View Full Version : Safe Haven, Mature PA on Intrepid

Asher Marx
06-21-2003, 06:46 PM
Our main goal is to run a self sufficent Player Created city. Not sure which planet we will vote on that when the time comes. We run things mostly by profession with a council but we are good friends so no issue can't be worked out. We allow all races and will eventually vote and choose a faction once everyone gets a good feel for the game. No reason to rush we should all be playing for a great while :)

Anyone can join as long as they contribute something, even if it's just good camaraderie. Inactive's, Leecher's, Griefer's, and Jackasses are not welcome; we try and cultivate a good atmosphere.

I just got back from the war in Iraq so we are just getting rolling, come join us while we are on the ground floor.