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Donnie Darko
06-19-2003, 03:41 PM
Since the release date is getting closer and closer I would just like to see how many people are planning on being Teras Kasi Artists. By the way it looks its only me and Vessen so far. Maybe the Associates can have their own Cell (basically what the Teras Kasi call a branch) of Teras Kasi Artists...but that all depends on how many of you plan on being Teras Kasi. I am very interested in seeing how many of you there are so please post, thanks!

Jatari Bazrak
06-19-2003, 04:59 PM
I will add some teras Kasi skills to my charecter.

06-19-2003, 05:40 PM
I will be adding the skill to my character, it would be more of a benefit since im going to be a bounty hunter. :)

Donnie Darko
06-19-2003, 06:01 PM
It's good to see that some people will have points in Teras Kasi. But what I am really looking for is people who want to master the profession and become a Teras Kasi master, people who are dedicated to the "Teras Kasi Order." If there are enough people dedicated to the Teras Kasi we can start our own Cell within the PA, but I don't think the people who want "a few points" in the profession will become part of the Cell, if there will ever be one, sorry, but again, it's good to see some people who are investing some other EXP into Teras Kasi, if I have enough points in training I will be more than happy to train you instead of paying for an NPC to do the same.

06-19-2003, 10:38 PM
I am planning on being a masterful Teras Kasi Artist. Havent decided whether im Zarabak(i need to learn to spell) and Bothan.

If we were to make our own cell what exactly would we do? Would we do spy work or covert ops missions or fencing and boxing? Or would we just do whatever floats our boat?

Cool beans though...A Teras Kasi Cell...COOL BEANS!!!


06-19-2003, 10:57 PM
My character, Ebik, will definitely be a TK. Even though the road to becomming a TK is very long. Although I'll be a TK, I'll have skills in scouting along with marksmanship. I'll probably get to master carbine (not master carbiner) and i'll probably have most of the scout profession completed. I know for sure that I'll be a rodian.

I decided to become a TK 1) because i like it and 2) because I dueled a TK Master in theed and he killed me with 1 hit. Mind you I had 800hp! The only thing I recommend is if you are going to specialize in TK that you should at least have skills in either pistol, carbine or rifle. 'Cause you'll need those if you are going to solo. Pretty much, the best species to be a TK is trandosh because of regen and other bonuses to unarme combat.

Donnie Darko
06-20-2003, 10:28 AM
What would The Associates Teras Kasi Cell do? Well, to keep with the continuity of the RPG, which is considered official, Teras Kasi keep the Jedi who get out of hand in their place, though they probably made Jedi impossible to kill that's why we are a Cell, not just one but a few. Though we are neutral, not siding with rebels or imperials, we have a grudge towards imperials but we dont go out of our way to punish them. We are very secretive as in we dont run around going "I'm a master Teras Kasi I can take any of you woooo!." Teras Kasi was secretive enough to where the Jedi didn't even know about them.

As for soloing...I never plan on soloing. Either be it with a group of friends (those on Naboo), other members of the PA, or when the Cell (if there will be on) is together, you will hardly catch me soloing (not unless its for a resource for my tailoring :D) I am not going to go with a Trandoshan because I've planned on playing Twi'lek since the game started development, but that doesnt mean I want to be a dancer or musician. I like being unique so a Twi'lek Teras Kasi is definately it.

Thank you for all of your input guys...I say if we get 5-7 Teras Kasi that would be good enough for a Cell.

06-20-2003, 10:37 AM
I think what a TK cell would do is be the melee guys. Let's say, we are hunting. The marksmen pull, and when it gets into close enough range we unleash a furious can of whoop ass. Also, another tactic if we are Pvping or a PA war, we have our marksmen positioned on top a hill or lying prone or kneeling shooting, while we, the TK's rush in an attack. That's a good tactic.

Donnie Darko
06-20-2003, 11:06 AM
Most likely that's all that will happen with the Cell: being the melee rushers. As Caveman stated, a Teras Kasi Master whooped him in one hit, so you can imagine our power in numbers. Since a Cell is somewhat of an organization and I plan of being a Tailor, it could be possible if we all wore somewhat of the same clothing...but that is of course if you guys are up for it. Also we can help eachother out in Teras Kasi missions, we can train those who want to be Teras Kasi, and....yeah we can just kick a lot of ass. But, possibly, if we ever hear about a Jedi "getting out of hand" should we stick with what the Teras Kasi goals were and try eliminating him? (btw, this wont turn into a "oh I cant wait to kill Jedi" thread, this is strictly for the continuity of the Teras Kasi Order)

06-20-2003, 02:41 PM
Teras Kasi all the way. That will be my main profession. Maybe we could set up that dojo I've spoke of earlier...
2) because I dueled a TK Master in theed and he killed me with 1 hit. Mind you I had 800hp!
Lol, that's why I'm going to master this profession.

