View Full Version : Which level is the end of this game?

11-23-1999, 02:18 AM
1. Which level is the end of this game?
2. are there any secret levels?
3. What score is best at each level?


11-23-1999, 02:31 AM
As far as I know there are 16 levels and one secret level. The total score is 1000. Look on page 10 of the book that came with your game under I.Q. It explains it there,

11-23-1999, 02:33 AM
1. The last level is level 16
2. there is a secret level (level 17) which you buy for $2500.
3. im not sure but I know that there are 10 treasures in each map which are worth 1 Point a piece.

12-14-1999, 11:40 PM
And to find all those treasures go here --> (my page)

Like a mouse in a maze(s). After the Big Cheese!
Check out my Indy treasure page! <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Trailer/6887/treasures.html

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