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06-23-2003, 08:13 PM
From the beta boards

Power Leveling Through Artisan
Jonus Nova Gazer

To begin an Artisan create whichever Species you prefer in the artisan template character. If you want to maximize your stats during creation focus them in Mind and Action.

After character creation immediatly get in game and start surveying. look for the highest concentration of metal you can find and then begin sampling. Your target is of course a 90% concentration level but anything in the 70% range will do fine for now.

After you get a ton of metal (few hundred) begin crafting yourself one of each survey tool. This will give you 55 general craft experience each and they only take 27 metal. In 10 minutes or so you will level in surveying and have enough for at least 2 survey tools. Continue doing this till you have one of every survey tool.

Once you finish one of each tool you will have over half the experience to get your first box in any craft. (takes 500 experience to get to Engineering 1). Continue to get resources and continue to make solar or wind survey tools, 16 metal for 32 experience. If your really picky, make mineral harvesters they give you the most experience per resource... a whopping 2.05 per resource =). They are 27 metal giving 55 experience. You can sell 'em or destroy 'em afterwards.

After getting Engineering 1, which takes about an hour, make yourself and anyone else who may need them superior crafting kits. They cost 24 metal and 10 chemical while providing 70 experience.

You can easily be Engineering 2 and Surveying 2 in a few hours tops, the biggest issue will be getting money to train. Make sure to ask around town before you spend money, someone may already be trained in it.

Once you hit Engineering 2 (takes 1000 gcxp) you can make any of the stuff above, nothing seems to give you any more then 2 gcxp per resource. If you want to do it easiest, stay on a high metal concentration and make mineral surveyors. It will take some time because you need 3000 gcxp to get Engineering 3. However, once you get to Engineering 3 the fun is just starting!

Making harvesters

This is the key to the novice artisan tree, and you should get Engineering 3 before anything else. Harvesters elevate the speed in which an artisan levels to an untold speed, the more resources you have available the faster you level. Harvesters give you 500 structure experience. So, if your not going to be an Architect, you might want your friendly neighborhood architect to make them for you so that they get the experience. Any other craft type doesn't have a use for structure experience so this is your chance to make a friend or two.

Getting to Engineering 4 is pretty difficult, because you really don't have anything great to craft within Engineering 3 or 4 that gives gcxp. However, you now can make armor. So if you have the resources or the contacts to get them, start banging away. To make bone armor, which is all you can make as an novice artisan crafter, you need Domestic Arts 1. If you want to finally make something useful that gets your gcxp, go ahead and train yourself in that. Otherwise you can make mineral surveyors like you did in the Engineering trade, or try something new like the ever popular bofa treats...Popular only because they take 11 grains to make, and you get 22 gcxp in return.

Before I go any further, it is a myth that anything gives you better experience than the 2 for 1 except if it takes components to make an item. Here is the trick, to understanding how to get ahead in crafting. Everything you craft in this game is based off of 1 resource used = 2 experience. So if it takes 1000 resources of all kinds to make something you would get 2000 experience for it. But, let's say it takes a storage bin, power unit, and 2 walls to make an item: you get the experience for each piece with the 1 unit per 2 experience ratio AND THEN you get another few thousand experience when you combine all those big components into your final item!

So if you have the resources available, in other words if you don't create extra down time to gather different sources, it behoves you to make the bigger stuff. The more the various components the higher the "bonus experience" will be.


The only thing I didn't touch on is Survey experience. It's simple, as you gather resources you gain survey experience. Every time you use your survey tool to find items or successfully sample for resources you gain experience in the survey skill. You'll get more than enough so no need to "go get it". Just by getting the resources needed to get level 3 of Engineering you will acquire enough survey skill points to also be level 3. Train up in it as you get it however because there is a huge difference in how much you gather at one time and how much you can see while surveying. Also, there is a cap on the amount of experience you can have sitting around untrained for each level of the skill tree. So training up shortly after you gain the ability to do so is a smart thing or you may hit the cap and gain no further experience while surveying.

With the knowledge I posted here, you can easily go up to Master Artisan within 1 to 3 days, depending on how much you power level. If your looking to be an "elite" craft title, you simply fill in the branch of the tree that has the title on top of it, no need to fill any others.

Click here for the Artisan tree...
The last advice is this, if your really wanting to optimize your crafting character to be able to craft the most items with one character don't train any other non-artisan skill-tree's at all. Without training any other tree you can master 2 elite professions and Master Artisan. However this may change, they have decreased the cost of new trees a tad and given a few more skill points, so you may be able to dabble to defend yourself.


Crafting in this game is a great time, and you really feel like your an important contribution to the community, unlike other games. Have fun and once you get experienced in crafting a whole new world opens up to you, like experimentation, high quality resource use, and of course crafting while using a power up. Power Leveling Through Artisan

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it has been rendered obsolete by the xp requirements. There is no way you will advance in a couple hours under the new xp requirements. It does however make a good point about which items provide the highest xp yield per resources.

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but that didnt say anything about how to get the bussiness up or the food....well i guess i have to figre it out myself

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Originally posted by swediot=)
but that didnt say anything about how to get the bussiness up or the food....well i guess i have to figre it out myself

Yes you do you nog. :p