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06-11-2003, 11:42 PM
Yep, these are the templates (for each civ) that I was working on a long time ago, but now that Vostok and Windu have their own coming out soon (more than likely better than mine, from a Star Wars perspective anyway), I decided to boot mine out the door.

I'll be doing a civ a week (i.e. whenever I'm not too lazy to write one up), and I'd like your comments, suggestions, flames, etc. Especially so for unit names that I have marked with question marks where a unit is needed balance-wise but I just don't know one that fits (I play this game cause it was the X-pack the conquers never had). Maybe you other people could suggest names for these guys.

Anyhoo, since the first civ is essentially copied and pasted out of the "how can we change the existing civs" thread, I'd like to spend this time talking about the nature of the game:
-I assumed that the current 8 civs will be in the next game (maybe excluding the Wookies)
-Each civ will have 2 "siege" (anti-building) units in the game (usually one air and one land).
-Most civ will have atleast one trooper, one mech, one heavy, one jedi/dark jedi/sith, one air unit, and one naval unit
-There are completely unique building sets/unit sets for each civ
-Ore is taken out as a resourse (cause its just nova, but restated), and replaced with some sort of gas? to power air units and some mechs
-Different civs have different resourse dependencies and independencies
-Many of the civ features were unoriginally lifted off the aforementioned thread
-Gameplay>Realism (sorry, folks, but look at the author)
-The town center buildings work a lot like they do in AoM, in terms of placement
-Buildings like turrets and walls were not included (unless the civ has speical ones) Assume that they are there.
-I'm assuming that there will be an age/tech level type of organization, but one less obviously lifted of ES
If I think of anything else, I'll edit them in.

-Has no houses, use other buildings for pop
-Resourse gather sites have a minimal attack, to disuade early raids on Confederacy economy. Also, they deal with resourse trading in their gather sites.
-Only need food for biological units (they don't need much food), but are quite dependant on credits (nova's new name)
-Geonosian buildings (colony, hive, animal pit, stronghold etc.) have more hp than their technologically advanced bretheren
-Feel free to add your own suggestions (the list feels skimpy, so I'm probably forgeting something)

Start: Two Geonosian Workers, a Picardor, and one resourse site at the closest carbon, food, and credits(a food site at the closest food gathering, a carbon site at the closest tree grove, etc.) Note that all military units available/given in the first age will have dramaitcally lowered stats (a la AoM)

Geonosian Colony-Available immediately. Can't build more than one til a little later in the game (somewhat earlier than others)
Geonosian worker-Duh, costs food
Bounty Hunter-Generic unit for all civs. Available mid-game. Counters jedi-type units and other non-descript units (like Confed animals) Each civ has a different art and stats

Power Core?-Similar to current one, but maybe with a lesser cost and smaller radius/hp

Geonosian Stronghold-Similar to fortress now, but with more emphasis on hp than attack. Can't decide whether units can be built here or not. Probably the majority of techs will be here (or maybe at techno union).

Techno Union Factory-Available very early on. Grants 5 pop
Techno Union Battle Droid-Slightly better than its TF counterpart militarily speaking but cant be built nearly as fast (can still be built fast)
Super Battle Droid-Available slightly later than the BD, but immensely superior. Attacks quite fast, but is expensive and takes slightly longer to build than the BD. Good vs. other troopers
Techno Union Rockets-Available at the same time as early air. Can transport.

Corporate Alliance Warehouse-Comes in about the middle of the game
Dwarf Spider Droid-Slow and weakly armored, but has a high attack that deals small splash.
Homing Spider Droid-Comes later than the Dwarf. Sturdier and slightly faster but with less attack. Hurts other machines.
CA Tank (I forget its complete name, but it was something that was in the movie but then cut out. Its the current M for the CF)-Comes in at the same time as the Homing, but it is much more expensive and quite fast. Heavily armored, it has a bonus vs troopers

IGBC Branch-Available slightly later than the CA Office
Trader Unit-Like regular traders, except that it works via the IGBC building rather than a market. Others ttrade with this building as well
Hailfire Droids-Fast, strong but incredibly vurnable. Can hit both air and ground but excels vs air. Has splash damage. the CF's primary AA

