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06-16-2003, 11:45 AM
Weyland Yutani are looking for a number of specialists and general players to fill a number of vacancies in the administration, security and production areas.
The people we are looking for are active SWG players, mainly from Europe, but people from other countries are welcome too.
More information on WY can be found on our homepage (http://wy.kicks-ass.net).

Weyland Yutani History
Large corporation, based on Earth where it was formed back in the 22nd century.
WEYLAND-YUTANI, often called The Company by its employees, grew to be one of the largest conglomerated corporations on the planet, mainly because it was so versatile, dealing in many areas.
The Bio-Weapons Division became a prominent division in the late 22nd century, when news of aliens on Acheron reached Earth.

Today WEYLAND-YUTANI is primarily a growth and development corporation, concentrating on space travel, colonisation and interstellar trade.
It does, however, have a few defence contracts under the military.
All WEYLAND-YUTANI employees stationed on board starships and/or foreign planets require ICC licenses.
In fact, WEYLAND-YUTANI has close affiliations with many other organisations that deal in similar areas, including the Instellar Commerce Commission and the Extrasolar Colonisation Administration.