ignited his double sided saber, and attack, trent dodged and got into combat blocking and attacking and parrying and dodging, it seemed this battle was going nowhere, they seemed of equal strenght.

08-17-2004, 08:20 PM
Silently and slowly, Shade maneuvered his ship into the hangar of the Academy, and finding a spot next to an old freighter, he turned the ship off and climbed out of the cockpit.
"Welcome to the Academy, I am sorry to inform you that your visit to the Academy hasnt been recorded, but please, follow me to......"
Shade closed out the sound of the droid, following its steps slowly. Where was everyone? The hangar was empty except a few maintance droids
After a few hallways and elevatorrides, Shade finally saw another humanoid. A short twi'lek girl ran out from a room, and not seeing Shade quickly enough, sent him flying into the wall
"Im sorry, I was, I mean... Fight....... And....Sabers....and"
She talked quicker than anyone Shade had ever met, and as many twi'leks, she made no sense...
"Where is everyone?"
"Huh? Your not a jedi? I mean........ Course your not.... You got those.......clothes........But you got a saber! OH! My saber!"
And with that she ran back into the room, and by the sound of things, pushing around various items.
Shade looked after the droid that had guided him,and saw it turning around the corner, still talking about some things you could do at the Academy... They really needed better drodis at this place.......
"Saber, Check. Aid kit, check, comlink, check."
The twi'lek girl flew out of her room again, hitting Shade with her left tentacle
"I need to find my master! Come with me! We need another padawan!"
Before he realized what was happening, Shade found himself being dragged by the twi'lek through the Academys floors.

08-18-2004, 09:20 PM
Kilmor took out two more opponents and took a step back, scanning the battle. He counted about twelve lifeless Jedi lying scattered across the ground. Although more Dark Jedi had been slain than Jedi, they had more warriors, and reinforcements constantly filled the empty spaces. I wonder if-
Suddenly, something slammed into the back of Kilmor's head, scattering his thoughts and sending him flying. He landed and rolled, spraying up dirt. Kilmor leapt to his feet and whirled to face his enemy.
"What the-" Kilmor took several steps back and his mouth dropped open.
The figure before him was none other than Kilmor himself. But this was no ordinary clone; the face he saw was the face from his old body.
Quite a ways back, Kilmor had been killed in a bar by a Sith known only as Death Lord when he was about twenty-five. Somehow a bounty hunter friend of his had put his essence in a new, thirty-year-old body.
As far as Kilmor knew, his old body had beed ridden of. But....how was his younger, supposedly dead self standing before him now?
The younger Kilmor gave him a half smile. "Surprised?"
The last thing Kilmor remembered was the younger Kilmor raising his hand, and then Kilmor was blinded by a torrent of searing hot red light. Kilmor fell to the forest floor with a thump. His lightsabers rolled away from his motionless hands.

08-19-2004, 10:59 AM
Alyssa and the others continued fighting, but suddenly, Alyssa was thrown backward into a tree. She coughed, trying to breathe again, but from the tree, she was thrown back to the ground. Her clone came to her.

"I'm surprised you weren't expecting me," the clone smirked. She was limping from when Alyssa had injured her leg in their last fight.

"You're... late," Alyssa gasped. Then, she took a deep breath and leapt to her feet. "You rarely meet up with me so late in the battle. Are you loosing your courage to be coming so late?"

The clone let out a growl of anger and attacked, her two green lightsabers flickering and flashing as they were constantly deflected by Alyssa's orange lightsabers.

"You have something I want," Alyssa whispered. The clone laughed.

"If I return your father's lightsaber to you, it will only be through your gut," she retorted. "And believe me, I'm not stopping tonight until you're dead!"

"Then it's decided," Alyssa said. "This is our last fight."

"And I will be the winner!" the clone shrieked. Alyssa jumped well over the next swing the clone took at her.

"You are mistaken," Alyssa replied. "I have been training, practicing for this day."

"And I haven't?" the clone demanded. "If either of us is stronger, it would be me!"

"That's what your leader would want you to believe," Alyssa answered. She paused. "You know, you don't have to fight me. You could join me."