Genosian Hive-Available very early. Grants 10 pop
Picardors-Fast troopers that have a bonus vs jedis/animals
Genoisian Warriors-Not much different from the game, but the Confed's only air/AA early on
Sonic Cannon-Ground Seige. OK vs units, but great vs buildings. Lagre splash damage. Available later

Animal Pit?-Available from the start. Grants 5 pop. All animals cost only food and are countered by anti-jedi or bounty units
Nexu-Accessable at the start. Bad vs anything but workers/econ units. Fast and cheap
Reek-These guys are fine as is. Available somewhat early. OK vs buildings and CF's only ground siege early on
Ackalay-Rips up biological units and does ok vs everything. Quite expensive and not very durable

Airport Building?-Available around when the Bank is. Grants 5 pop
Genosian Fighter-Takes somewhat long to build, but is heavily armored. Does well vs other air. Fast and moderately priced.
Some sort of Air anti-building unit?-Yeah, this one I've got a blank on, or maybe they can have 2 ground like the Gungans (the Hailfire could be anti-building as well, but then it seems too strong)

Commerce Guild Food Processing plant, CG Carbon processing plant, etc.-One for each resourse

CG Fishery-buildable right away. Workers can place at docks,
Marine exploiters? can build at sea
Marine Exploiters?-Available immediately. Fish and build naval buildings
Partoler-Available early on. Protects fishing fleets. Good vs other ships but horrible vs land/buildings. Not as cheap as other boats and not as good of range.
Missile ship of some kind?-Available around when the hailfire is. Hits air and land. Better than Patroler vs land and good vs air.

So what do you think?

Darth Windu
06-12-2003, 10:34 AM
Not too bad, i actually quite like some of the building names you have come up with. Question i would like to know is how, for example, would the 'Techno Union Factory' be different to, say, a Rebel Barracks?

Also, what is the 'Techno Union Rockets'? Do you mean the Hailfire Droid? Some of the units could do with a bit more detail, such as saying the TU Rockets can transport. What can they transport?

Finally i too have some suggestions on an air resource, perhaps you could use it. I envisage a Tibanna Gas resource needed to power aircraft (ie no gas = aircraft dont fly). These platforms are built from my Command Center and then seek out the closest deposit of gas.

06-12-2003, 02:12 PM
I like the idea for the gas resource, but what do you mean platforms? Do they go to the resorce collect some and come back? Do works go to the platform at the resource and bring some back? Or does the platform land on the gas vent and just slowly give you the resource?

06-12-2003, 06:45 PM
Made some changes (can you find them all?)

Windu-Sorry about the whole lack of explination thing. I literally copied and pasted much of this off of another thread, where it was mainly used as an idea starter.

The rockets are those ones we see unpacked at the Battle of Geonosis. It was actually Vostok's idea, I just used it cause they needed an early transport.

Question i would like to know is how, for example, would the 'Techno Union Factory' be different to, say, a Rebel Barracks?
They build different units. Also, notice that the buildings aren't just generic ones with different names. There are two "trooper" buildings for the confeds, and one builds a seige unit as well.

Good idea for the gas collectors. May implement it for the Rebs (each civ has different gather sites).

06-12-2003, 07:00 PM
Sith-real nice(although you're a little lazy having copy pasted stuff;) )

About Gas. If the ressource is unlimited then maybe aircraft won't fly when you don't have any left but if not then no. And I believe a platform that ''lands'' on it may be a better idea then having to micro another type of ''worker''.

06-12-2003, 11:12 PM
Wouldn't that be a problem also? If you don't have enough fuel and you are under attack and the fighters are the only thing that's between the enemy and your base, you're doomed....doomed doomed doomed doomed doooooooooooooooooooomed...................... Other than that, the list is pretty good!

06-13-2003, 12:33 AM
yeah it is, thats why sticking with the current RTS collection scheme is the way to go.

06-13-2003, 04:10 PM
the best way to do it is allways to stay traditional... complicated rts dont work...

06-13-2003, 05:11 PM
But when it's too easy it's not good neither.

