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06-15-2003, 02:54 PM
The World Trade Organization will be based in Tatooine. We will be concentrating on building a large city composed entirely of our PA. We will have an emphasis on economy-oriented professions, but we need an army as well. The leader of the army will be practicly independant of the city, which should make him farefully powerful. There will also be a Council, consisting of Ministers elected by our members. Our government structure is highly organized, and the government will help its citizens in every possible way. We will have members of every profession in our PA/city. This will make it easier and cheaper for all of our citizens to get their necessary supplies and weapons. There will also be an intelligence gathering portion of our PA. They will not only help us on the military front, but they will let us know where different resources are located. Our motto is: The victorious army only enters battle after having first won the victory, while the defeated army only seeks victory after having first entered the fray This is the info about our city New Aldaraan the WTO is going to be making a city on tatooine that will be called new alderaan. we just had a meeting and are going to be putting in a class system that should make playing the game even more fun then its supposed to be. we are currently working on alot of new ideas and are looking for members who want to contribute. we will have a military to protect our city and we plan on being independent of anyone else. currently we are mainly focusing on getting more crafters, Creature Handlers,soldiers and architects. we know that the game has been delayed and that gives us more time to plan, but we want to finish on everything soon so that we can start focusing on getting to know everyone.

Wraith 8
06-16-2003, 06:14 PM
uhmm this is better suited at the recruiting forums don you?