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06-15-2003, 04:23 AM
Concord Dawn

part 1

The moon shone from it's peak in the sky, dark clouds swirled around it. Titus looked back down from the moon to the mission at hand. It was dark and quiet, mountains rose from the ground to his right and he hid among the rocky outcroppings at it's base. From below he heard a snap. Leaning out from behind the rock Titus noticed the Death Watch soldier. The man was looking around suspiciously in case anyone had heard the snap. And sure enough someone did. A laser shot out from behind a rock further behind Titus and it hit the Death Watch soldier in the chest. The man fell to the ground with smoke steaming from his chest; he rolled onto his side clutching at the laser burn.

From ahead of Titus lasers shot back at the rocks, and more lasers shot from behind the rocks. Death Watch soldiers emerged from the tall grass to lit the sky with red lasers, and Mandalorians leapt from the rocks to scorch the ground with more red lasers. Titus whipped out from behind his rock with two pistols extended ahead of him. A kneeling Death Watch soldier froze in his place, looking up at Titus. Then he reached for his pistol and Titus shot a laser into each side of the man's torso. The Death Watch soldier fell onto his back dead.

A laser scorched Titus' rock and he quickly spun behind another rock for cover. Then ducking low he peeked out from the rocks side and fired into the grass at the group of Death Watch soldiers. A laser shot back at him and left a black burn on his shoulder pad. Titus once again hid behind his rock.

With a burst from his jet pack Titus flew over the rock and let his two pistols flare off shots as fast as his fingers could squeeze. He landed down and looked side to side quickly before holstering his pistols, the Death Watch squad had been neutralized.

Titus raised a finger to the side of his helmet and pressed the intercom, "All units report."

Twelve of the Fifteen Mandalorians in his squad reported, three did not.

When Titus returned to head quarters he was disappointed to report three casualties, but the Death Watch had suffered more than twice that loss. Jaster congratulated him on the success but it didn't feel like much of a success to Titus.


I just wrote this up today it takes place on the Mandalorian homeworld Concord Dawn. As for timeline it preceds the Jango Fett Open Season comics. So it takes place when Jango is about two or three years old.

06-16-2003, 01:30 AM
heres the next part of the story:

Titus entered his room and dropped his gear on the floor, he dragged his feet over to his cot and collapsed onto his bed.

Then a screen on the wall lit up and Tomas Sanderson's face appeared. "Titus, The officers have just been briefed on the next stage of this war, I need all my squad leaders to report to war chamber twenty-seven. You have fifteen minuets. Out." The screen turned black again.

Titus got up from his bead reluctantly and fixed up his uniform, then headed towards the designated room.

The door hissed open and Titus saw Tomas at the head of a long table, nine other people sat around the table and Titus took his place making ten platoon commanders, and eleven people in total. Tomas started his briefing and the Mandalorians listened intently.

Two hours later Titus had dawned his Mandalorian armour and stood in front of fifteen young men and women, there were three new soldiers to replace the ones Titus had lost. When the soldiers had been checked out and were ready for their mission they loaded into a transport ship. Titus followed lastly into the ship and passed a comforting word onto each Mandalorian as he passed, tapping their helmet in a friendly gesture.

The ships engines lit up and the ship left the hanger, followed by ten other ships. After an hour of flying the pilot called Titus up acknowledging that they were nearing the target. Titus approached the cockpit to look out the view port for himself. Titus pointed to a flat area, "Alright land us over th-" He was cut off by a sudden shaking of the ship, they were under fire. The Death Watch must have spotted them on radar or something, they had sent fighters to attack the small fleet.

From out the side view ports Titus could see a rain of red lasers pouring down on the small group of ships. Of course they returned fire but the fighters were overwhelming them. And soon the ships began to crash to the rocky ground. Titus' ship shook violently and he was thrown off his feet, as he rose to his knees he was once again thrown. When he finally got up he noticed the view port was smashed and rock jutted through it. The pilot had been injured in the crash and the co-pilot was helping his wounded teammate out of the pilot chair.

Titus turned around to the rest of the crew, only four had been hurt in the crash most of them just received bruises. Titus climbed his way to the ship's door and kicked it open. Dropping from the hole to the ground below he examined his ship. It was sticking out of the ground with it's nose mashed up pretty bad.

When the other Mandalorians had climbed out of the ship Titus performed a brief examination of his troops.

Death Star
06-22-2003, 12:56 AM
that was nise one of the best i ever herad now continue the storey please keep makeing them till he dies from old age or something make a serious