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Lost Welshman
07-01-2003, 06:50 PM
"Interview a Vampire" They said, "It'll be fun" they said......

And It Sure as hell was. I headed out to prague in search of a vampire worthy of interview, sadly I couldn't find one. I had to settle for this strange fellow who calls himself 'Harry'. I knew from the chilling name that he wasn't as useless as I first thought

Lost: So..Harry, you're...a vampire then


Harry: Well, Yeth I am. It'th quite an interethting line of work actually.

Lost: You're a vampire with a lisp!? Now I've seen it all.

Understatement of the Century, I've seen alot of weird crap in my time

Harry: It'th not my fault, it'th thethe blathted teeth. I like to think I manage pretty well thometimeth

Lost: Can I just mention the fact that there is, well, the sun behind you... Doesn't it mean you're gonna go all flamy and die?


Harry: No not really, it'th jutht there for dramatic effect, it'th not real. I'm not ath thtuid ath I theem.

Lost: Sure you're not... So do you have any powers?


Harry: Well, yeth, but they aren't ath imprethive ath you might expect. Well, not for me anyway.

Lost: Can you give everyone a demonstration of a few powers?

Harry: Of Courthe

I wasn't expecting much, but I was in for a surprise


Harry: I like to call that one the thadow, becauthe of all the thadowness

Lost: Whats a thadow?

Harry: You know, Thadow, ath in no light, like a patch of darkneth.

Lost: I really have no Idea what you're on about. Carry on with the powerth..err.. I mean powers


Harry: Thith one ith jutht for thhow, I like to thpook my victim'th

That's when the surprise hit me, this was the most useless vampire I'd seen in months

Lost: NEXT!


Lost: CRAP!

Litterally, the camera man had to change clothes. The terrifying image he witnessed as he took the photo didn't apear in the final outcome, but it still looked cool enough for the interview

Lost: Ok that was pretty cool. Any more?

Harry: None that won't get my adrenaline pumping enough to want to kill you.

Lost: YOUR Adrenalin? Pumping?

Harry: Ok, I get excited ok?

Lost: That's all I have time for today sorry. I'll be back tomorrow to talk about life as a, err, being a vampire.


Harry: Good day to you thir.

I left the room leaving the vampire licking his lips, his eyes turned red before he did so. I closed the door leaving the camera man to pack up, and get to know Harry a bit better for tomorrow.

Sam Fisher
07-01-2003, 07:30 PM
Next installment, please!

07-01-2003, 08:21 PM

07-01-2003, 08:38 PM
How could you leave the poor man in there?
He was the best fictional camera man ever...:(

Thats great man. Nice touch with the lisp too.:thumbsup: