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06-23-2003, 08:17 PM
JEST3R's Guide to SWG PVP v0.2

Disclaimer: This guide is slightly biased toward my particular play style however How I PvP has been quite successful and led to some rather enjoyable experiences. This guide is updated with the most recent combat and changes that affect PvP as of 20 JUNE 2003.
I. Preparation
Preparation means a lot of things to many different people. The most important Step in preparation is to be mentally prepared for the numerous challenges PvP represents, first and foremost is that you will die, Those who accept that fact and take it in stride (even repeated and multiple deaths back to back) will in my opinion have a much more rewarding experience. You must realize the maturity level and personal goals of each player is unique to that particular person and unfortunately for some their goal is only to have fun at your expense which can be quite frustrating at times. Be the better person, count to 10 when things are looking hopelessly frustrating and perhaps even log off for a bit, the worst thing you can do is take a personal level of offense at someone’s actions even if they are deliberately trying to make the situation personal. This helps keep your gaming and PvP experiences fun. Now on to more detailed preparations:

Initial preparation comes in playing the PvE game. You have to learn what exactly does what and what works best for you. You must choose a primary combat style path that suits your particular play style. Here is a general breakdown based on my experiences you can use as a guide to get newer players on a path to PvP success. Combat at the lowest level is broken down into ranged and melee, In Melee at the basic levels it is apparent that weapon based melee (Swords, axes, pole arms) have a slight damage edge but if you pursue melee as your advanced means of combat currently is quite clear unarmed combat for melee based attacks have clear advantages and end up much higher on the Damage per second ratio. However I must advise ANY aspiring PvP new player that melee combat should not be your first choice as an introduction to PvP, it is choice for advanced players seeking a challenge that is very difficult but can be very rewarding.

Ranged melee is generally everyone’s default choice when first attempting PvP, but there is an underlying scope and depth that few realize that will ultimately determine your success at PvP versus constant death. Ranged combat can generally be broken down into 3 groups based on your weapon type, Pistols, Carbines, and Rifles. Your choice in weapon type will dramatically dictate your play style as each has set optimal uses.

A) Prepare your Character. The absolute worst thing you can do is to declare PvP as soon as possible. Your character is weak in the greater scheme of things and any perceived special overt perks are meaningless if you’re getting killed time and time again. Take the time to explore the PvE side of the game. While PvP is played differently, PvE experiences help you realize the particular strengths of your skills and special attacks. You develop your character and get more skills, hit more often and get better special moves that can give you vast advantages if used properly. I suggest at least achieving MASTER MARKSMAN or MASTER BRAWLER before you even think about PvP. Even at these levels your combat abilities are still little more then newbie status but at least you have some specials to work with. Special attacks have become THE way to fight in SWG; your normal attack especially in PvP is about worthless.

B) Prepare for Damage: Your Character takes large amounts of damage quickly in PvP, other players are better at targeting specific pools and the most experienced use tactics that can incapacitate you in 3-6 hits even when your fully healed but certain measures can be taken to give you an edge such as having your Stats adjusted properly for your play style and food, medicine and Spice buffs.

1)Firstly while your learning HOW to use your special abilities in a given situation with your primary choice of weapon and combat style you should pay particular attention to how much "damage" you do to yourself using your most frequent special moves. For Example I am a Zabrak Pistoleer primarily. The Majority of my Special moves rapidly deplete my Action bar the fastest. I used Stat migration to maximize my Action bar and supporting Stats of quickness and Stamina. Strength, Quickness, and Focus stats effect how much or how little a special move will cost you in the corresponding HAM bar. It has been my experience that Body Shot 2 is one of the most effective pistol attacks. By maximizing my Quickness attribute I have gotten body Shot 2 down to the point of only costing me 29 Action health points per Shot. Furthermore I have my Stamina bar maxxed out so that my Action bar replenishes at its optimal rate. The end result is I can often use my favorite Action bar reliant special moves to my hearts content and never end up causing myself undue damage in the process.

