View Full Version : Attention Forcemod II Community and Server Admins!!!!

Doctor Shaft
06-25-2003, 06:11 PM
What's going on here?

Perhaps this thread will be insulting to some, but some things need to be said about the Forcemod II servers we are currently seeing.

Why is it that a vast majority of the Forcemod II players seem completely disinterested in actually playing the full potential of the mod? I'm sorry to say this guys, but with the servers available, and of course the people supporting the server settings, Forcemod II has practically turned itself into Jedimod/Omnimod Deluxe addition. It's truly a shame to see a mod with so much potential being sucked dry and put to utter waste by the community at large.

So far, my playing experiences have consisted of:

Jedi that can cloak, mind trick, force lightning, fly with limitless jet pack fuel AND grapple hook, and they also posess full power force heal, drain, rage, etc etc. In short, I'm seeing a whole bunch of servers with the settings on god mode! What is this? A joke? Are we all so interested in playing "Chutes and Ladders" (that's a very simple children's game for those of you unfamiliar) without the chutes? We just spin the needle on the board and climb up up up, seeing who can get there first, with no limitations or dangers at all.

To shed more light on the state of the Forcemod II community, we have the actual creator of the mod wondering if he should release a pro version that would actually provide a locked down version of the game... i.e. no customability. By providing us with full customability, instead of seeing maybe one server set on god mode and the others running respectable settings, we see nothing but the former.

To the admins:
I realize that you own the servers, pay for them, etc., and therefore you are entitled to play the game as you like it. But I question why ALL of the server admins are running their games like this? How can this be fun. Forcemod II has a class system (what a shocker that must be for a majority of players....), and it's a very tight class system. The classes have well balanced limitations. There are four jedi classes, another four merc classes. All of them have different abilities that make them DIFFERENT. All of the current Forcemod II servers are running games that are THE SAME. There's no difference at all. I go onto a server, and everyone carries the same thing. And with unlimited jetpack fuel???!?!? That's like the worst setting you could ever have on a server!!! You're practically invincible. That's not a game, that's just.... it's worse than watching Baywatch on TV!!!

When the servers first popped up, I just told myself, "don't worry, everyone is just kind of binging on the game right now. They want to try out all the settings without having to bother switching up. We all do this sometimes...." Unfortunately, I was incorrect. Instead of just having 2 god mode servers, we have about six. Just massive silliness.

So what's the point. I'm just asking for the Forcemod II community to tone their servers down. I have spent more time on a server listening to silly accusations about 'lamers' (mind you, the players who cry lamer never define it, and think you'll be angry if they actually start playing the game with you :p ) than actually playing the game. And to make matters worse, when we play the game, it's not really a game. Let's try playing the game the way it was intended to be played, i.e., we're not playing on Invincible mode, messing with unlimited flight and grapple hooks.

The class system, for those who haven't bothered to learn about, works like this.

Jedi have four classes. They were not meant to be "one with the force" i.e. Super Cheat mode. They were not meant to have so many points that they could have PRACITCALLY ALL level 4 powers, or be a noble sith/shadow jedi and have practically all their force powers on full. They do not carry GRAPPLING HOOKS OR JETPACKS. Think of it this way. Yeah, sure, in reality a jedi could probably use both things. Now think about the game. If you give me level 4 jump and a grapple hook, I once again have no limits. YOu cna't push me to my death. You can't grip me to my death. And I can reach any height or area very easily. Wow..... we're right back to God mode again. Don't do it!

The Merc classes were meant to be limited. The bounty hutners and the mercs fly. Only the SCOUTS carry cloaking devices, and the then the stormtroopers have unlimited ammo. They do not have unlimited fuel gauges!! Nor do they have super high ones. This is ridiculous. HOw can you play a game when we all fly around forever? And then you go and cloak too? Oh yeah, and mercs don't have force powers and lightsabers too.

Enough ranting. I may not be entirely accurate on the class system, yada yada. The point is... try keeping the class system in the game, and when you keep it, try forcing people to actually think about their configurations. That's all. Have fun.