View Full Version : animation.cfg - which one is for melee idle?

06-19-2003, 02:01 PM
OK, this is a big longshot anyone knows this, but just posting on the remote chance someone knows which animation is used for the idle stance kyle takes when he is equipped with MELEE as a weapon.

I know the animations for swings and punches (BOTH_MELEE1, BOTH_MELEE2), but I can't seem to find the one in animation.cfg that cooresponds to him just idly standing there ready to punch.


06-20-2003, 07:41 PM
Nevermind...found it. In case this is of any use to anyone, here is a method for taking away the saber (and all weapons) from kyle temporarily. Most of the credit here goes to Leslie Judge who provided the majority of this solution:

1) In SP maps, it is difficult (impossible?) to strip away the saber from kyle in the middle of a map. Leslie suggested changing kyle's weapon to WP_MELEE and SET_LOCK_PLAYER_WEAPONS to "true"

2) In order to keep kyle from walking around with his dukes up, and to keep him from doing punching animations, change the following animations.cfg file entries:

BOTH_MELEE1 12257 2 0 20
BOTH_STAND6 12257 2 0 20
BOTH_MELEE2 12257 2 0 20

3) Replace all the melee combat sounds with null MP3s and you're all set. He'll still punch people when you hit the attack button, but at least the user won't hear or see it.

4) To re-enable the saber and other weapons, just SET_LOCK_PLAYER_WEAPONS to false and change weapon to WP_SABER or whatever