2) BUFFS: Using Food, either player created or foraged can enhance your survivability almost 200% or more. Always examine your food items and try to keep a large stockpile of them on hand. Before entering Battle if you have time you can consume a large amount of high quality, Food/medicine/spice Buff items that can easily double the amount of your primary statistics for short periods of time. I find the easiest and most rewarding buff items primarily affect your Health, Action and Mind Bars and last for up to 10 minutes or more. As soon as you notice damage numbers floating off the top of your head in small increments this means a Buff is wearing off, to ensure you will not need to wait or stim pack yourself to the optimal efficiency over again, eat more buffs immediately to keep yourself at peak efficiency, Normally I keep 1 type of food that effects a particular stats Hot keyed, so if I am in battle during the time a Buff is wearing off all I have to do is use a hotkey to rebuff immediately. During planned conflicts I often enter battle with close to 2000 Health, 2000 Action and 1500 mind. People are usually amazed that their normal super attacks seem to be doing 1/2 or even 1/4 the normal damage effect on me as opposed to when they use them on the unprepared. A Note on Spice, you can only take 1 Spice at a time, and you get exactly the opposite effects for about a 1-5 minute time period AFTER the spice wears off, furthermore you character is puking all the time during this “downer” period, while Spice can yield the greatest BUFFS it also has the severest side effects. Here are some Known Spice effects:

Crash n Burn – Lasts 600 seconds
Action = -200
Quickness = -200
Mind = +400
Focus = +200
Thruster head – Lasts 400 seconds
Mind = +600/400s
Focus = +200/400s
Gun jack – Lasts 600 seconds
Strength = +500
Quickness = -200 Focus = -100
Neutron Pixie - lasts 800 seconds
Health +1000
Strength +200
Const +200
Action +500
Quick +50
Stamina +50
Booster Blue - lasts 800 seconds
+400 Action
+400 Quickness
Muon Gold – Lasts 600 Seconds
+500 mind
+500 focus
+500 willpower

3) Stimpacks. Stimpacks are life savers, the only HAM bar a stim pack cannot heal is mind damage (which is again why I play a Zabrak since my Willpower is 750 base allowing me to regenerate my Mind Damage amazingly fast). As soon as you manage to take down a target select a new target who is focused on fighting someone else if possible or break Line of Sight(LOS, described later) to get yourself a few quick heals to make yourself as fresh as possible in the short amount of time you buy yourself. Create a Macro or set a heal damage hotkey after using Ctrl-1 to select your self as the target to Stimpack yourself quickly, in the case that you are severely damaged continue to pull back breaking LOS over and over again until you are healed enough to take on the next threat. Because if you die, generally you are out of the fight in the case of 1v1 conflicts or your of little use to your team while recloning.

Here is a Macro you can use to self heal in combat without changing targets:

/healdamage <self>

Type it exactly like that in the Macro window, then drag your Macro Icon to a hotkey and all you need to do is hit your F# to heal. NOTE: HEALING falls inline with your combat Que, so if you have spammed 30 bodyshot2’s your heal will not run until all of those have passed. Personally I spend time testing ALL my specials and I find out what useful standard combinations I like and the time delay for each to go off and I insert heal damage macros in the appropriate spots.

Here is one of my PvP Macro’s I commonly used in Beta:

/healthshot2;/bodyshot3;/bodyshot3;/healdamage <self>;/bodyshot3;/bodyshot3;/bodyshot3;/healdamage <self>

The above Macro opens with the Pistoleer DOT to the health bar and follows up with Body Shot 3 attacks which target the health bar, for me every 3rd shot was the appropriate time to heal. Best part is while I am running which I can do without worrying to initiate new attack commands for a bit, the heals are virtually instant, rather then when standing your character stops and plays the entire Heal animation.

C) Prepare your interface: Set up your HOTKEYS for PvP. Not all special moves or tactics in PvE apply well in PvP. SWG has a wonderful interface that shows 2 rows of hotkeys at a time with several successive rows you can access as well. My first 2 rows of hot keys are primarily set up for PvE conflict, while rows 3 and 4 are set up for PvP conflict. Many of them are similar, however having a familiar hotkey pattern for normal actions such as stand kneel, and prone with all of your PvP specific specials keeps a certain familiarity. Hitting Ctrl 3 automatically swaps my Hotkey Set from PvE to PvP without unnecessary muddling in the chat window typing or trying to reorganize your hot keys to find suppressive fire 1 in the middle of a conflict.

1) USE Macros. In my opinion Macros are simply a MUST in PvP. I like to link Suppressive fire1 and Body shot 2 into a single hotkey. With one swift button press of F5 my avatar will force his target who is charging me to kneeling while quickly following up with a Body Shot2. Effectively by using this particular Macro you can keep a Melee person pinned in place while you’re free to stay at your optimal range. Various other macro combinations I am sure have yet to be found that will be even more effective in given situations then we have seen to date. Another Macro I particularly enjoy is Body Shot2/Deathblow. Stopping to Deal a deathblow to someone using the radial dial uses precious seconds, Sure my screen gets spammed with you cannot deathblow this target when the other player is alive, but the second he is incapped he is dead and I did not have to wait at all to take him out of the fight... (Dang now Ipoiliw will be Death blowing the rebels in Anchorhead incredibly fast, sorry guys)

Here is my generic finishing Macro for all PvP and PvE Encounters:

/deathblow;/loot;/Harvest hide

2) Set your Radar to 128 meters minimum. Depending on your distance settings under options as to when your graphics card draws things, usually 128 meters is optimal for the PvE environment for my particular machine. Generally Players are seen farther out on your radar then any NPC. Having your radar set at 128 meters and keeping an eye on it can alert you to incoming possible enemy reinforcements or enemy attempted flanking maneuvers.

3) Game settings, Lag or frame rate slowdown can simply get you killed fast. while sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent this completely you can take added measures with your current computer by tweaking SWG for optimal PvP settings instead of spending hundreds of dollars in upgrades. Basically play the PvE side of the game and getting your options for best performance established, and then if you plan to PvP often take all those settings down an additional notch. Frame rate slowdown is notorious in cities and the majority of large scale PvP battles take place in them. Turning down the viewing distance, and disabling additional settings such as show all NPC names can give you the added performance you need to have smooth city battles. You will no longer be apparently punched by a TKA from 30 meters away.

4) USE third party software to enhance your communication. Simply put if you plan on being Overt 24/7 and generally run with a particular group of friends even using MSN voice chat or even better Roger Wilco can give you the added edge in larger scale PvP fights. Typing is generally not an option during the heat of battle. If you need support, medical aid or your buddies to perform a flanking maneuver or simply to let out a warning, talking via a 3rd party voice chat system is the way to go. It is faster and it provides an even more immersive experience to the feel of combat.

D) Prepare your group and know your role. SWG has a rather extensive interdependency system as well as a vast set of tactical possibilities never seen before in other games. Some people dislike things such as coverts, but they truly can add to a HUGE amount of tactical variety in PvP combat.

1) Work as a team and have an established and competent Leader. Even better is the group leader is of the Squad leader profession. Focused fire takes down the enemy the fastest; team work will always overcome a semi organized mob of players who are doing their own thing. Already in Beta Small groups of PvPrs have been able to inflict enormous damage on significantly larger groups or players. This is because they help each other maintain their optimal ranges and protect one another effectively, organized groups can successfully do a fighting withdrawal to a better fighting position to recover from unforeseen opposition or use advanced tactics such as flanking maneuvers to take an entrenched enemy by surprise from the rear while their attention is focused on what they perceive is the main battle group.

