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Lord Glorfindel
07-01-2003, 10:01 PM
A young Jedi Knight, named Jinru Tak, was just assigned his first assignment since becoming a Jedi Knight, his assignment was a simple task, so the jedi thought, he was to go and meet with a powerful politician of Taris, and bring him back to Dantooine, who would then meet with the Jedi and try to convince them to setup a permanent Jedi watch over Taris. The politician, named Sedra Niro, believed that Taris is a prominent planet that needs the best protection. Though most of the Jedi think that the incredibly rude and egoistic Sedra is just wanting the protection of the Jedi just to make him look even better than he already is, though the Jedi know they are going to turn his offer down, because they're is no immediate threat to Taris as of the moment, but the Jedi nevertheless decide to hear is plan.

As Jinru stepped out of the passanger ship, onto the private spaceport of the politician Sedra, he whispered to himself "How I hate public travel". He walked a few steps towards the three story temple like building which was the house of Sedra, as he walked he felt a cold chill, not from the wind, but that he sensed something wrong with the building he was about to enter, something akward, something utmostly strange, he did not know what to think, but decided to walk into the building to meet Sedra...

07-01-2003, 10:39 PM
Mobas Rekken looked down the hallway, sighting down the barrels of both his pistols. The target was down this hallway, into one of the doors, he was certain.
Sedra Niro had been a bit too loud in asking for a permanent hold of Jedi on Taris. The last thing any of the cartels wanted to come here were a bunch of do-gooder Jedi interfering.

Thus, the need for the quick and exemplary death of Niro. Which was where Mobas, being a bounty hunter, came in.

Except things had not gone as planned. The slippery Niro had managed to escape his initial attack, and had fled down one of the passageways throughout the structure in which he lived.

Mobas had killed a couple guards, and all that was left was to find Niro and kill him. Which should not take long, not long at all...

Lord Glorfindel
07-02-2003, 04:24 PM
...Jinru stepped into the entrance hall, he looked down the long and wide hallway, which had door throughout its walls, and had luxurious furniture all through out it. But as Jinru was scanning the room for anybody, he saw a blast mark on the wall! He quickly walked over to it and touched it, it was still warm. Jinru held back his cloak ready to attack at any moment, he looked around the entrance hall again but couldn't see anything, he walked to the nearest hallway, and looked down the curved hallway, and there at the middle of the hallway there lying on the ground a dead guard still clenching to his gun, Jinru quickly ran up to him, and knelt down and see if he still had a pulse, it was no use he was dead, Jinru quickly flew back cloak, and pulled out his blue lightsaber, he activated the saber and ran down the curved hallway. As went around a corner of the hallway there were two more guards lying dead on the floor. He looked down the hallway and saw something moving down the hall and quickly ran after the movement...

07-02-2003, 05:23 PM
With his nerves and adrenaline working overtime, and the near graveyard-like stillness of the house, Mobas had heard a distinctive snap-hiss a few moments before the Jedi came hurtling down the hallway behind him.

Mobas had heard of how to fight a Jedi- there were certain bounty hunters that had done it many times, but Mobas had always decided not to tangle with them. But he remembered all he'd ever heard, because when the galaxy was littered with them, it payed to be able to do something.

Keeping his mind deliberately blank, (for it was rumored a Jedi could read your thoughts at any time he or she wanted to) he dropped the left-hand gun, grabbed three grenades, and dropped one. He moved forward, breaking into a run, and tossed the other one lightly over his shoulder. Then he shouldered through the door beside him, tossing the third just beside the opposite wall and back a foot or so.

The first grenade had been a smoke grenade, to disguise what and where the second and third grenades were. The other two went off in sequence, first a stun grenade that threw out a widespread stun shot, like some blasters had. Then the flash-bang grenade went off, designed to blind and stun the Jedi, if the first hadn't done the trick.

Standing around a corner in the room he'd broken into, with his eyes shut, Mobas began to think about how to get out of the building- fast.