06-14-2003, 12:54 AM
If it aint broke, dont fix it

Darth Windu
06-14-2003, 10:42 AM
Ok, just to clarify about my 'Gas' idea.

- Tibanna Gas will be in the air at various points on the map
- Needed for aircraft to fly (ie no gas = no flying)
- Collectors built from Command Center, then automatically home in on nearest deposit and automatically transfer gas back to base

Also, Sith, im not too sure about having 2 infantry production center's. Im also still a little confused about the 'Rockets', you mean the Rocketships that the Gunship Obi-Wan and Anakin are in blow up?

06-14-2003, 12:31 PM
Windu, I guess so... I just wanted a transport unit early on, and Vostok's idea worked.

I was assuming the gas thing to be collected just like any other resourse and used just like any other resourse: in production. But i may use that collection barge idea for the rebs (always looking for ideas to diversify the economies)

As for the two trooper centers. I'd assume that they can be built in the second age/level/whatever, but if you look, initially one center builds the standard unit, the other builds a fast raider/bounty unit.

EDIT: More changes added. Please help me fill in the question mark things.

06-14-2003, 06:13 PM
These constant requirement of a certain ressource is very complicated and would piss you off. Just in AoM you required gold(a non-constant ressource unlike food or wood which are easier too find). The second you run out of gold in AoM you're dead(unlike SWGB when you run out of nova you still can survive).
So the idea of ''requiring'' a certain ressource(that seems quite rare) for certain units to litterally function(even if you already built them) will piss off people.

Well I'm pissed.

06-14-2003, 11:32 PM

I never liked the whole upkeep idea or paying for ammo idea (like in RoN or Cossacks). Thats why gas is used only in making the unit.

About AoM. You do realize that late game gold/nova is way more readily accessible in AoM than in SWGB becuase you cna trade with yourself. And the reason every unit costs gold is because they wanted a change from AoK's skirm wars when gold ran low. Personally, I prefer having different resourses for different units, so that you never have that problem.

06-14-2003, 11:53 PM
I know but in AoM's case it's a waste of population. I need all the men that can fight. So then the late game accesibilty is compromised by the numbers of traders you need to have a constant flow of gold as with workers gathering it.

06-15-2003, 12:23 AM
Is the answer to your riddle (in sig) "nothing"

Back on topic, the amount of carts is about equal to the amount of gold miners, so it all works out.

Yeah, please, people more comments on other stuff. I would really like to start filling in some blanks...

Darth Windu
06-15-2003, 01:13 AM
Well with the Gas, you would be able to store a limited amount, though i think it would add a new dimension to gameplay, and would be especially important for air-heavy civs like the Rebels and Republic.

06-15-2003, 07:10 PM
sorry Windu, new dimension to gameplay doesn't equal either balanced or fun or even good gameplay.

06-16-2003, 02:10 PM
Originally posted by Sithmaster_821
1.Is the answer to your riddle (in sig) "nothing"

2.Back on topic, the amount of carts is about equal to the amount of gold miners, so it all works out.

1. Yes

2. Actually no it's a bit more depending on the distance between your town center and your market but forget everything about this. It works(although still pissed).

06-17-2003, 06:34 AM
i like the gas resource call it fuel go and find a oil plant and watch the fuel roll in.

how about u change a few building names like a Corporate alliance warehouse and a IGBC Workshop or something i wouldnt really call something which makes mechs and mechanical stuff an office.

confed should have a 2 for 1 deal with air but have weak weapons and medium damage.

confed and tf troops should have the fastest trooper build in the game since they ccan build quick and send write into battle (ep 2)

06-17-2003, 06:11 PM
how about u change a few building names like a Corporate alliance warehouse and a IGBC Workshop or something i wouldnt really call something which makes mechs and mechanical stuff an office.
Good point, changes made

Just in case any of you are wondering about when the next one of these is coming out, it'll probably be sometime between today or tommorrow. It will include the Gungans and a description about how Jedi/Bounty units are done.