2) USE COVERTS to surprise your enemy. In the heat of battle or the initial stages of an attack often times Overt players will band together in an informal group to defend their city or on some occasions a particular Faction aligned POI. Coverts are your spies; they can report where the enemy is and what the enemy is doing. They can report enemy flanking maneuvers before you get hit; they can run into buildings or factional bases and let you know where an enemy is entrenched. Covert fighters help you hide your members, Covert status protects your medics until they are forced to heal and acquire a TEF. A small apparent group of Overts can march into an enemy town, meet the enemy and once battle is engaged heal the enemy to more then double the size and number of targets your enemy must "tab" through once their TEF gets activated. This does several things, one it takes longer for the enemy to cycle through targets and begins to blur who are the real threats and who are coverts unable to fire until fired upon. The sudden increase in the numbers of enemy targets can confuse and even make an enemy panic. UPDATE on Covert Status and PvP: First allow me to say PvP especially when dealing with Coverts is still buggy, please read the Bugs/Exploits at the bottom of the guide for exactly how things work today, hopefully they will be fixed by release or shortly after.

The COVERT system is supposed to basically works like this.

IF a Covert engages a PvE target (ala. Storm troopers) the Covert acquires a TEF; they cannot fire first but can only return fire when attacked by another player.

IF a Covert is in a group with an Overt of the same faction, As soon as the Overt opens fire on an enemy Overt then all a covert can do is Heal, trade, or return fire when fired upon after acquiring a TEF for healing or trading with the Overt player.

IF a Covert is in a Group with an Overt of the same faction AND the Overt player your Grouped with gets ATTACKED by an enemy Overt player, NOW all Covert members of that Group gain a TEF and can attack FIRST…

So as you can see to bring out surprise fire power you need to hold your fire and allow your overt player to take an initial hit, because now all Coverts in his group can fire offensively.

Never Fear! Are you worried by attacking an overt player you might be springing a covert trap? Simply click on the overt player you have in your sights and basically two overlapping head Icons appear beside his name if he is in a group, now look around… everyone else with Overlapping heads by their names is ALSO in that Overts group…. You now have a way to see group numbers. If the Odds look bad and the single overt enemy is in a large group of apparent neutrals... pull back and get some allies before engaging.

E) Prepare for your Death. One of the most frustrating things that can happen in PvP is to be placed in a situation where another player can actually prevent you from playing the game for example by camping your corpse where your belongings are trapped. (Clone Center Camping is NO Longer possible). Generally PvP combat happens mostly in cities, if you are the attacker choosing to clone in the closest facility is generally the worst thing you can do. Currently when you store your CLONE DATA, it is in essence like setting a BIND point, you only must store your clone data once in the city your playing from when you arrive on a planet and no matter how many times you die you can clone to this predesignated place. IF you choose the clone to nearest facility and that is not your BIND point, your character respawns with MANY wounds to all of your stats for failing to clone at your bind point. Getting these wounds healed can take HOURS… so never forget to store your clone data when arriving on planet and always clone at your predesignated facility. When you DIE as an Overt player and you clone at a NON-Faction aligned facility your status is automatically set to covert, this was done to prevent clone center camping though a few abuses are still available(see BUGS/Exploits at the end of this guide). ALWAYS insure just prior to going on a PvP raid. Predesignated clone facilities with full insurance MAY take you out of the fight by placing you back in a far away city, But you have all your gear and you reclone unmolested. A bit of travel to get back in the fighting is FAR preferable to possible hours of getting wounds healed, also your now Covert so unless there is an Overts group you can join your combat options are limited. Note some people purposely clone in the combat zone to return to battle quickly because overt members of their group are still fighting or to reclone covert to take advantage of certain bugs/exploits in the system. For corpse campers you can always retrieve your belongings while in covert status. Recently unarmed specialists who have no items to lose use clone centers as an offensive base of operations to launch repeated attacks after every time they die even when covert exploiting a TEF bug lasting past death, the only way to compensate for this is either to fight as an organized unit so that his faction points lost are of such a large amount that they lose their faction standing and can no longer retain overt status or simply to leave the area for 5 minutes if the TEF that lasted past death is against you so that the TEF clears then the enemy has no one to fight any longer.

