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Wraith 8
06-26-2003, 03:21 PM
Hi there people.

here is the guide i made for you starters... i zipped it in a zip file... its a .doc so .. :D

ill post it aswell:

This document is written for those who start from scratch.
The things written in this document come from my own experiences in Beta.

In beta I have tried to be 2 professions. A smuggler and an Architect.
I never was able to finish any of them, but at least I got very far.
My starting professions for smuggler are: Brawler and Marksman.
My starting professions for Architect are: Artesian and Scout.
Now on more then one occasion I took all 4 starting professions.

To reach smuggler you need the pistol section of marksman and the unarmed combat of brawler. To get them you need pistol experience points and unarmed experience points. To get experience points you need to go out and fight. There are a few ways to get the points.
- Do destroy missions
- Duel other players
- Go out and hunt
Now my advice is to do the last one. Go out and hunt. But donít do that on your own. Get a group of people together and do hunts. That way you get experience points a whole lot easier. This goes for any combat skilled tree your aiming for.
Now in game people are going to organise large group hunts. You can have up to 20 people in group hunts.
Donít worry about the decay of your pistol. It takes a long time before it goes away.

To get to architect you only need one section of artesian. De engineering section.
Now before you say that is going to be easy, it is not. You need loads of crafting experience and its going to be hard getting the recourses for the things you want to craft. I suggest to you all that you start out as artesian and scout. (artesian first and then scout) Because in the engineering section you will be able to make bone armor. And to get bones you need to be a scout. A scout can harvest creatures you killed. You can harvest meat, hide or bones. Not all three though. Only one of them. I usually get loads of hide first and then I take bones. Because the scout is able to make camp sites where people can rest and heal. And that gives you crafting experience.
To build other stuff you donít need bones and hides. You need minerals and metals. So to all who will start out. Choose the Artesian first then the scout. Because as an artesian you get the mineral survey tool. As scout you only get the generic crafting tool. With the mineral survey tool you can get all metals and minerals. They are I think the most important of all recourses. When you survey for recourses and harvest them from the ground, you get recourse experience points. Once you have a enough you can climb in the recourse section of the artesian skill tree. With each step you can get better results and a wider range of scanning. I mastered Surveying 4 last night. Surveying goes real fast when your away from your computer. I always start gathering recourses when I go away for a few minutes. When I get back my inventory is filled with a substance I was surveying for and my char has a lot of survey experience points.

Once you climb up the ladder of engineering, you will be able to build more things. At engineering 3 you will have the ability to build deeds. Deeds are buildings. You can build 3 buildings then.
- A deed for a personal mineral extractor.
- A deed for a personal Flora farm
- A deed for a wind energy extractor
When you have enough recourses, donít build a flora or a mineral extractor first. Always build a wind energy extractor first. Because the other factories donít work if they donít have power. Fortunate for me I had enough to build both of them.
But they cost a lot of money per day to keep maintained. I build one on Wednesday and came back to it on the Sunday after it and it had so much damage, it would take me over 10000 credits to repair it again. So I took the recourses it harvested and destroyed it.
And structures donít give you crafting experience. They give you building experience.
Every player has the power to own 8 structures. You can sell your deed to other people. But that has to be done BEFORE you place it. Through the radial menu you can give other people access to the structure and manage the building.

This is a very detailed explanation of 2 professions I went for. For most of the other professions it gives you a clue what to do. Ill try and explain the 4 starting professions I tried during Beta. But most of it is already told on architect and Smuggler.
I wont explain artesian because I think I explained that enough in the Architect thing.

In this profession you can master all ranged weapons.
- Pistol
- Carbine
- Rifle
And you have a section for each of these weapons. And all three weapons give you different experience points. The fourth section of marksman is ranged weapons skills.
You can get those by earning Combat experience points. You get combat experience points by fighting in any combat profession. Unarmed, ranged weapons, knifes, sticks, whatever weapon. But you donít get them very quickly, it takes a great deal of time to get Combat experience points. I was always getting pistol experience points but when I got like 25 pistol experience points I only got like 1 combat experience point. So donít expect to go fast there.

Its basically the same as marksman, only I believe there Is no such thing for the like NO RANGED combat skills. So all 4 sections of brawler is a different weapon.
You get experience points with just fighting something.

The scout has some unique abilities I like. Being able to harvest from creatures and being able to build camp sites. Harvesting from creatures is very important for the artisans. They will be able to make more stuff if they have bone and hide.
The ability to make camp sites is really useful on group hunts. Because after you defeated a great enemy and some of you are badly wounded, the scout can make camp and heal your wounds. Wounds are not the ones that come back after a while. You can check your real wounds when you press CTRL + C you can see your wounds. There you will see that you get a lot of real wounds in game then just the ones that regenerate. In a scout camp you can get healed back. When you first enter the camp you will be healed with 10 on all wounds, but it will take a lot of time before it goes 10 down again. So just have patience or move on and build another camp.
The scout that started the camp will get a lot of experience points once the camp is disbanded. While in camp, medics and entertainers are able to heal people in the camp.

thats it

-Wraith 8-

06-26-2003, 06:00 PM
Thanks for that wraith, i will print it tonight or tommorow morning. :)