But please people, those of you more proficient than I in EU, post your ideas for names for the things I have put in front of "?"s

06-20-2003, 08:06 PM
Hi people, sorry I didn't keep to my promise (not like any of you are dripping over my words). I'm gonna do the gungans later today (and, if not, tommorrow), but right now I will fill you guys in on some more general informtion (the stuff I was going to post with the gungans). Today its jedi and bounty units.

I wanted to change the way jedi/bounty units are portrayed in the game. They should be commando units, strong against single units/buildings, and beatable by outnumbering. I wanted to make them strong, but affordable enough that they could be used throughout the game, but expensive enough to deter jedi/bounty armies. So I had a great idea. The unit costs scale. That way they can start relatively cheap, but it wouldn't be economically sound to have more than say 4-5 at a time. From a realism standpoint, seeing that, once you get one jedi/bounty unit on your payroll, it is more expensive to support two. But, for gameplay purposes, having a jedi won't make your bounty price scale. Bounty units do counter jedi and other wierd units (like Confed animals and Gungan fambaas).

There are (of course) exceptions and special cases. The Gungans, TF and Wookies (if I include them) won't have jedi units/bounty units per se but they will still scale and be counter likewise. The Republic, to simulate their ability to field large amounts of units, will have separate weaker jedi that don't scale. Similarly, the Confed Picardor has a bonus vs jedi/other stuff, but does not scale like a bounty unit.

Feel free to ask any questions and the Gungan template is coming soon.

06-21-2003, 12:31 AM

06-21-2003, 07:41 PM
Sorry once again guys. It was either type a 3 page thing on a forum or play AoM and I opted for the latter. I reiterate that most of these ideas were decided on at the ideas for other civs thread...

The Gungans
Grow buildings-Gungan villagers only need to start the growth of a building for it to build on its own. This means they can move on to other stuff. However, growing is slower than other types of building, and does take a small amount of food, so Gungan players may opt to keep their villager on the building, wasting villager seconds but saving building time and food.
Swamp-Gungans dont use power but instead swamp water to make things work better. Swamp water is pumped above ground at the gungan Hydrolical Pump. Swamp water changes the terrain and can be seen by all players. It disappears afetr the pump is destroyed. Other players can build on the swamp, but only allied Gungans benefit from it. Likewise, gungans dont benefit from other power sources. Ocean based buildings are already powered.
Gungans are heavily dependant on food, but have no need for Tibanna gas.
Their buildings heal over time
They can build a number of structures underwater including hydrostatic houses, turrets, and the bongo construction yard.

Gungan start-3 Glurgs and a Boss and 4 outposts.

Gungan Otoh-Regular central building type idea. Can only be built on indigenous towns
Glurg-Regular worker unit
Boss-Rebuilt for free a while after the one that is owned is killed. Decent strength unit, leads Gungan soldiers into battle

Hydolical Pump-Described above, available immediately

Outpost-Standard Gungan defensive position. Throws bommas.

Militiagung Camp-Available early on.
Militiagung Alt-Alt-Standard trooper unit. Has decent attack and quite good pierce armor (to simulate their hydrostatic sheilds) though has poor hp and very slow reload time. Slings boomas.
Electropole Warrior-Mounted on kaduu, melee. Fast, anti trooper unit, but not good vs much else.
Militiagung Flare Trooper-Shoots AA flares. Can only hit air units.

Animal Training Graounds-Available a little later on
Aiwha Rider-Gungan's only air unit. Incredibly poor in dogfights, but strong vs mechancal units on land. Easily killed by enemy air.
Kaduu Maruader-Trained kaduu with mechanical launcher on back. Similar to current strike mech. Good vs troopers and villagers, but can't stand up to heavier units. Countered as a mech.
Fambaa Sheild Generator-Just like ones in game, but with wider radius. Only land based sheild for gungans. Countered by bounty or other anti-jedi units.
Cerabone-Identical to current unit. One of the gungan's two land siege. Countered as a heavy weapon.

Construct Workshop-Available late game. All units are countered as heavy weapons.
Battle Wagon-Dragged into battle by falumpests bounces large boomas inot enemy formations. Hurts all units it hits. Good vs mechs. Similar to scorpions in AoK
Energy Catapult-Second Siege unit. Ranged and very effective. Spash damage. Good vs other heavies.
Flare Cannon-Very strong aa attack. Can only hit air. Looks smilar to current gungan aa mobile but is pushed by a glurg.