"Never!" the clone insisted, her eyes showing something like fear. "If I did that, they would kill both of us. I want to be responsible for your death, but not that way."

"They will kill you when they have no more use for you, wheather you kill me or not," Alyssa pointed out. The clone's eyes widened and she shook her head.

"I can't believe that!" she whispered. "I won't believe that!"

"It is what they did to the clone before you," Alyssa said. "They thought I was dead, so they killed her. When it became apparent I was not, they created you."

"Prove it!" the clone hissed. Alyssa nodded and deactivated her lightsabers. The clone did the same and follwed Alyssa back to the Academy.

08-20-2004, 02:57 PM
Trent and his opponent danced around randomly striking until, the man stopped, and took off his mask, trent saw himself
"no, but i see you are very strong and attack very well, but you are still no match for me!"
"i doubt that" Trent and Trent fought again kicking and slicing and dodging, anticipating each persons move, trent knew no way to beat himself, and niether did the clone.

08-21-2004, 04:00 PM
"Wake up, you old geezer." Kilmor's sharp younger voice brought him back to conciousness. He opened his eyes. He was rotating slowly in a glowing blue electrical field. Crackling bolts of electricity were around his wrists so it stung to move them. ((The same thing Obi-Wan was in in ep2.)) His younger self was circling him slowly, an amused expression on his face. "I can't believe you still haven't figured out what I am," he said to Kilmor.
"I do know," Kilmor spat back. "You're nothing but a clone. I've dealt with your type before."

The other Kilmor smiled tauntingly. "Ah, but you thought wrong. I'm more than a clone. What is standing before you right now is your dead body, the real one. The same one that was sliced by Death Lord's saber, the same one that hit the floor of Welmin's Cantina."
Kilmor suddenly noticed the dark scar that poked above the collar of his enemy's shirt. Exactly where Death Lord had hit him.
"Of course," the younger Kilmor continued, "your spirit had been put in a new body, so your old body was...open for rent." the other Kilmor seemed to enjoy taunting Kilmor. He shuddered involuntarily.
"So, in I came. Everyone thought you had been raised from teh dead. So when I started a killing rampage on the Jedi, I was thrown out of the Jedi Order and everyone thought you had gone to the Dark Side forever. Then again, you have! Or at least, your body has." The younger Kilmor chuckled.

The rage inside Kilmor built up until he could hold it no more. "Who the hell are you?!" Kilmor demanded.
"Ooooh, getting angry are we? Forgetting your training?"
Not waiting for an aswer, he continued. "But I'll tell you. You know how Death Lord was killed? Well, that's what everyone thought. That's not true anymore!"

Kilmor stared at his enemy with dawning realization. The same Sith Lord who had destroyed this body was now in it!
"So, what do you think you can do? We have plenty of Jedi. We can overpower you anytime we wanted to."
"Haha! Is that what you think?" the Sith Lord chuckled. "Let's see who's better then; you, or me."

With a motion of his hand, Death Lord sent a chunk of wall flying towards Kilmor. It slammed into Kilmor from behind, opening a gash in his back and causing him to jolt forward, which brought jolts of electricity from the electric confinements.
"You're not even going to free me?!" Kilmor demanded incredulously.
"Did I ever say I'd play fair, old geezer?" Kilmor's enemy laughed.
Kilmor called upon the Force and send its energy into the electric cuffs, battling Force against electricity. A moment later, the cuffs exploded in a shower of sparks and Kilmor rolled to the floor.
Death Lord roared in anger and brought his lightsaber down with great force. Kilmor managed to roll out of the way and jumped to his feet, leaping to the other side of the room. Spotting his lightsabers on a rack nearby, he raised his arms and brought the sabers to his hands. He ignited them and whirled to face the Sith Lord.

One last time.