So, as you see PvP is about 70% preparation, you must be prepared for the conflicts to the best of your ability, the prepared overt player can and already has proven to be the most effective in the game. Preparation is generally more then half the battle.

PvP Tactics:

A) Use the right weapon/skills for the current situation at hand. Different situations arise, sometimes your fighting down long alleys, some times open fields, sometimes indoors and sometimes in confined areas. Damage multipliers severely punish the unprepared and those who rely on a single combat style. Anchorhead has been a rebel bloodbath lately largely in part because people refuse to switch tactics for the given situation. Even starting skills can be quite beneficial, while you may be an elite Master Rifle Specialist you will get owned in confined areas or in doors by a Novice TKA or Melee player. It is better to switch to a pistol in confined areas and use skills found on the basic marksman tree then to attempt to use a Rifle in such close range. The versatile player, with a range of abilities who is willing to use a weapon better suited for a given situation rather then to use the weapon that may not be optimal but they have far more skill in will win out 9 times out of ten.

B) Target the weakest HAM bar of your enemy; this can help in removing an enemy from action faster. Mind damage is particularly cumbersome since it cannot be healed.

C) Turn the battle field into terms of your choosing. Enemy players will pursue you relentlessly, most of the times even to a fault. When Fighting in cities I usually have the Map overlay running, while confusing at first, once you become accustomed to it you can lead the enemy to a place of your choosing, you can see the alleys, the paths, the routes, which streets have more red hostiles on them, which paths lead to freedom or escape. Which paths lead to an open area where you can make best use of your longer ranged weapon and which buildings or areas will force your enemy closer to you. You can lead the enemy along a path of your choosing that lets you always break LOS just as your enemy finally thinks they will get a clear shot. If you are pursuing an enemy you can see the streets to coral them in or to cut them off. Many players may get scared if you’re a Pistoleer or TKA hiding out in a confined area... the brave ones who do not use the proper weapon for the given range and distances of the fight often die quickly and easily… Soon that mass Mob that was pursuing you is huddled out doors waiting on you to show your head. Be patient, wait them out, slowly they will get bored and their numbers will dwindle, always cycle through your targets to see who is closest, look for the names of the tougher players whom you know from repeated PvP experience as the threats, the Leaders… Take them down first.

D) When Pursuing or hunting an enemy target use the TAB key until you have a lock on them, initiate combat before you have LOS, then spam your special move queue with your opening attack, slowly and methodically close in on your prey … with your Combat Queue spammed as soon as LOS opens up you avatar will open fire, and in a game where he who generally gets the first shot wins, firing first is very important.

E) Develop a relationship with both your enemies and allies. Learn whom you can trust and return respect when given. Fighting honorably is often remembered and your allies will go to greater lengths to give you aid and trust your. Often enemy relationships can lead to very rewarding experiences, such as prepared battles where one faction enters a factional base and the other faction must root them out.

F) Never Charge head long into battle. If you receive a tell or message from a friend who is currently under fire, rush to their aid certainly, but hold back a moment before you get too close to the fighting, assess the lay of the land and determine how you can best help. In Anchorhead the imperials had entered down and had effectively crushed all resistance. I received a tell from a fallen comrade begging for aid… rather then rush in blindly guns blazing I circled around town, used the tells from my dead friend who had yet to clone to give me information on the enemy troop positions, I moved to a sniping point and took cover on a large hill nearby, told my friend to clone and make a run in my general direction, The enemy gave chase Right into my range and LOS, I proceeded to lay waste to the enemy below and my use of the special skill take cover made them miss far more often, it was like shooting fish in a barrel, not to pat myself on the back but my involvement in that fight clearly turned the tied of the battle.

G) USE LOS to your advantage, play in the PvE world to figure out how SWG LOS works. Currently you can shoot through the terrain (read ground) but you cannot shoot through any collidable object. (Read a 1 foot high railing on a bridge or rocks). If you’re a rifleman, ensure you have a large clear field of fire, preferably interlinked with other riflemen fields of fire. With your riflemen spread out rather then clumped together should a melee or Pistoleer close only 1 rifleman is in danger while the others still have optimal range. Use collidable terrain to break LOS to give you a chance to shake pursuit and to heal yourself on the run.