Donnie Darko
06-20-2003, 03:11 PM
4 Teras Kasi? Awesome, it's a good number, we can't have too many, hehe. Well, if there is anyone else who plans on being a Teras Kasi Master please post!

06-20-2003, 05:14 PM
This sounds awesome guys. If I have enough time i might add on Medic after i get full brawler and TK so we can have some healing action. I also thought about being a trandoshan but Bothan seems more intresting and seems to fit in to the TK.

I think thats cool...Jedi Killing and all. I say we don't kill Jedis who are just chillin, like defending there lands or avenging there uncle's death... I say we just kill guys who are like "I am a Jedi and I'm gonna kill everyone on this server for no reason!!!" Or anyone that is doing that jedi or not.

I'm cool with the same clothing thing, just as long as it isnt bright pink.

Are enimies: :explode:


Donnie Darko
06-20-2003, 06:37 PM
Also, within the PA city we can have a building for the Teras Kasi Artists, kind of like a Monk Monistary, but will most likely be a player house. This won't come for free so we need to start saving our creds ASAP to pay a hefty amount to an Associates Architect. It would provide housing for those in the profession (still the whole PA will be allowed in at any time), we can have our "secret Teras Kasi meetings" (which will be discussed), we can advertise it as a place for Teras Kasi training so we can get some extra cash, and we can hold Tournaments (which will be discussed) for more cash.

Yes Mercy, if there are Jedi that are getting out of hand as in "I'm a Jedi I am going to kill all of you, muah hahaha *vvvwwunngg zzfffpppp*" and we hear about it I think that we should be obligated to do something about it because that's why Teras Kasi was established. But, no, that will not be out number one priority, we aren't the Empire.

So, how many of you are still interested in this?

06-20-2003, 08:38 PM
I am up for this.

Also in terms of getting money we could always sell ourselves as bodyguards, who wouldn't want a guy who can take on a jedi? Or at least trade protection for goods (such as food, housing, clothing etc.) And also i dont think we will have too much problems with money considering almost none of us will have expensive weapons.

Hopefully this works out.


06-20-2003, 09:01 PM
I am all up for the TK's getting the same clothing! That's a great idea. All though, I think though, we should do all these things like creating a cell as long as it's blessed by our leader Wraith. You know, we don't want to alienate ourselves from the rest of the combat group

My first full specialist profession will be Tk, and it's going to be a long road, but very fruitful :)

06-20-2003, 09:10 PM
That would be cool to have a monastery of some sort. A place to gain wisdom and train with fellow TKA like yourself.

Donnie Darko
06-20-2003, 09:38 PM
Ohhhh yes Caveman, all of this will be discussed at Monday's meeting. My goal isn't to alienate ourselves from the group in any way. The Teras Kasi Cell is like the Bounty Hunter's of the Associates. They aren't in the combat group because they are their own seperate...uh...thing! I'm happy that you guys are still into this idea. What races do you guys plan on being? And other professions? I like Goose's idea about being a Medic becuse it would add atmosphere to the "monastary" because not only can you go for Wisdom and training, but also for healing hands.

Hopefully on Monday we can get this approved by the leaders. :D And if any of you leaders have been on this thread please share your thoughts, thanks!

[Edit] For my side profession I plan on opening "Takalyyn Tailoring" which, of course, would be my tailoring venue. I'm thinking about going Scout as well!

06-20-2003, 10:06 PM
Well, my starting profession will be Scout, but I'll alter my pools so I can be an effective TK. Then in under 10minutes i'll use the starting 250creds to get trained as a novice marksman and bralwer, and find someone to get me a carbine. So basically I'll work my way up to a Master TK and I'll climb up the carbine latter and I'll probably master scouting. So that's what I'll be. I think I'll dabble in some med skills and entertaining along with artisian so i can survey to get the required 8 inorganic skills to make stimpaks. But i'm not sure completely about the artisian part.

Yeah, i'm all for our little TK cell. That'll be awesome. I imagine us kicking some major ass. And we can do sparing duels...not to death but to incapp, and that'll really help our pvping.

Personally, I can't wait till our first PA war. That's going to really test our skills.

Meeting on monday? What is this all about?

EDIT: I'm going to my local EB as soon as I return from Va. and paying in full my copy of galaxies.

06-21-2003, 12:09 AM
Brawler to Teras Kasi, then I'll do swordsman. That's my path. It would be really fun to have a PA war.

Donnie Darko
06-21-2003, 12:25 AM
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