Lord Glorfindel
07-02-2003, 07:43 PM
As soon as Jinru saw the grenades, he jumped back trying to get out of the radius of the grenades, but it was too late the grenades had exploded sending him back against the wall, and sending his lightsaber farther down the hallway. The flash grenade made his eyes hurt like nothing the Jedi has ever felt, but he was far away enough to not get the full effect the grenade, even though everything around him looks incredibly dark. Jinru slowly got up and force pulled his lightsaber into his hand and activated it. He now knew that he is fighting a bounty hunter or an assassin, who must have been sent to kill or capture Niro. Jinru looked at the room the person had thrown the grenades out of. And sensed the person in the other room near the wall with the door on it. Jinru took a deep breath, and charged straight into the door and looked around the room fast, but the room was darker then the hallway, and he could barely make out dark shapes in the shadows, but he sensed the person against the wall and pulled him with the force...

07-02-2003, 11:20 PM
Only to have the wall to his left unexpectedly explode in a shower of sparks, pieces of ferrocrete, and a concussive blast that lifted most of the furniture in the room up an inch for a moment.

With both Jedi and bounty hunter stunned from the blast, it was a race to see which one would be able to get up first.

It looked as though Mobas might win the race, as he'd been somewhat prepared for the blast. He staggered to his feet, with blood running from a scalp wound, probably caused by some of the debris. He dropped his last grenade at his feet, and moved for the now-smoking gap in the wall, his gateway to escape.

It was time to clear the blast radius of that particularly powerful grenade, one which he'd sworn he'd use only in the most dire of circumstances...

Lord Glorfindel
07-03-2003, 04:36 AM
Jinru was still staggaring to get onto his feet, his cloak was completely torn, and he had a bloody bruise on his arm caused by shrapnel from the explosion, but then the grenade bounced on the ground, with an instant he looked around for a place of escape, he saw the concussion blast made a hole through a wall whiich led out to the center courtyard of the house, Jinru with haste, force pushed the grenade away from him and jumped through the hole and ran as fast as he could away from the blast, but when he looked around the courtyard, while running away, he saw that Niro and his remaining guard were heading towards his private spaceport. But also the bounty hunter who just planted the grenade was running away as well, it was now a race to see who would get to Niro first. But just then the blast hit, sending him face down on the ground...

07-03-2003, 10:37 AM
Despite his lead, Mobas staggered from the blast of his grenade and his run faltered. He pulled out his remaining blaster and sent a hail of fire at Niro while moving into his run again. He saw the guard crumple and fall, but couldn't tell whether he'd hit Niro or not.

He ran for the private spaceport, and found several ships. He palmed a security spike, (one of the best, or so he was assured by the Twi'lek he'd bought it from.) and used it to gain access to the small atmospheric racer.

A moment later, he was flipping switches and starting the two powerful engines...

Lord Glorfindel
07-03-2003, 03:08 PM
Jinru staggared up upon his feet, and thought to himself "Four grenades in one day, and not one swipe at the person". Jinru looked at bounty hunter go into the ship, but decided to see if Niro was alive or not. He walked up to the heap of blasted guards, and looked at the bottom of the pile to see Niro struggling to get up, Jinru helped him up with his hand

"Well I hope your proud of what you've done to my beautiful house." Niro said scornfully at Jinru

"Sir, this is not my fault, an assassin came hear to kill you, and he is the one who did this damage to your house" Said Jinru

"Well, if you were a trained enough Jedi you would have stopped it, but considering you are a mere weak Jedi you couldn't have, you very supid Jedi" Said Niro

Jinru was going to reinforce arguement with the rude Niro, but then he felt the cold chill again, and there across the courtyard came two tall men with black cloaks on, approaching them.

"Its about time you two came, at least I get some real protection now" Said Niro

Jinru felt something very wrong about these two men, because they did not dress anything like the other guards, and they did not carry blasters in their hands.

"May I suggest, sir" said Jinru to Niro "That we make to Dantooine immediatly, sir"

"You really think so? my stupid Jedi friend" said Niro mocking Jinru "Of course we are going to Dantooine immediatly, lead the way Hin'on" waving to one of his guard "Now do you see, Jedi, a threat to Taris?"

"I see more of a threat to you, sir, then to Taris." Said Jinru while following Niro's guard

"A threat to me, is A threat to Taris" Said Niro as he watched the assassin take off into the air, and walking towards his private cruiser...

07-03-2003, 03:55 PM
Quietly ordered one of his bodyguards to track the assassin. The same bodyguard nodded and spoke into a wrist com quietly. The hunt was on.


