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06-17-2003, 11:29 PM
sorry for posting two stories with the same title. I redid my other story cause I thought it sucked. I had whipped it together very quickly and it wasn't well done. I hope you like this one much better.


Concord Dawn

Trussia Raid

Rachel Sorso looked out into the setting sun. The scarlet sky reflected dimly upon her face. She leaned on the watch tower’s windowsill and stared into the light. She had set her helmet aside to get a better view, and her mind wandered into dreams. Her dreams were ejected from her mind instantly when she heard a commotion behind her.

Turning around she immediately stood to attention and dared not move an eyelash. An elevator door hissed open and sergeant Keith Petra stepped forward. “At ease soldier,” Was his slightly less than formal greeting. He strode into the centre of the room, boots tapping the metal floor with every step, and stopped in front of her. His armour reflected the dim streak of orange light peeking in through the window; his arm wrapped around his helmet at his side. “Here’s some data one of our scouts sent in just a moment ago.” He held out a small data pad.

Rachel took the data pad and scanned it’s small screen with her eyes. “What do we do?”

“We tried to send a transmission to H.Q. but they’ve already jammed our communications. It looks hopeless for us but we do what we can. We do what we must, for Mandaloria.” He shook his head and sighed, “We’ve dispatched several messengers, hopefully they’ll reach the H.Q. before we’re completely over run. But we must never give up hope.”

Rachel handed back the data pad, then retrieved her helmet and secured it over her head. Keith likewise concealed his face behind the Mandalorian helmet’s black visor.

Rachel saluted her officer, “For the Empire of Mandaloria.” Keith saluted back before turning and leaving.

Rachel slouched her shoulders and turned once more to the horizon, this time from the tinted shade of her helmet. It was only a matter of time. Before the Death Watch arrived, to spread their cancer across the land. They were a plague, infesting everything they touched. Rachel despised them. They were murderers and thieves. Evil and wicked, not one of them deserved to live. Well, maybe one of them.

Her thoughts drifted to her brother, before something below caught her eye.


of corse it's not finished, far from it. I have a nice long thick plot floating around in my head.

06-18-2003, 02:31 PM
I like it. I look forward to more.

06-19-2003, 01:01 AM
Trussia Raid
part 2

Kyle Madock raced down the dirt path on his hover bike. He had to reach the base in time, he couldn’t let his friends die. Stepping up the speed he accelerated even faster, determined to reach the others before it was to late. Dirt flew up behind in a wispy cloud as he soared along the trail. The grass curled back in a wave as the bike forced air aside.

The bike shot across the earth at an incredible speed. Kyle twisted the handle’s gas and flew towards his goal. When all of a sudden he was flung forwards. The ground shot towards him and he hit it head on.

Kyle starred up into the red evening sky through a cracked helmet. It hurt to move but he forced himself to get up. Rising to his knees in a painful struggle he was soon flogged with a painful migraine. As he fumbled to his feet he noticed his wrecked bike. How was he going to get to the Command Centre now? Then something moved from the corner of his eye.

He drew his blaster pistol even before he realized it was a Death Watch soldier. Kyle fired a couple shots before stumbling backwards over a rock. He fell on his back hitting the ground hard, tall grass blocked all but a thin slit of sky.

“Kill the Mandalorian!” Were the shouts he heard from ahead of him. Then the grass lit up with red flashes. Kyle quickly fumbled away on his hands an knees. crawling blindly through the thick grass. Until he suddenly fell forwards down a small slope. Once again he found the ground rushing up at him. And when he hit it he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder.

Everything was a foggy mist, Kyle didn’t know which way was up and which way was down. The world spun around him and he could barely make out the images of three Death Watch soldiers peering down at him from above. The sky flashed red several times and one of the Death Watch soldiers fell on top of him.

The wind was knocked out of him and darkness swirled around, slowly consuming him. He heard a tiny voice before fading out it said, don’t worry. But what was there to worry about, he felt light as a feather, he felt peaceful and light headed. Then he drifted magically into a pretty dream.

06-19-2003, 10:09 PM
Trussia Raid
part 3

The small village of Trussia busily scuttled about, an alarm rang in the background. People shouted, children cried, and soldiers rushed to their posts. An explosion lit the dim sky brightly for a moment. Then stone and wood toppled onto house and shop. The thick stone walls surrounding the city shook and crumbled in places, in others large cracks decorated the grey surface.

Keith ran through the devastated remains of a bomb run towards a tower, with a large mounted gun in his arms. He was called after by another Mandalorian, “Sergeant Petra! Sergeant!” He stopped and turned around as a young man without a helmet on came running up to him. “Sir the bombers are retreating!”

“Then we haven’t much time!” Keith started running towards the tower once more, and the young man followed.

Jogging up beside Keith the man shouted above the villages panic, “But sir if the bomber’s are retreating then we’ve nothing to fear. We’ve fended them off sir.”

“No private we’ve not fended them off, and they’re not retreating. They’re simply sending in their artillery now. We’ve suffered mostly only structural damage. Now they’ll send their troops to overwhelm us and steal what supplies and women we have. Go back to post soldier, the battle has only just begun.”

The young man stopped and let Keith run on ahead. He slowly turned around and then jogged away to his post.

Keith arrived at the tower, there were two soldiers at the door who stood to attention as he passed into the tower. He stopped in the ground floor where three soldiers examine the relay data from the scanners and radar. Some movement had started their way but it was uncertain exactly how many men and vehicles were coming. The radar was being jammed and only brief partial scans could successfully emit.

Keith headed for the elevator and shot up to the top floor. Their the wind whistled over the open roof. Clouds thickened the sky and the sun was almost gone, a faint red streak lined the horizon. Setting down his gun and taking up his bi-nocks Keith examined the cluster of vehicles and troops that could be seen among the trees, grass, and rocky outcroppings below.

After he was satisfied he left the two soldiers at the large tower gun and headed down a floor. There Rachel was and two more soldiers were now with her. Keith set up his mounted gun at an unoccupied window. When he was done he turned to the others and sighed. “Now we can only wait.”

Trussia Raid
part 4

Kyle Madock awoke to find himself in a bright white room. He stirred and tried to get up but felt pressure on his chest preventing him.

A young female nurse pressed a hand gently on him, “You must rest young warrior.” She had a soothing sweet voice and seemed like an angel to Kyle.

“Where am I?” He asked looking around the bright room, he blinked as his eyes adjusted to the overwhelming light.

“Your in Mandalore, at the Mandalorian Head Quarters, in the medical bay. Now please, you must rest if you want to heal, you have several broken bones.” She then turned to her charts and left him to sleep.

He wondered for a while who had saved him, he had not seen his rescuer’s face or even if he was a Mandalorian. But he heard an eerie voice calling him before he had fell into peaceful dream, and it had said, “Your life is in my hands, and I always deliver.” Then he once again plunged into the dark abyss of wandering thought, dream.

A little boy leaned against a glass window, looking in at the sleeping man.

An impatient call pestered after him, “Joha it’s time to go! Leave your uncle be!”

“I’m not disturbing him mom! Besides he’s asleep.”

Joha’s mother strode towards him and yanked at his wrist, “Your going to make us late!”

“Fine.” Joha said with an irritated voice. He followed his mother down the white halls of the Medical bay. “Mother?” He asked in a curious voice.

“Yes little Joha?”

“Is it true? Was uncle really saved by the White Hawk?”

“Perhaps my dear, come along it’s time to go.”