View Full Version : Shambala - Start

11-23-1999, 01:56 AM
I just started this level. I have climbed over a wall to the left of the building and went down and found a treasure but now it looks like I need to go forward to an area that has a sloped hill. I can't figure out how to make Indy jump over that hill. Can anyone tell me?

11-23-1999, 03:06 AM
You don't go up on the hill. Get back on the roof; turn right facing the wall. You can see eroded masonry on that wall - start climbing up, using the bare red/brown brick areas.

11-23-1999, 03:07 AM
i feel so cool knowing this trick, but actually someone here pointed it out to me =)

it's not obvious here (i think because of the graphics) ... from where you are, you will want to think about climbing your way out

12-14-1999, 11:42 PM
As far as I could tell, you need to have climbed DOWN to be able to climb up.

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