08-22-2004, 05:29 PM
Shade was pulled further into the jungle by the twi'lek padawan, and soon he felt huge amounts of Force being used nearby. After a few hundred meters, he also heard the screams from the wounded fighters.
"I need to find my master! He's hurt!"
With that, the twi'lek let go of Shade and ran towards the middle of the battle which Shade now saw from behind a tree.
"Ok.. I have no reason to be here, this aint my battle..."
He took one slow step backwards
"Thats right Shade, one more step and we are off. The jedi will win, they'll celebrate and then fight another day. Been there, done that...."
Trying to convince himself, Shade walked a few more step backwards before hitting a tree. He spinned around only to see something red flash by. Without thinking, he suddenly held his lightsaber in his hand. The darkgreen blade had cut the dark jedi into two in one swift strike.
Shade sighed as he turned around and ran back into the fray. Why did fate always to put him in these situations?

08-29-2004, 11:50 AM
Alyssa and the clone entered Alyssa's quarters and Alyssa went over to a desk on the other side of the room.

"I watched them destroy her," she told her clone. A small holo came up on the desktop, showing the destruction of clone A1. A2 was speechless.

"They always told me you had killed her," she said.

"That's because they didn't want you turning against them," Alyssa replied.

"Well there's not much they can do to avoid that now," A2 hissed. Suddenly, her eyes widened. "I am overcome with a peace I have never felt before."

"It's the light side of the Force," Alyssa said. "Let it fill you and guide you." Then she grinned. "Let's kick some Dark Jedi butt."

"For a Jedi, you are amazingly aggressive," A2 laughed. Alyssa laughed with her.

"Now you know where you get it from," she retorted. Both laughed and rejoined the fight, this time fighting together.

08-30-2004, 10:37 AM
"you are very skilled, but i am the more poweful"
"i doubt that, we are equal, why don't you join us and fight for good, it is alot more rewarding"
"bah, said like a true pawn of the council"
"then we fight then" Trent advanced and sliced at his clone, the parried and attack trent also parried and then they got locked in combat, when a huge quake shook everything they everyone got flung into the air and then hit the ground
"what the heck was that?".

08-30-2004, 11:55 AM
((That was pretty random, and don't control other people chars.))

Kilmor and Death Lord didn't feel anything, but continued dueling. Kilmor sensed Death Lord's fear; he knew he was losing. This gave Kilmor strength to press forward. He drove the Sith into a wall and knocked his saber from his hand. Death Lord collapsed at Kilmor's feet, begging for mercy.
"Why not join the Light Side, now that you see that good prevails?" Kilmor said gently.
Death Lord looked up. His eyes were full of sadness, fear, and despair.
"That's impossible," he sobbed. "I am destined for the Dark Side. I cannot fight it."
"No one can be destined for evil; it's never to late to join the Jedi."
"You don't understand!" Kilmor's younger self cried. "I was once a Jedi, but I was killed and ressurected as an undead Sith Lord. It is like a huge hole in me; the Light Side....is gone. It's simply not in me. Dark has taken me over."
Kilmor hesitated. What comfort could he give now?

08-30-2004, 03:39 PM
(well the battle was getting repetitive and that wasn't that much char controling, at least i didn't say kilmor then killed the death lord)

Trent got up and looked around, the battle was back on its feet, but he couldn't find his clone, he looked around and saw his clone about to slice of a jedi's head, Trent leaped high into the air and landed straight on his clone, he knocked the clones saber away
"now will you join me in my fight agaisnt evil!"
"then i have no choice" Trent sliced off his head.

09-09-2004, 01:56 PM
((Dont let this superb thread die... Might need more people though...And some new turns and stuff...)))
Shade overlooked the battle. It all looked like an utter waste of lifeforms... At one end, a trandoshan was figthing with all her strength against two dark jedis while another one was charging at her from behind.
He sighed... This wasn't his battle, he wasn't a jedi!
Shade looked down at his saber, which made the peaceful humming sound that always calmed him down. He started breathing slower,and closing his eyes he stood there for a few minutes.
Then opening them he rose the saber, seeing a dark jedi running towards him.
"So be it..."
He started running towards the dark jedi, his saber stretched out in front of him.
The lightsabers clashed into each other. Shade found himself being in a peaceful stance, and soon falling into a dreamlike trance, letting the Force guiding his moves...
He had forgot how it felt like.. It truly made you feel alive...