H) Target the best players first, and you can generally leave them incapacitated rather then do an immediate Deathblow if you do not have time to spare in the heat of battle. Incapacitation can leave an enemy out of action for up to 100 seconds, but a death blow returns them to Covert status at their predesignated clone facility unless they are willing to accept severe wounds. You can also use the time while the enemy is incapacitated to heal up… in the unfortunate eventuality your enemy is bound to your clone center and plans on abusing the TEF past death bug.

I) Review and use your innate abilities effectively, the main reason I choose to play a Zabrak is for equilibrium and vitalize. I can take a massive amount of damage to a single health pool while closing into my ideal range as Pistoleer and use equilibrium to spread out the damage across all my HAM bars, often times to the point to bring me back from near death to fighting ready. I have the ability to shrug off hard hitting mind damage from riflemen at range with equilibrium.

J) Fight in YOUR Ideal range, a moving target makes it harder for everyone to hit, but if you’re in your ideal range the enemy had even more negative modifiers and your will meet out a higher damage ratio with many more hits.

K) Develop relationships with your supporting players. Always tip medics and entertainers well; they will be more willing to bump you up on the healing priority list to return you to action sooner. Giving away resources to artisans and giving them more then they ask for during item purchases establishes a relationship with them. They are more likely to remember you and will try even harder to give you the best possible gear and even re-outfit you cheaply if you suffer a critical item loss. Artisans can provide you with critical power up items for your weapons increasing your weapon quality in various areas for a period of time.

Here is a list of known effects of Weapon power ups:

Smoothed barrel of: = +point Blank Penalty %
Taper-bored: = + Wound chance %

Of Dampening: = +Special Mind Cost %
Of Alignment: = +Ideal Attack Bonus %
Of Concentration: + Max Damage % (15)
Hotwired: = +Max Damage % (30)
Short Circuited = + Min damage%
Quick Charge = + Attack Speed%
Tweaked: = + special move Action cost %

Of Compensation: = +special mind Cost %
Of Searing: = +point Blank penalty %
Of Over Powering = +Ideal Range %
Fitted: = +ideal attack bonus %
Lightened: = +special move Action cost %
Hair Trigger: = +attack speed %
Ergonomic Grip:= +Ideal Range %
Of Steadying: = +max range penalty %
Of Recoil-deadening:= + Special move HEALTH cost %
Of Aiming: = +Min Damage
Of Reckoning: = + Wound chance %
Scattering: = +point Blank penalty %
Polished: = +wound chance %
Muffled: = +Special Move Mind Cost %
Tuned: =+MAX damage%(30)
Of Braking: = +special Move Health Cost%
Of Flaring: = + point blank Penalty %
Of Focusing: = + Max range penalty %
Of Sighting:= + Min Damage %(15)
Calibrated: = +Max range Penalty%
Powered: = + special Move Mind Cost %
Precision: = + Min Damage %
(possible small % increase in attack speed occasionally)
Ranged: = +Ideal attack Bonus %

Of Pin-Pointing:= +wound Chance%
Of Targeting: = +attack speed %
Of Tracking: = +special move action cost%

Reactive: = +special move HEALTH cost %
Balanced: = + Ideal Range %
Of Loading: = + attack speed %
Of Cushioning: = + special move ACTION cost%

The % can range anywhere from 1% - 35% based on the quality of the resources used and the level of skill and experimentation a crafter does on the power up. All of these power ups last for 100 shots. Simply drag and drop the power up in your inventory over your weapon to receive the effects. For Example a PRECISION SCOPE of TARGETING yields a bonus +min damage % bonus and a +attack speed % bonus.