Floating market-Can be built on land or water. On land it gets a little pond around it (very small). Doesn't need water supply. Universal resourse drop off point.
Hunting Vessel-Buildable only in water. Fishes.
Underwater Architect-Builds water towers (turrets), hydrostatic houses (for pop), bongo construcion yards (more later), other floating markets, hydrostatic sheilds and any other underwater building you think the gungans should have. Totally submerged.

Bongo Construction Yard-Underwater. All units stay underwater unless attacking or detected.
Assualt Bongo-Standard ship, fats and inexpensive.
Ramming Bongo-Melee. Good vs other ships and buildings. Can't hurt land.
Flare Bongo-Shoots AA flares

Gungan Spirit Tower-Strong late game defensive structure.
Shaman-Similar to Jedi, but weilds stick with Booma at the end.
Can use the force but isn't trained in the ways of jedi.
Assassin-Bounty unit

In the next edition, Rebellion movable buildings will be landing, as well as a look inot how aa and air work.

Talk amongst yourselves...

06-22-2003, 12:57 PM
Now it's my turn to ask you some questions!

1. How will the Bongo Construction Yard be able to be destroyed? Does other civs have detector aircrafts? Or we'll need to build our own ships which makes it almost impossible to destroy them since the gungans are supposed to have the strongest navy?
2.Basically, what will the Boss do? Is he like the pharaoh in AoM or does he give boosts for surrounding units?

3. Just a point. I don't think Shamans should be able to use force powers. Find something else. Fast.

*hearing many purist with their torches running after Sith*

06-22-2003, 04:02 PM
1. Yeah, the main ship of each civ (the CF Partoler and Gungan assualt bongo for example) would have scanning/detecting capabilities. Just like it is now.

2. Nope, the Boss is just a decent military unit. He's just free.

3. I imagined the "shamans" to be force adept Gungans who don't realize that what they are using is the Force. They think it is just majic. I forgot to say that they heal gungan units (all gungan units are healable). And there are no Force powers in my templates. Thats a little tooo RPG-ish for me.

06-22-2003, 04:56 PM
Originally posted by Sithmaster_821
1. Yeah, the main ship of each civ (the CF Partoler and Gungan assualt bongo for example) would have scanning/detecting capabilities. Just like it is now.

2. Nope, the Boss is just a decent military unit. He's just free.

3. I imagined the "shamans" to be force adept Gungans who don't realize that what they are using is the Force. They think it is just majic. I forgot to say that they heal gungan units (all gungan units are healable). And there are no Force powers in my templates. Thats a little tooo RPG-ish for me.

1. Actually I don't think the CF is a sea strong civ so unless non sea strong civ have some kind of detectr fighter, the gungans will be overpowered on sea.

2. DOes this mean you can Boss rush?

3. Anyway purists will have your head for this.

Thanks for answering the questions.

06-23-2003, 12:10 AM
1. Well I guess so. Maybe the main fighter unit will have detector capabilities too.

2. Note that all military units available/given in the first age will have dramaitcally lowered stats (a la AoM)

3. Bring them on. I'm the purist's Anti-Christ.

Admiral Vostok
06-23-2003, 05:47 AM
Good ideas, Sith. Here's my comments:

1. Did I post my plan for Confeds? Because yours is uncannily similar. If so, glad you agree, if not, great minds think alike. I like the name changes, but I think stick with IGBC Branch - I'm pretty sure most branchs of the IGBC would have Hailfire Droids at hand.

2. Great Gungan plan. It is sort of similar to what I had in mind - although I know I didn't post my Gungan ideas, so excellent work. I see the "flares" as you call them (the AA things) as not being tracking missiles like other civs but instead more like flak cannons, with a huge blast radius to make up for them not being seekers. Also, I think this should look somewhat like boomas, with a big blue explosion.

3. As Lord of the Purists, I don't have much against the Gungan Shamans. Although it is an idea largely from EU (I believe they are explicitely mentioned in the RPG (not computer game)), they don't go against anything we see in the movies, and they fit with the Gungan style and way of life. Obviously they are far less powerful than Jedi though...

