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Gaelin Masek
06-22-2003, 06:56 PM
It took me sometime to find a suitable topic for this post, an effective method to relay the message of our cause. However I found it, in one word:

Freedom. However cliché it may sound, its significance and meaning has been enough to inspire some of the greatest acts in history.

Freedom – 1) The condition of being free of restraints.
2) Liberty from slavery, detention, oppression.
3) The capacity to exercise choice: Free will.

Freedom is the fundamental right of all sentient beings in this galaxy, every sentient creature has the right to freedom of choice, none should have to live under ‘oppression’ or ‘detention’ or ‘slavery’.

However we live in a flawed and blemished galaxy, and this elementary right can often be denied us by those who, blinded by greed, seek power at any cost.

The Galactic Empire violates the innate law of freedom, rooted into every sentient creature. The Empire enslaves those races they do not understand, taking their strength and power for their own. They force worlds under their oppressive grasp and threaten that which is dear to any who dare oppose them.

The basic right is gone. Peoples minds are controlled, they may only think how white-clad troopers and dull uniformed officers tell them. However, together, we can change that.

I do not deny that the cause of freedom has claimed many lives in itself, however what type of life is one under oppression? And rarely does oppression understand the language of diplomacy. Action is then the only course to take.

If you think you have what it takes to help a struggle for freedom, for liberty for FREE WILL, then join us.

The Guardians.

Liberatus. Ara. Amplus.
Freedom. Protection. Honour.

Galin Masek,