View Full Version : 8 million US Citizens may lose OT pay

06-26-2003, 05:17 PM
Bushes appointees in the Labor dept are proposing new criteria for paying overtime. If Bush gets his way more than 8 million workers in the United States will be ineligible for overtime pay.

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a Washington think tank, examined a March proposal by the Labor Department to change the criteria for paying overtime and found that it would cost 2.5 million salaried employees and 5.5 million hourly employees their right to overtime pay.

The proposal could also cause them to work longer hours, in order to maintain their status quo.
Once employers are not required to pay for overtime work, they will schedule more of it. (no proof, just my opinion)

MMMMMMMMM sound like warmed over Reagan Voodoo economics all over again!