Mobas quickly parked the vehicle in an old, undercity landing pad. He planted the last of his explosives in it, and left then left it, heading into the slummy undercity. He quickly stole the clothes off of a street bum and lost all his weapons into various hiding places. Then he sat up against a building wearing the tattered clothing of the street bum, calling for help from passing people. He was ignored by all, and became part of the background.

He was, however, calculating how much his price was going to go up because of this. Oh, sure, the loss of the weapons was not terrible, he had money, and he had weapons in stashes across the city.

But his price had just gone up considerably. The crime lords were not going to be pleased.

Lord Glorfindel
07-03-2003, 11:33 PM
Jinru was a few meters ahead of Niro and his guard, because Jinru greatly disliked Niro, but as he was near Niro's cruiser, a thought came to mind and he yelled at Niro to stop walking and stand still.

"Why should I stand still? Just because you want me too, so you can run away without me?" Said Niro still walking towards his ship

But Jinru quickly bent down and looked under the walkway, which led into the spaceship, and Jinru's guess was correct, it was a motion senser bomb, commonly used to assassinate a person or person's of power, he then noticed that he was the nearest person to the ship at that the next move the bomb would explode. He then turned to Niro, and decided talking to him would only make Niro come closer to the bomb, but Niro was still far away enough to not be hurt by the blast, so Jinru turned his body, but still have his feet firmly to the ground, and jumped up three meters in the air, and then the entire ship exploded, sending the already airborne Jinru farther away from the ship, and Niro was caught by his bodyguards before he could fall to the ground, but Jinru, when meeting the ground, rolled to avoid getting hurt, and he quickly got up and ran to Niro to see if he was okay.

"You stupid Jedi, if you told me there was a bomb, I wouldn't have been hurt." Said Niro scorning him

Jinru was utmostly annoyed by Niro calling him "A stupid Jedi" and doubting everything he says, but nevertheless his assignment was to bring him to Dantooine as safely as possible

"Well there goes the only ship that can only go into hyperspace, all thanks to you stupid Jedi intelligence" Said Niro "We must go to the city and go my private office to find us another hyperspace capable vehicle. O thats right the bounty hunter took my newest atmospheric ship, aren't you proud of yourself, you... whatever your stupid Jedi name is."

"Jinru, sir, Jinru Tak, that is my name." Said Jinru trying not to be rude

But Niro didn't hear him he and his bodyguards were walking to an older ship of his, so Jinru quickly caught up with them and got into the ship, while Hin'on piloted the very fast ship off of the spaceport and in an instant at the office of Niro, Jinru was under the impression that Niro's office was in the inner quarters of Taris, but his office was on the only nice looking building left in the undercities of Taris, something felt very odd about walking unto sidewalk of the Undercity of Taris, Jinru thought to himself why such a man of power have such a badly located office, Jinru kept an eye out, all of this seemed a bit strange...

07-04-2003, 12:54 AM
Security were fools, and had bypassed Mobas completely. Mobas had gotten back to his safe-house, had changed clothes and re-armed himself. Then he dialed up the number he'd once memorized.

He dialed it into the holocom, and waited a few minutes as the call was routed through probably every relay and back again, through various measures designed to make the call absolutely untraceable to either location.

Finally, a full-size image of a Rodian's glaring head popped into view. It queried him and he responded, asking for its boss. A moment later, the holo revealed a smiling man. The smile was very unnerving.

"Mobas," he said, smiling. "I note with some dismay that Niro is still alive. Are you slipping?" Mobas sweated at the utterly calm voice's inflections.

"Nossir." he said. The man's smile faded.

"Then I suggest you kill him, quickly." the man ordered.

"There's a complication." replied Mobas. "I almost had him. But a Jedi showed up." Mobas had the single amazing memory of seeing the man at the other end shocked. "It's going to be three times more." added Mobas, and the man looked at him. And then smiled.

"Do it." he said. "Get him. Call whoever you need to." With that, the holo was gone. Mobas sighed, and began dialing another number...

Lord Glorfindel
07-04-2003, 01:18 AM
Jinru noticed his eyesight were much improving, when he walked into the office of Sedra Niro, because he could now clearly look at Niro's face. He always had a frown on his face, unless of course when he scorns you, he had very dark brown eyes, he was shorter then most humans, but his rudeness overlapped his shortness, making him quite an intimidating figure.

