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ksk h2o
06-19-2003, 08:13 AM
Okay, having gotten very bored by multiplayer I decided to go back and play around in SP... of course SP got pretty boring. So while I was thinking of creating custom levels for myslef using the abundance of amazing maps and models out there, I started to look into NPC creation. Very nice tutorials out there, and many thanks to Emon. Then I thought to mylsef why not create spawnable NPC's for all these neat multiplayer models I had... you know, so I could load up a mp duel map and spawn vader, and maul, and windu and yoda, or the fetts, etc etc.

So I went thought the lengthy, boring process of typing up a new NPCs file, creating new model folders for these npc, writing a script which would allow me to cycle through these new npcs and spawn the one I wanted.... so I'm happy.

But I wonder, hasn't anyone done this before and released it as a mod? I know it would make it a hell of a lot easier for a LOT of people just to get a mod which they would install rather than doing all the editing to create spawnable NPCS. Yes yes it is a very simplistic mod and people would need the orignal multiplayers models by the original creators in order to have the mod work properly, but still.

So the reason I made this thread is:

Is there such a mod, that creates spawnable NPC's for the multiplayer models?

If there isn't one, is anyone interested in a mod that has a two button select and spawn script for spawning multiplayer model NPC's into singleplayer (provided they have the orignal model)?