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06-27-2003, 10:01 PM
I'm going to make this short and sweet I don't feel like writing an essay on a reason. This thread will build on people's comments about the subject.

Does anyone feel that it would be fair that if you have a registered EQ account that you should be able to play SWG without paying another 14.95 a month? The moneys going towards SoE's development for the game anyways. A discount would be nice but hell i dont want to pay $30 a month just to play 2 games. I'd like to play SWG, but i dont want to give up my 4 years of development on EQ to pay for SWG just because I'm poor.

A few solutions:

Verant/SoE subscribers pay an extra 3-4 dollars a month on their bill to play an extra game of their choice.

Make 14.95 a month a monthly payment for ALL verant/soe games. (Kind of like buying a account for Verant/SoE instead of just EQ or SWG)

Luey Fubar
06-27-2003, 10:10 PM
That would be a nice idea, but remmember, MMORPGs take time to make... a lot of time. And lets not forget the money it costs too. And ys Jackrabbit we've had a topic simaler to this before. ^_^

In my opinion it's perfectly reasonable to charge full for two MMORPG's.