Niro sat down behind his large desk, and was dialing someone on his holodeck, when he looked at Jinru.

"You know how pitiful you look" Said Niro "You look like a beggar fresh from the streets, you are a very stupid Jedi, I wish the Jedi sent me someone who had at least one assignment under his belt."

Jinru looked down upon himself, and noticed how pitiful he looked, his entire cloak was a mear rag, his clothes were stained with blood from tons of minor cuts, his arm had a small shrapnel wound caused from the concussin blast. Jinru was about to respond to Niro, but then he remember what Niro just said, Jinru thought to himself "How did he know this was my first mission?"

"Niro, sir, how did you know this was my first mission?" Said Jinru with a raised eyebrow

"I... it... becau... it was a guess cause of your inexperience which is so obvious." Said Niro quickly dialing a number in his Holodeck to avoid further questioning. Jinru has stumbled him, Jinru now knew that Niro had a source, because Niro always answered you in the fastest manner possible. A face of a Gran showed up on the holodeck, and Niro asked for the Gran to send over a hyperspace capable craft that with luxurious accomidities and that the government of Taris will pickup up the price of the rental. The Gran then looked down to a computer console and told Niro that his should would be there within the hour, and Niro nodded to him and shut down the holodeck, Niro then shouted at Jinru "Go NOW to the local tailor shop and get yourselves some clothes, you pitiful looking Jedi, my two bodyguards will guard me" said Niro who then nodded to the guards, who then took Jinru outside into the street...

07-04-2003, 01:50 AM
The door to Ahbella Merian's apartment slid open, and Mobas looked in at her. She was certainly a sight for sore eyes, which was all Mobas had after dealing with the man who had hired him.

"Ready?" he asked. She nodded. Ahbella might not be the best with weapons, but she was one of the best at getting through security, and faking passes. Mobas had brought her in on this because she was one of the very few people in the underground that he had come to trust.

Besides, she was going to be useful. "I got the information," she said, handing him a datapad with the information, as well as a tag that identified him as 'Moras Acthiolon, Cook'. She smiled widely, knowing full well from previous experience his culinary prowess.

"What about you?" he asked, as she closed the door and they set down the hall.

"I'm going to be a waitperson." she said, checking her chrono. "We'd better hurry." They reached his speeder and started it off at a near-insane rate of speed...

Lord Glorfindel
07-04-2003, 02:23 AM
After being "escorted" out of the office of Niro, Jinru was standing on a sidewalk in the nicer side of the slums of Taris. His mind was filled with questions, who told Niro this was my first assignment, and if Niro was so honest why didn't he tell me he was the friend of a jedi or something. Jinru noticed a small tailor shop, that was a few buildings down, and was still within eye distance of the office of Niro. Jinru stepped into the tailor shop. Though in the slums, it didn't have a slum-like feel to it, it was a pretty comfortable looking place, he looked around for a cloak of any type, he saw one in the corner and picked it up, he searched his pocket to see if he had any credits, and he had 30 credits which was enough to get the cloak, he walked up to the zabrakian tailor, who was sitting behind his desk, and bought the cloak from the tailor, Jinru thanked the tailor and walked outside the shop and put the cloak on, and while all this time always keeping an eye on Niro's office. Jinru suddenly felt like someone was watching him he looked around but he couldn't see anybody, the feeling became stronger like someone was watching him with a hateful eye...

07-04-2003, 01:03 PM
Mobas and Ahbella pulled up to the luxury cruise-ship, and got out of the speeder. The speeder was left in an employee's parking space, and they walked calmly to the ship.

At the ship, a security man stopped them. "ID." he said, and Mobas pulled out the ID that Ahbella had faked. The man took them and ran them through a scanning device. They checked out, and he let them in.

"New hires?" he asked. Mobas and Ahbella nodded. "You got a bad job then. Usually politicians are a real pain." He motioned them aboard, and made a cursory inspection of their luggage. Mobas, of course, was an expert at sneaking weapons past security, and he found nothing.

They were on board, then, and Mobas leaned close to Ahbella. "Good job." he said quietly, and then they moved for their bunks.

Lord Glorfindel
07-05-2003, 05:08 PM
...Jinru looked at the office of Sedra Niro, and their in front of it was one of Niro's bodyguards, who was staring at him, Jinru quickly walked over to him.

"Niro wishes to speak to you." Said the bodyguard with a point the door. Jinru walked into the office to see that Niro was still behind is desk and that Hin'on was still in the corner.

"Take a seat my Jedi friend." said Niro, Jinru sat down in the chair right in front of Niro's desk "The ship should be here in a few minutes, and before we leave I just wanted to tell you something." Niro pulled open a drawer in his desk, but didn't take anything out of it, but just left if out "You are a very inquisitive Jedi, Jinru, sometimes to inquisitive." Niro leaning back in his chair, looking at the ceiling "You already are suspicious of me, you are thinking how I know this was your first assignment, well to tell you the truth, it was guess. But that won't convince you, you are a Jedi and you sense something wrong in me." Just then a sound of a landing ship came from the roof of the building, Niro looked up and stood up, and Jinru got up as well "Well you Jedi instincts are serving you right, because there is something wrong with me. Because when that ships reaches Dantooine, the Jedi will be crippled, and then the remaining Jedi would be hunted down and slaughtered by the more powerful Jedi, the Sith." Niro picked up something in the drawer and brought it out, it was an all silver blaster "Goodbye, so sorry you couldn't come along." Jinru looked at both of the bodyguards and notice they both had unactivated Lightsabers in their hands ready to strike at any moment. Jinru with speed, pulled out his lightsaber and deflected the blast from Niro's blaster, but the two Sith were now lunging at him with their lightsabers, Jinru rolled under one of them and ran to the elevator "GET HIM!" Yelled Niro, Jinru pressed the elevator switch and the elevator went quickly up to the roof of the building...

07-05-2003, 08:11 PM
It was typical for a luxury liner like this one to have its Captain waiting to greet important guests. And seeing as how the liner was carrying only one guest and it was Sedra Niro, the captain was waiting patiently when a Jedi jumped out of the lift, and he arched his eyebrow. He had heard there'd been an explosion on the politician's private launch pad, that was why they had been called for. So when the Jedi leaped out, he was naturally somewhat cautious.

"What's going on?" asked a pretty, but empty-headed waitress who had obviously snuck down in time she should have been puttting towards... well, towards something else.

"Get back to your station." he ordered. "Things are still under control." When a moment later, a second lift some 20 meters from the Jedi's lift sprung open, and a pair of Sith jumped out, his words were going to be put to a test.

Lord Glorfindel
07-05-2003, 11:10 PM
Jinru was running as fast as he can, Jinru was a dozen or so meters away from the sith, he was now a few meters away from the ramp of the ship.

"Get this ship in the air, NOW!" Yelled Jinru to the captain, but Jinru didn't wait for the captain to respond, he grabbed him and the waitress by the arms and ran them up the ramp of the ship and Jinru turned around and closed the ramp, right in front of the sith.

"Get this ship out of here." Said Jinru while catching his breath

"My orders were to pick Sedra Niro..." Said the Captain but was cut off, by the sound of one of the siths lightsabers cutting through the door. The captain looked at Jinru, and then ran to the piloting controls and after pressing a few knobs and switches, got the ship running, but the sith had made a complete circle in the door with his lightsaber, and was going to push the newly made door out at any second, Jinru activated his lightsaber, waiting for the sith to blow open the door...

07-06-2003, 01:04 AM
Ahbella, who had been playing the part of a pretty but stupid waitress, ran to Mobas. "There's Sith trying to follow your Jedi on board." she told him. "My guess is, Niro's dead, and your watch-dog Jedi failed."

Mobas considered. "No need to stay aboard, then." he said. They got out into the corridor with their carry-ons and moved for the escape pods. But on the way, Mobas felt the tell-tale pop and heard the clang of metal on metal that indicated that an alernate entrance had been made.

With a curiosity that could not be repressed, he told Ahbella to prime the pod while he checked for the extra entrance. A moment later, he looked around a corner to see a man with a ruby-red lightsaber standing in the corridor. The man looked at Mobas piercingly.

"Hey," said Mobas, shrugging. "I've got no problems with you. I'm no Jedi, and I don't want to get involved."

