View Full Version : jay and silent bob strike back.quotes?

daring dueler
06-20-2003, 12:27 AM
well, the movie swears alot, so ill choose some non-swearing quotes, yet still a little...yeah.

they call me darth balls, bong!-jay

george lucas is gonna sue sombody-chris rock

(look kids its mark hamill,applause!)-they call me **** knocker-mark hammel

whay do they call you that-jay

interesting story relly i...slam!-hammil

yeah...good stuff

06-20-2003, 12:31 AM
lol, yeh. When they are at Moobies:

"You are wrong! We do not lick bals! Its is you who are the ball lickers!"

Hairy Bushed Nuns.... lol. ^_^

06-20-2003, 01:42 AM
Justice:Women dont like to be called bitches, Jay

Jay:They dont? How bout "fine piece of ass"

Justice:How bout not

Jay:Then what the f**k am i suppose to call you then

Justice:Something sweet you big goof....something nice

Jay:Boo-Boo Kitty-F**k?

lol :rofl:

06-20-2003, 05:37 AM
"Don't f**k with a Jedi Master son."

and the whole "Look kids, it's Mark Hamil, Applause" was funny too.

"Hey, arn't you the guy who f**ked the pie?"

Boba Rhett
06-20-2003, 07:12 AM
"Ok I want ya to say, 'What a nice tea party'"


daring dueler
06-20-2003, 10:24 AM
well not a line but towads the end when jay and bob go to people houses and beat them up for what they wrote on moviepoopshoot.com

07-19-2003, 01:18 AM
"Thats the worst idea scence greedo shooting first."- Ben Affleck

07-19-2003, 03:22 AM
the bonus dvd has a bunch of episode 1 rips when they meet up with holden. i forget them exactly but it's basically that anyone could have made a better episode I :D

daring dueler
07-22-2003, 01:23 PM
yeah there are alot on the bonus dvd, plus the cut scenes, i like when will farrel ad libs about the c-l-i-t

07-22-2003, 03:40 PM
What the **** is the internet? -Jay

All you mother ****ers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the ball-lickers! We're gonna **** your mothers while you watch and cry like little whinney bitches! Once we get to Hollywood and deal with those all those Hollywood ****s, you're all next. Love, Jay and Silent Bob