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06-24-2003, 06:15 PM
How many of you would prefer a version of ForceMod II that's less configurable, in which you could join a server and know basically what the settings will be?

This would be a Pro version, and would eliminate many of the cvars that allow Jedi to fly around on jetpacks with a pair of dual sabers and dual guns with every force power.

My first thoughts on what would be locked in place:
- Jedi vs Merc would always be on
- Light/Dark force combine would only be thru the new Jedi classes
- Paired dualbladed sabers would be eliminated
- Maximum ForceRank would be Sith Lord equivalent, so you couldn't have every single force power
- many other balance cvars would be locked in place, and the gameplay balancing would be close to 1.02 levels


06-25-2003, 03:07 AM
I don't even have Force Mod...So it probably dosn't apply to me...

06-25-2003, 03:30 AM
Why don't you guys wait 5 months and just do it for Jedi Academy? As it's on basically the same engine I imagine you can get most of the work done between now and then and just add some refinements and tweaking once the game is released. Just think your mod would be one of the first one's out for the game, which are usually the one's that last the longest. Hell people still use vulcanis admin mod even though there's newer, more stable and bug-free mods out now.

06-25-2003, 08:08 PM
While I whole-heartedly understand (and sympathize) with the intent of a revision - admittedly even seeing a need for it - I just don't see it becoming a success.

Let me paraphrase from a post in another forum:

The cat's out of the bag. Unless someone waves the carrot of even more ridiculously enticing features, those currently reaping the benefits of horribly exploiting the mod simply won't upgrade to a more restricted version.

Excuse me Mr. Hussein... it's come to our attention that the package we delivered may contain weapons-grade plutonium. Would you please return it for a complementary bag of Skittles™?

Why would they? No one's going to hike to the store to bring home sugar-free cookies when there's a batch of sugar-laden ones in the pantry, fresh out of the oven.

Heck the mod defaults to a relatively fair and balanced system - it's only the knuckleheads who actually put in the effort to customize it that make the game a mess.

Assuming those wanting a revised or "Pro" version of ForceMod are in the minority now (which judging from the way the majority of ForceMod servers are currently setup seems most likely), they will forever be a minority.

That said (and as futile as it may be), I'll throw in my two cents...

1) Yes to everything you suggest Azymn

2) Limit Force skills/powers - (keep the new levels, drop the new ranks - maybe even drop Jedi Master to Jedi Knight)*

3) No free-flying Jetpacks (and no Jedi Jetpacks either)

4) Tone down some of the weapons/limit their use in jetpack, grapple, and/or cloaked modes

5) Handicap Saber Throw or "You Chuck It, You Fetch It" (keep it deadly, just no more of that boomerang nonsense)

6) Add option of manual Saber Defense (block/parry) in place of Saber Throw

7) Keep weapons brutally lethal; sabers, blasters, etc. - just vary their range, rate of fire, and accuracy (no squirt guns/whiffle bats)

8) Give Cloak/Mind Trick players either a speed or attack penalty

9) Faster rockets, bigger boom, restrict ammo (1-3 shots, total)

10) SFX2-like Thermal Detonators (great-big-boom, limit one in inventory at any time, max)

11) Hybrid Saber/Gunners get two-thirds less maximum Force points (Jack of All Trades, Master of None)

12) Last Man Standing (further collaboration with RenegadeOfPhunk would be phenomenal) game type addition

13) Instead of "Pro Edition" call it "Server Edition" (or heck, Pro Server Edition) - add a remote admin login menu item for ease of use

There's several "carrots" in there, but here's the biggie (and lives up to the mod's namesake) - juice up level 4 powers dramatically AND make 'em "freebies" - little to no drain of Force pool. The idea is if players can ONLY maximize two Force powers to level 4 (and at the expense of most of the other powers) they should reap the benefits. Imagine a Sidius player who truly is a grand master of drain and lightning, but couldn't jump over a tree stump or fight with a saber if his life depended on it. Reward players who specialize.

Anywho, that's a bit more like $1.50 than two cents, but they're the top things I can think of that might improve fairness and still encourage people to download.

P.S. Oh yeah, it's more cosmetic than anything, but limiting classes/abilities by model would be a welcome addition too. (Perhaps with fm_classes.cfg)

rut-wa jodar
09-05-2003, 06:25 AM
Will it be possible for you to convert ForceMod 2 so it works on Jedi Academy it`s released ??