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06-26-2003, 05:22 AM
If the bounty is on the dude I'm transporting's head, then you can't attack me or my ship.

seems like if you take someone under your protection you would temporarily be seen as an enemy for harboring a criminal. i cant think of any precidents for this from the movies or eu, Han Solo's ship was attacked by the empire for smuggling Luke, but he had a bounty on his head too.


06-26-2003, 06:02 AM
The smuggling profession would take on a more dangerous tone if they started with Imperial laws inside towns that are currently influenced by the presence of Stormtroopers and Imperial military. The Imperials could deem certain things illegal.

Here is a scenario.

You are the smuggler known as Krillian Moibe. Wearing a long dark jacket, perfect for hiding weaponry, and some sleek black glasses you stride across the plains of Bestine as if you belong on these streets. The presence of the watchful Stormtroopers eyes can be felt across every corner of every building and down every walkway of every street. Your task in Bestine is to buy atleast 6 Imperial class Carbine Rifles and head to Anchorhead to sell to the local Rebels there. Of course, if you are caught bringing these weapons out of the city itself without permission, you will have trouble on your hands.

You walk up to the known weaponsmith of Bestine nicknamed "Long Haul" since he is known to work for days straight without sleep working on his latest weapon project. His new weapon is a carbine rifle nicknamed Zero 187 and is being crafted for the captains of Stormtrooper squadrons, so they are pretty important to the Imperials. you walk inside his workroom to find him working at his latest project of course.

Long Haul: "Ahhh Mr. Moibe, what a pleasant suprise to see your face so close to the fire. What can I do for you today, and how much will it cost you to make me do?"

Krillian: "I see you are as upbeat as ever my old friend. I think you know what I'm looking for. I'm of course here to collect on a promise you made to me a few months back, remember?"

Long Haul: "Of course, you saved my ass from getting eaten by a Krayt Dragon, and I told you if there is anything you need help with to just ask and I will see what I can do about it. What in the hell do you have up your sleeves this time?"

Krillian: "Well, I'm here to pick up your first 6 Zero 187's for some friends of mine in Anchorhead."

This makes "Long Haul", whos real name is Greggory Smith, actually stop working to look at the seriousness on Krillians face.

Long Haul: ". . . Do you realize that right outside there is a division of Stormtroopers giving random checks to anyone who leaves the city? And you really expect to walk out of this city alive with those weapons under that jacket? I told you I would do you a favor, but this here would put us both under the eye of the Emperor for trying to sabatoge an Imperial operation. How much are you paying me, first of all?"

Krillian: "I will pay you 200,000 credits for this endeavor Greg. I know the dangers involved, but you leave that sort of thing up to me, that is my business. Your business is just creating the weapons and putting them out into the open. The Rebellion snipers and long range assault units could definately use these new weapons of yours, since I hear they took you nearly a year to make."

Greggory: "200,000 credits eh? I could move out of this city and into my own workshop with that sort of money. Well well, you sure do know how to drive a hard bargain. Come back tomorrow, and lets see what happens then ok? I only have 2 finished at the moment, so I will work all night tonight to finish atleast 20 so I will have atleast SOME to give to the Imperials who are so eagerly awaiting their arrival"

Krillian: "Tomorrow then Greg. Thanks for the help"

During the Next Day

The meeting went as expected. Long Haul was dillusional from another full nights work. Incoherance always works in the favor of a smuggler, since he is able to get more out of the man on the other side of the table then he originally could. Krillian is now walking out of Bestine with a full load of Zero 187 Carbine Rifles, created by the legend himself. The tricky part is making it out of the only exit, the front, without being seen, and if you are seen making sure it is a lower ranked Stormtrooper who starts the talking. You walk slowly, but quicker than usual without making it obvious. You pass by Smooth Movements, the local cantina filled to the brim with overpayed, underworked Imperials in Tatooine. The drinks are nice, but the brawls are ruthless.

Looking straight ahead some stormtroopers marked by a Red sash on their shoulders steps into the clearing and moves toward Krillian. They look over and Krillian does the right thing, and gives them a quick and serious nod. Imperial Stormtroopers love to be seen, why else do they wear that full body armor that is totally unique from anything else seen in the Galaxy? The stormtroopers continue on their way as if seeing nothing, but noticing everything in the same instance.

The exit of Bestine can be seen only 30 yards away from where Krillian now walks. The only problem will be getting past the security guards outside of the exits, scanning everyones inventories to make sure nothing illegal gets in nor out. But, thankfully Greggory Smiths extra day allowed for a little more planning. Reaching into his pocket Krillian takes a firework out of his pocket and enters a small alleyway. Upon lighting the firework the thing flies into the air with a loud scream and explodes into a mass of colored stars of different colors. A second later the sounds of blaster fire can be heard outside of the city, and immediately following the clash of bodies hitting the ground and the alarms of Bestine screaming their tones. Outside of Bestine at this moment is 20 Rebel soldiers of Krillians' brothers squad making quite a show for themselves. Taking this moment to act like he is just seeing what is happening Krillian takes out his weapon and runs into the clearing outside of Bestine. As soon as Krillian reaches the outside walls he pulls a left and runs around the city walls, while behind him 6 Stormtroopers running full speed begin firing into the woods toward the direction of the incoming blaster fire. This little diversion will buy Krillian plenty of time to get away from the city and back home at Anchorhead.

__________________________________________________ _

Sorry, got a little carried away there. If this game included illegal weaponry, and random checks by Stormtrooper patrols you would have the beginning ingrediants for a smuggler profession that just got alot more interesting, dangerous, and worthwhile.

06-26-2003, 06:45 AM
Sorry for the newbie question: what is the meaning of TEF? :p

06-26-2003, 07:15 AM
Temporary Enemy Flag. Say, if you are a covert rebel doctor, the imps can't see that you are a rebel, and thereby can't shoot you. However, if you aid rebels fighting imps in any way, by shooting or by healing, you'll get a TEF. For a couple of minutes, you'll count as overt. This means that you can't be covert and heal your overt mates without any repercussion.

06-26-2003, 09:04 AM
Thanks for that - I was wondering. :) :r2d2:

06-27-2003, 03:49 PM
Originally posted by setsuko
Temporary Enemy Flag. Say, if you are a covert rebel doctor, the imps can't see that you are a rebel, and thereby can't shoot you. However, if you aid rebels fighting imps in any way, by shooting or by healing, you'll get a TEF. For a couple of minutes, you'll count as overt. This means that you can't be covert and heal your overt mates without any repercussion.

Thanks a lot for the explanation :thumbsup:

Luey Fubar
06-27-2003, 08:40 PM
That's great, never heard of anything like that in any other game... AI-wise anyway.

06-28-2003, 04:11 PM
Ya definitly sounds cool. The whole story thing was pretty good to. Hopefully the game will pan out like that.

06-30-2003, 11:55 PM
Well what if your smuggling for the Empire, that turns everything around.