09-09-2004, 03:18 PM
Kilmor walked slowly out of the room, trying not to look behind him.
Death Lord had done the only thing he could do; put his own spirit to rest. Kilmor's old body was left once again slumped lifeless on the floor.
The last time Kilmor had seen Death Lord die, he had felt triumphant, because a powerful Sith had been destroyed. Now, he felt terribly sad, like a hole in his heart. Death Lord had a chance to become a Jedi and use his powers for good, but instead he had given up on the idea.

Kilmor looked around. He was in a long corridor. He had no idea what building he was in; he was brought here in a coma. It was completely silent, but....
A ripple in the Force alerted Kilmor. He leapt into the air the split second a laser bolt wizzed by. He landed with his lightsaber activated and whirled to face his attacker.
A figure stood pointing a blaster at him. It was a heavily armored stormtrooper with black armor and several deadly-looking guns holstered at his waist.
"Don't move," the trooper commanded.
Kilmor didn't move, but he kept his lightsaber up.
"Don't make any heroic moves, or we'll kill you in a second."
We? Kilmor suddenly noticed the assassin droids emerging from the shadows, looming with triple-barrel, black steel guns built into their arms. Kilmor swallowed hard, but kept his facue taut. "What do you want of me?"
"We have orders to capture any escaped prisoners. Return to your restraints or be fired upon."
"Two can play that game," Kilmor muttered. He raised a hand and torrents of lightning sprayed across the room. The droids flew backwards and shattered into smoking pieces against the wall. The trooper cried out and was thrown to the floor as lightning coursed around his armor.
Kilmor turned and ran for the door at the end of the corridor. He heard the trooper clanking back to his feet, breathing hard, and gasping into a comlink, "Escapee in Sector B, calling all security to cut off, repeat..."
Kilmor continued through the halls. He burst through a pair of large double doors and found himself back out the the jungle.
He stopped for a moment, looking around. He looked behind him and gasped. The building was gone! There was jungle all around him, with no sign of the building he had just come out of.

09-09-2004, 06:19 PM
Trent looked around and engaged in combat with a group o dark jedi, he could tell he was loosing, he suddenly empowered him so much through the force, it was consuming him, yet he was destroying all that were around him, he fought so fast and used the force so mucc he ended up killing himself a long with a whole bunch of dark jedi.
(Trent was getting boring, i'll be back with a new char in a few posts)

09-10-2004, 12:01 PM

((Yeah, generally when people get bored, they kill themselves. I see the logic :xp: ))

09-10-2004, 12:15 PM
Shade felt like as he was lightyears away from the battle, and yet so close that he could feel everything around him. He suddenly was sent brutally back to reality when he suddenly was halted in his dancelike fighting.Shade looked up at the challenger, a tall dark jedi, with a red ribbon over the shoulder. Probably someone important...
Shade backed a few steps, walking over the body of a man he had just slain.
"I know you... Your his old apprentice!"
Shades heart stopped for a few seconds as he remembered his old master. He dropped his saber, staring at it whilst it clashed onto the surface of the planet.
"He told me about how big your anger is, how big your fear is... The fear of falling to the Dark Side again... And with that, the anger of being afraid..."
Shade stood silently, listening to the words of the apprentice, hearing her saber softly humming only inches from his head.
"That fear only fuels that anger, which in return fuels the fear... One spark... And woosh, suddenly theres a Sith on the loose."
Shade tried to close the words out..
"Not true....I left it all behind me"
"Ha! You can't simply leave the Dark Side! My master ordered me to kill you, and so I will!"
Shade felt the the jedis saber raising and then heard it coming swooshing down.