Weapon SLICING can also permanently increase your weapons attack speed or its DAMAGE range (both min and max) by between 15-25% for the weapon slicing I skill by a smuggler, I have not had a chance to experiment with weapon slicing II. NOTE at the time of this writing a smuggler cannot choose WHICH attribute to attempt to enhance, and a smuggler is not always successful. A Slicing failure on your weapon prevents all future slice attempts, and currently the attack speed Bonus actually increases your attack speed rather then decreasing it when slicing, so this is a known bug hopefully fixed prior to release.

L) Always train members of your faction for free and often as possible, the higher skilled your faction members are the better they can support you and more effectively support you during combat.

M) FACTION PETS/PETS: Pets can greatly increase your firepower in an assault. Faction pets can only be obtained via OVERT player perks by trading in faction points. Promotion via the use of faction points allows you to accumulate MORE faction points by increasing your FP cap and it allows you to control an increasing number of Faction pets. Imperial players have access to the AT-ST pet. This monstrosity is incredibly hard to kill and can kill any player in a single attack or two. It has a lot of Health action and mind and regenerates at a fearsome rate. Faction pet costs range from 200-300 Fp per trooper and 4500FP per AT-ST (not counting the empires FP trade in penalty for non humans).

N) USE your specials wisely, Knock down moves are extremely important when dealing with tough players/ pets to keep their role limited in the fight, Pistol Melee defense, unarmed knock down, low blow, and the bounty fire knock down are all extremely useful moves for keeping things such as AT-STs out of the fight until you have time to deal with them.

O) NEVER ABUSE Exploits/bugs you will simply get a bad name and people may go out of their way to ensure your time spent in SWG is less then fun.

Current pre-release Bugs and Exploits:

Note I personally do not condone the use of exploits but I will list them here so that the playing field is level and you are aware of them.

Upon respawning covert at a cloning facility you will have a TEF which grants you first strike capability against the person who deathblowed you. TKA people have used this bug to continually re-attack from a cloning facility. Normally the exploiter will set their clone data at the intended attack point/city while covert, return to a recruiter and become Overt which is instant. When they initially die they then re-clone at their predesignated facility which is set in the combat area so they do not take lots of wounds as a penalty. They then use the TEF Exploit to use the clone facility as an offensive base of operations in cities such as Anchorhead in the case of Imperial players. To combat this type of abuse it usually is easiest if the person whom performed the deathblow to leave town for 5 minutes so the TEF expires, then the exploit user must return to their recruiter to become Overt again or acquire a TEF and goad you into attacking again to re-engage in PvP. One other side effect of this exploit is that ONLY the person the Exploit user attacks and those in his group can attack the Exploit user ONCE he or she attacks, it does not matter if you’re an Overt because the TEF is a personal TEF not a factional TEF.

Faction Pets take on the TEF of their master. You can only unpack or gain Faction pets normally while Overt. But in the event of your death you respawn Covert, You Faction pets are also NOW covert (unattackable by members of the opposing faction). Next the now Covert player with Faction pets can command his PETS to attack enemy Faction players who are overt or have a TEF. As soon as the pets attack the player and the pets becomes attackable. Unfortunately in the case of AT-STs they will kill their target quickly and worse yet generally the pets owner dies first which automatically removes the TEF on the AT-ST pet even if you are in the middle of engaging it. Basically this makes it near impossible to kill the faction pet since you cannot attack it near long enough to kill it. The ONLY thing I can tell you can do to fix this is to find a way to kill the faction pet first before the player. This is a very hard thing to do since every player who sees another attackable player instant launches an attack on the pet’s controller and kills them quickly. Your best bet is to coordinate your group, have an unarmed brawler type perform unarmed lunge which knocks the exploit player down but only causes 1 damage repeatedly… While another player keeps the AT-ST knocked down using another special move while all other faction aligned rebels shoot the AT-ST until it dies.

Hopefully these two critical exploits get fixed at release or soon after release, there are a few other minor things, such as the fact how does pistol whipping knock down an AT-ST? But while un-immersive at least that is the specials designed function.


I will be on the Intrepid Server, my in game character will be named Kurzzun Starfire.