With all these civ designs coming out I might wait until you guys are done before I post mine, so I can build on yours, Windu's and Luke's work.

06-23-2003, 10:44 AM
Originally posted by Admiral Vostok

3. As Lord of the Purists, I don't have much against the Gungan Shamans. Although it is an idea largely from EU (I believe they are explicitely mentioned in the RPG (not computer game)), they don't go against anything we see in the movies, and they fit with the Gungan style and way of life. Obviously they are far less powerful than Jedi though...

I'm strangely surprised...seriously...

06-24-2003, 01:11 AM
1. Did I post my plan for Confeds? Because yours is uncannily similar. If so, glad you agree, if not, great minds think alike. I like the name changes, but I think stick with IGBC Branch - I'm pretty sure most branchs of the IGBC would have Hailfire Droids at hand.
:eek: Me? Copy someone's work?(you posted part in theunique units thread, and then, a couple posts later, I expaded on it, and then now I kinda copied and pasted) :o

2. Nice idea about the flare blast radius. Not to spoil anything for next time's preview, but I orginially had the flares tracking but now I'm copying your idea.

3. Sorry Luke the Purist Anti-Christ and the Lord of the purists agree.

Admiral Vostok
07-07-2003, 02:27 AM
When can we expect the next installment... or are you putting it on hold until Luke's Dad finishes?

Which army is next on the list?

07-07-2003, 01:00 PM
I think Sith is just lazy:D !

He said the rebs at the end of his last template.

07-07-2003, 08:05 PM
Yeah, hes just lazy. I was hoping you guys would let it sink, and then I'd suprise you like a month from now. I guess not. Oh, well. Yeah, Ive got everyone straightened out, just a matter of time I guess. If you guys want, the Rebs wil be around shortly.

09-09-2003, 08:14 PM
I've Just Read That Idea For The Confederacy It Was GREAT excellent fantastic wowza best thing out of this forum apart from windu's secret civ idea in a while finally no quibbling over minute details that don't matter i perhaps could offer some insight into the Poowoorca 11 sloop fighter variant? if you so then i'll see what i can do about uploading a copy of the designs and a few other ships and highlight how it is superior in some ways to toehr fighters and in others inferior

09-11-2003, 10:11 PM
Thanks for the compliments, although most of the ideas (especially for the confeds were swiped from an earlier thread). Naboo+Air should be coming up tonight (in other words, they probably won't:D )

09-11-2003, 11:03 PM
For all those who thought (or hoped) that this thread had died, Im sorry. Its back with its third installment-Air/AA and Naboo.

The way air works in my hypothetical, very-unlikely-to-become-a-reality template is this:

1. All air units move around a lot more in flight. They strafe targets and bombers circle as they reload. Transports quickly descend and ascend to pickup troops (they remain invurnable to non-AA land units though). Also, death sequences are better and ship specific (instead of a generic cloud of dust, ships break in two, nosedive, or turn into careening balls of fire.

2. All air units can attack while moving. If air units that are told to attack move (a setting where normal land units would stop and fight if they came in contact with enemies en route to their destination) come across enemy units or buildings, they will fire on them while still moving towards their destinationthey will stop firing once the enemies were no longer in their line of sight. You can set waypoints to allow air units to fly over numerous weakpoints or avoid heavily defended ones. You can also queue up targets (usually buildings, but also units if they are in you LOS) in this mode so that your air units concentrate on specific targets in their fly over (as long as they are still in attack move, if not they just fly over to the first target stop and attack it until it is killed and move on just like land units would). Waypoint setting and target queuing would be done with the shift button, as is the case now.

3. To conpensate for these near constant movements, almost all AA units trace automatically. The key exceptions would be the AT-AT and the AAT (not their civs primary AA units by the way) who use regular fast moving lasers to hit their targets and the Gungan AA, which you saw above, utilizes an area of effect attack in their AA to conpensate for their lack of AA.

4. That seems to be it concerning air. Every civ has atleast one air unit and one AA unit that is available at the same time as the first civ's access to aggressive air units (be they their own aggresive air units). If I think of anything else, it will be edited in here.