09-10-2004, 03:47 PM
Kinoto was sitting in his modified x-wing whe he came out of hyperspace to soon, but when he realised he was at Yavin, he shuddered, he saw sith ships outside of the planet, he decided to sneak around.
"damn jedi wars..." Kinoto landed and grabbed his orange lightsaber and his DC-15 Blaster rifle and headed off toward where the battle was, he ended up coming on the jedi's side
"hmm, thats a change.." Kinoto ran up to one jedi who seemed to be observing the jedi.
"what is going on here?"
"sith came, we fought, they seem to be winning, they outnumber us".
"dangit, alright, i'm going in" Kinoto ran over to a tree and cimbed skillfully up into the branches, he gout his rifle and started picking off dark jedi, they were to focused on their enemy infornt of them, until on jedi came after him, Kinoto dropped his rifle and ignites his lightsaber, the tree glowed orange and red.

09-19-2004, 08:28 AM
Shade prepared to face death as he heard the saber come clashing down. Suddenly, he was pushed away into a pile of dead jedis. Quickly getting to his feet, he saw how a jedi knight was fighting against the Sith Apprentice.
Another dark jedi was charging towards Shade. Shade picked up a saber and the dark jedi slowing down realised too late that Shade didnt intend to ignite it as it came hurling trough the air, knocking the jedi out.
Shade looked around him for a weapon that didnt include the force.

09-20-2004, 12:03 PM
Kinoto made the first move, he jumped to a higher branch and dropped onto the dark jedi with a swing, but the dark jedi moved out of the way and did a number of slices, kinoto dodged all of them, he has never blocked before, and he doesn't intend to now, they jumped around the tree slicing and dodging each others hits.

09-23-2004, 10:29 AM
(cant more people join? :( )))))

Shade stared around him, knowing nothing of what to do. He felt utterly useless in the battle. If he was lucky, maybe he could find his way out of it.
Suddenly, something came flying through the air, knocking Shade of his feet.
It was the twi'lek padawan!
He stared at her severed face, still caught in its last agonizing scream.
Shade felt the anger build in him, but slowly, something else, something light and peaceful pushed the anger down. He remembered it.. The light side of the force. Shade got to his feet his lightsaber coming to his hand. He ignited it and started to fight against a dark jedi.

09-23-2004, 11:07 AM
kinoto and his foe were in a saber lock, slowly kinoto pushed the lock to a heavy tree branch over his enemy, the tree branch melted off and crushed the dark jedi, kinoto jumped down and joined the melee.

09-23-2004, 01:28 PM
Kilmor reached out with the Force. He felt an ocean of Force users in the distance. The battle! Kilmor stood up and began moving towards it.

09-23-2004, 03:55 PM
Kinoto was slaying the dark jedi who weren't paying attention
'i don't care how i win, honour or no honour, survival is number one' kinoto thought to himself then a light appeared
'what are you saying? go back to the light, the dark has never won you anything and since you left both sides, you lived in misery' kinoto jumped back and deactivated his saber, a foe approached him, kinoto looked at him and ignited his saber and went calming into a fighting stance, the foe charged at him, kinoto blocked and parried, for the first time in his life, he blocked, he then went on pushing the foe back driving his saber back towards him and eventually killing him in a saber lock that was to close to him. he was back in the light.

09-24-2004, 02:38 PM
((Okay, so by killing a Dark Jedi and having a random light appear you've suddenly become a Light Jedi? :rolleyes: ))

09-24-2004, 03:45 PM
(....let me do my thing alright? yes it makes no sense, but i was tired and exhausted so bare with me)

09-25-2004, 09:36 AM
((You mean bear :p))

Kilmor found himself using his lightsaber to hack through the vines and branches. The leaves seemed to press in on all sides, muffling him. The world seemed faraway. Kilmor suddenly realized something was wrong. Very wrong...
He ignited his lightsaber and froze.

09-25-2004, 10:26 AM
yeah the one, :p)
3 dark jedis attacked him at once, but kinoto concentrated and shot heated light at them and they flew back blinded and burned.

11-07-2004, 12:37 PM
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11-07-2004, 01:39 PM
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11-07-2004, 02:08 PM
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11-07-2004, 03:21 PM
Originally posted by weiderudare
((well, its not many still active people that have characters in it, hopefully a few newer rpers will create chars and join in, so we can boost it up again:D ))

((Yeah, the first two ppl to join, beside me, are Mandalorian_54 and Jedi Apprentice, no longer post.))