View Full Version : An important skin overlooked

Kologhan Creed
06-15-2003, 12:36 AM
While setting up a classic level, i realized that there was one very important skin that no one has bothered to make, one that i needed for my level. For some reason, the skin editing program will not work on my computer, so Im afraid I must ask others to do the job.
:Leia: Princess Leia. I know there is a Boush one and a pathetic Jabba's palace one, but there is not one version of the regular Leia in white. I need one for my Death Star level and Im sure others have run into similar problems. I would appreciate it if some one made a good ANH Leia. Thankyou.

06-16-2003, 02:55 PM
Hi there this really should be in Editing Requests but Ill answer it anyway...

Im currently finishing of my Gollum model then I m gonna build a concept model for the UT2003 competition coming up then Im gonna do a complete pack of Princess Leia containing models of her in every outfit... This maybe a while however but it should appear sometime over the summer so keep looking over on the modeling forum as I ll post a thread once its underway.