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06-21-2003, 09:37 PM
The Crimson Phoenix is now in a state of open recruitment.

Faction: Neutral
Server: Wanderhome East Coast

We are currently looking for members to join both our civilian and military areas. We are looking for potential leaders in both areas. Our hopes in the beginning months are to train the military and open up cantinas and shops through out the galaxy.

We have already planned our city location and structure, as well as several events including a dueling competitions, and both PvP, and PvE hunting.

The head government consists of a council of 4, Sige Rebar, Farth Mador, Zimnick, and Lizenkez.
We only ask that if you join you be loyal and be respectful of other members.

The Site is still under going work: http://www.zerogamersmedia.com/crimson_phoenix/
Contact info: jolob_andoxty@yahoo.com
If you have any problems please contact the following
Sige Rebar: Aim- Sigerebar | Email Sigerebar@yahoo.com
Zimnick: Aim- Zimnick | Email Zimnick@AOL.com
Farth Mador: Aim- Farthmador
Lizenkez: Aim- Lizenkez