On to the Naboo:

Civ features:

Lack power cores, all buildings are internally powered (they're also all a bit more durable), but they're slightly more expensive in carbon and take a little longer to make
Troopers can garrison in houses for added protection. They don't get a raise in attack, and, since there is a house limit, you have to be careful were you place your houses.
All Naoo units heal over time if they are in a radius of a major building (no houses, drop off points). Both of these bonuses add to Naboo's strength at perpetuating a defensive war.
Most of Naboo's units are very strong, but they are slow to make and pop and slightly resourse costly.
The Naboo have a slight wealth dependancy (all of their units cost some wealth), which they can help alleviate with early trade

2 Worker Droids (the ones in the game now), 1 Architect, and one
Flash speeder. Thye also start with a small cluster of houses, a market (next to nearst wealth source), and a town hall.

Town Hall-Standard CC building, must be built on indiginous settlements. Available later on, but get one at start.
Worker Droid-does the dirty work for the aristocratic Naboo, collects all types of resources
Architect-Builds and repairs all buildings
Jedi knight/master-available later in the game (knight before master). Standard jedi-unit, (its in the TC because the Naboo "recieve" the jedi at their central area after their arrival from Corusant.

Market-Where resource exchange, trade to and from transpires. Resource dropsite for wealth. Available immediately.
Merchant-Basic trader

RSF Police Station-Available early on, where the Security Forces are hired.
RSF Trooper-Basic ranged unit. Weak attack and low range, but fast reload and decent armor/hp. Unlike most of Naboo's forces, these volunteers are cheap (especially in wealth), made fairly fast, and take up not nearly as much room as the other Naboo units.
RSF Civil Defender-Basic AA trooper with ground mounted missile launcher. Like the Trooper, they are cheap, fairly speedy to make, but weak, compensating a quite slow reload rate with a fairly good attack.
Flash Speeder-Available mid-game, moderate build speed and pop cost, and decent amount of wealth cost, these units are fast (probably one of the fastest units in the game) with an ok attack and good reload time, but pretty poor defense. What makes it worth its cost is that its the only land unit that can attack while moving (a la air units). They may not be able to sit around very well and fight, they can very easily harrass a slower enemy. Good vs troopers.
Gian Speeder-Available later on. Quite expensive and slow to build, they are fast with a great attack and reload time, but also have some defense deficiencies. Its strong, concentrated blasts easily poke holes in opposing mechs, and dont do too poorly vs buildings.

Palace-Available mid game. Attacking building. Builds soldiers extremely loyal to the queen
Royal Crusader-They're BACK!! Very similar to current version, but has a very strong attack vs buildings, comes with a sheild, and does much better vs other units, even troopers. They, however, are very expensive and slow to train, and take up some pop. Naboo land based seige (more in next week's episode)
Commando-The cream of the RSF crop, these elite troopers are hand picked by the queen to operate in secret missions. Very strong unit, but cant tank like Royal Crusaders can. Bounty unit

Hangar-Available midgame All air has a sheild
N-1 Starfighter-Fast, strong, and good hp, these things should be feared. However, its high cost (especially in pop) and slow build time makes it less appealling
RAF Gunboat-Slow but strong missile touting aerial seige. Again, pop and creation restraints rein this puppy in
Royal Troop Transport-Fast and heavily armored, it has a high pop allowance to accomadate for the Naboo's high pop units. Looks analogous to the queen's transport, only modified for more military purposes (less Mercedes, more menace). Same old Same old about pop/resource cost and creation speed.

Docks-Available initially, creates sea units
Fish Merchant-Standard fisher in a gondola like boat (as in Ep 2)
RSF Guard Boat-Standard ranged sea unit that fares as well vs land/buildings as it does for other sea units. Like the RSF Troopers, this boat is weak but cheap, and is quite manuveurable.
Royal Galleon-The pride of the Royal Navy, this slow, expensive, long to create but powerful ship is essentailly an assault mech of the seas, albeit it doesn't fare too well against land based opponents.

