View Full Version : How to you change what units say?

06-16-2003, 03:12 PM
Im planning to make a campaign with an army of soldiers that look like Boba Fett, but i dont want them to say 'Boba Fett, here' when you click on them. Can some one tell me how to change the sound files? My AIM is Ice Blaze090 Thankz:fett:

Corran Horn DFD
06-22-2003, 01:02 AM
You need to go my Modding Essentials thread, download the modding tools.

With the DRS Viewer, open Sounds.DRS in SWGB/Game/Data. In there, Boba's sounds are about 7125 or so, at least in the 7000's I think. Hunt around til you find them.

Then, get the new sounds that you need. Maybe just save some of the sounds he has from the DRS Extractor and use those to replace the "Fett here" etc. sounds.

In the Mod Editor, start a new project. Add the new sounds, select them to replace sounds and enter the sound number that will be replaced. Then go to "project" and give the mod a name, such as "Mandalorian".

Now, open notepad and create a readme file, telling who the mod is by and what it does. Then add the readme to the Mod, and go to project, then select "Compile as MPI". Then save the file.

Open the Mod Installer Advanced, open your new mod, and install. Now the Boba Fett unit no longer says that. Be sure to include the mod with your campaign if you submit it and notify users to install the mod.