View Full Version : LUCASTONES RETURNS! All new service and totally FREE!

06-13-2003, 12:19 AM
Ok. So mojo isn't exactly working at the moment. I mean, the site's there but where's the content? This means of course that www.lucastones.co.uk is currently offline as well. Oh, did I say .co.uk? Because that address has expired now, and I don't want to pay for it again. So its just http://lucastones.mixnmojo.com from now on.

Ok, so far no good. So, what's the news? Well, the pathetic FREE operator logo system we briefly offered came and went, and a lot of people didn't get what they wanted. Well, now it's all changed. LucasTones is proud to offer a totally FREE service to all LucasArts fans - you can have operator logo's, group logo's, picture messages, and finally, at long last ringtones. Yes, thats right, its all free.

Of course, there will be compatibility problems with some networks, but we can work round that. So far it works on Orange in Europe, so thats a start. If you're on another network, great! We can get it working for you too.

Ok, the smallprint. The service only works for Nokia phones. Sorry all you guys with Sony's and Siemens etc, but you'll have to use the site like always. The site will of course stay on air, with tones and picture messages for you to select.

06-13-2003, 11:28 AM
I'm on Vodafone. Is that a problem?

Andi Wan
06-13-2003, 02:13 PM
Will it be avaliable for those of us who live outside Europe? (i.e. Australia)

06-13-2003, 06:18 PM
Vodafone shouldn't be a problem, e-mail me (daniel_wishart_lec@hotmail.com) if you wanna give me your number. Thats the only way we'll find out.

Australia.... well, once again e-mail me (daniel_wishart_lec@hotmail.com) and we'll see. I'm not overly confident but we can but try.

The current tones available, if you want to test out your phone, are:

Day of the Tentacle Intro (submitted by Atle Ragnar Jarnęs)
Day of the Tentacle Theme (version 1)
Green T and the Sushi Platter
Full Throttle 1 (Submitted by Atle Ragnar)
Indiana Jones Theme
The Holy Grail
Domino (GF) (Submitted by Atle Ragnar)
Grim Fandango Opening Theme
The LSA (Submitted by Atle Ragnar)
The Rooftop (Submitted by Atle Ragnar)
Rubacava (Submitted by Atle Ragnar)
Cathedral (Loom) (Submitted by Atle Ragnar)
Loom Theme (Submitted by Kaod)
Swan Lake (Loom) (Tchaikovsky)
Maniac Mansion Theme (Submitted by Jonathan Sweet)
A pirate I was meant to be
Captain Dread
Chapter Title Theme (Submitted by Kaod)
Ghost Crew
Jojo the Monkey (Submitted by superqult)
Kate Kapsize / The Dive
Largo LaGrande
Monkey Island Theme
Monkey Island Theme - Alternate (Submitted by Kaod)
Monkey Island 2 Intro
Puerto Pollo
Rollercoaster of Death
SCUMM Bar (EMI) Theme (Submitted by Atle Ragnar)
Skeleton Dance (The Knee bone's connected to the...)
The Moleman
Zak McKracken Theme
Zak McKracken Theme - Alternate (Submitted by Kaod)