RSF Guard Station-a tower like building only capable of hitting land units. Strong defense but low attack. An intresting aspect is that range is amplified if near a town hall that is occupied by you, so they serve much better protecting towns than outposts

RSF Air Raid Tower-Not much to explain, although, like the other tower, is better defensively than offensively. Also get range boost.

University-Where the general techs (and geeks) are.

OK thats it. Rebs are next, along with a description of how I do siege.

Last updated by Sithmaster_821 sometime in the near future because he's a bumbling fool and probably forgot something and will hit his head when he realizes what he forgot

09-11-2003, 11:48 PM
Last updated by Sithmaster_821 sometime in the near future because he's a bumbling fool and probably forgot something and will hit his head when he realizes what he forgot

Told you so (double post)

09-12-2003, 11:08 PM
You double posted:D !
That's what you forgot:D !

Great ideas about air!

Wouldn't having a Flash speeder so early in the game give the Naboo a huge anti-rush capability?

Just a remark, wouldn't a commando unit be very un-nabooish?
They just don't seem to have secret commandoes.

Other then that it's marvelous!
Especially the architect

09-12-2003, 11:26 PM
1. Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I don't consider mid-game early

3. A commando unit was the most Naboo-ish of all the possible anti-jedi ideas. I saw them as personal informants or operatives of the Queen, culled from the cream of the RSF crop. There was some mention about operatives working ofr the queen in either Ep 1 or 2 (i think)

09-12-2003, 11:45 PM

2. I was referring to the flash speeder you have from the start.

3. Really? Where?

09-13-2003, 12:51 AM
2. Read the note on the original post.

3. It was some off-hand remark, like "our informants have told me..."

09-13-2003, 02:24 PM
I've got an idea you could use as a unique tech for the naboo.


Researched at the equivalent of the research center


Number of buildings times by 100 and pay that in wealth.


Makes ALL buildings a lot stronger and more quickly built and for some internal sheilding.

I thought it might be a good idea since i imagine a lot of naboo are artists and architects and some maybe artisans. It would propably enhance the architect's stats as well.

09-13-2003, 08:26 PM
I haven't really done technologies, but that would be a good idea for the naboo (we'd just have to tone it down a bit for balance reasons, of course, and scrap the internal sheilding).

Admiral Vostok
09-14-2003, 07:22 AM
Very nice, very nice indeed, Sith. The Air ideas are quite good, though to be honest I still think Troopers should be able to shoot Air (though not very good at it). I think especially since you need to track the Air units the effect of allowing Troopers to shoot will be balanced out with the upgraded HP I envision for Air. Just a query though: can you set the Air's stance so they don't automatically attack units they fly over?

The Naboo ideas are generally quite good, though as you're aware our ideas for power for the Naboo differ. The idea I have is (I think) quite good and true to the movies, but you'll have to wait a couple more weeks for that... Anyway I quite like the Architect, though I think he would work better in a role like the AoM Pharoah, where he sort of empowers the building process. I think I'll steal the concept of an Architect for my plan and alter him a bit as I see fit.

Can't wait to see your seige ideas. I actually haven't even thought about that because I'm so focussed on the movies in which the only thing that comes close to a seige is Hoth... so I must take some time to consider seige. Or just rip off your ideas :D

I should add for those non-regular posters who might be under the impression I'm just ripping stuff off, you should know much of everyone's civ templates are actually communal efforts. For example I think I came up with the idea for Naboo garrissoning in houses and firing out, and I know I came up with the idea for the Confederacy's pop limit.

09-14-2003, 12:35 PM
I thought that that it may have been a little expensive especially if you had a lot of buildings so i thought maybe internal sheilding for a few would balance it out but now i realise it is a little over the top maybe internal sheilding for the fortress, resource centers and command centers may be better i'm not sure it's open to debate.

09-14-2003, 02:31 PM
For the architect/pharaoh idea I already had a unit like that in my template called the governor(check back my dusty old template thread) which basically is AoM's pharaoh but can't fight. The name kinda makes more sense then an architect.

09-14-2003, 03:54 PM
I wanted to have a civ where they have a different unit for construction, and the Naboo fit best with the architect idea. It also helps create the impression that you're building a city and not a base.