The man shrugged back. "I'm sorry," he said, seeming to be genuinely so. Mobas felt his throat constrict and tighten so he could not breathe. The man continued: "But you might go blabbing to our Jedi friend." As spots began appearing in his sight he realized he'd made a big mistake, and that this man was going to sneak up on the Jedi from behind, and very shortly the galaxy was going to be short one Mobas Rekken...

Lord Glorfindel
07-06-2003, 01:29 AM
Jinru stood waiting for the sith to push the door and attack at any moment, but while waiting he heard a sound of a lightsaber activating, he suddenly realized that the two sith have made two entrances to the ship, Jinru knowing that there was at least one sith on board quickly ran down the corridor, to see that the bounty hunter that tried to kill him earlier was now being choked by Hin'on, Jinru ran forward and pushed Hin'on with the force, which sent him flying back to the wall, and releasing the bounty hunter from Hin'on's choke. Hin'on quickly got back up, Jinru stepped in front of the bounty hunter who was lying on the ground trying to regain breath, and Jinru pointed his blue lightsaber at Hin'on.

"I would suggest getting out of here my bounty hunter friend." Said Jinru still staring at Hin'on "This is none of your business now." As Jinru said that the sound of the second sith breaking through the door was heard...

07-06-2003, 11:47 AM
Mobas nodded and left the area, but kept moving towards the area he'd heard the other Sith come from. That Jedi was still new, he'd wager, just from the way he'd been kept off Mobas earlier that day. Even an experienced Jedi should have problems, if not downright lose, with two Sith against him. Besides, Mobas had a problem with men who choked him just because he was standing there. Usually, Mobas tried not to kill anyone but his target, and occassionally his guards, but these Sith were messy.

So when he heard the low hum of a lightsaber around the corner, he shrugged and threw three grenades, just like earlier that day. A smoke grenade, disguising the presence of a stun and a flash-bang grenade. They bounced off the corner of the hallway junction, and then he heard the explosions. In the close-in hallways, there was little chance the Sith had been able to get away quickly.

A moment later, he had two pistols out in front of him and he poked around the corner. The Sith was down for a moment. Apparently the stun grenade had not worked on him, but he had dropped his saber and was holding his hands to his eyes. Evidently he'd gotten a good blast of the flash-bang. Mobas couldn't really hear what he was screaming, because his own hearing was temporarily out, too, but he didn't need to. He pulled the trigger twice, and the Sith fell over, a large hole in his chest.

One Sith down. Now they'd know not to try choking him. Besides, he owed the Jedi, whose first thought had been to save him, despite the fact that it had been a man that had been trying to kill him earlier that day.

Lord Glorfindel
07-06-2003, 06:07 PM
Jinru and Hin'on stared at each other, each pointing there lightsabers at one another. Jinru was an adequate Saber fighter, but Hin'on was more then adequeate, but what Jinru lacked in the saber he made up for it in the in the use of the Force. Hin'on raised his left hand and lightning emitted from it. Jinru absorbed the lightning with his lightsaber, Hin'on suddenly lept at Jinru, Jinru dodged out of the way and swung his lightsaber down upon Hin'on but Hin'on turned around and deflected the swipe, Hin'on and Jinru were now in full saber combat, Jinru jumped over the low swing of Hin'on and swung at him at his head, but Hin'on rolled under the swing, the were now a few feet a part, Hin'on lept again but Jinru pushed Hin'on while he was still in the air, and through him back against the wall sending Hin'on's lightsaber a few feet away from him, Jinru stood over Hin'on and pointed his lightsaber at his face, and just then he heard a sound of three grenades exploding and some blaster shots, Jinru now knew that he wasn't going to fight two sith in one day...

07-06-2003, 06:35 PM
Mobas ran to the escape pod and pulled Ahbella out. "Change of plans." he said, abruptly. "Get to your quarters and leave our stuff there, and then meet me at the bridge." He moved for the bridge and found the Captain looking very panicky.

"What's going on?!" demanded the Captain of Mobas, who seemed to know what he was doing.

"There are Sith on board. They have cut several ways into the ship. We're not making upper atmosphere, and certainly not to space." Mobas said. The man looked at him, wide-eyed. He'd obviously not had to deal with this sort of thing before. "I suggest you bring the ship down to a landing dock, soon." said Mobas. The man nodded dumbly, then turned and started issuing orders automatically.

Ahbella showed up. "What's going on?" she asked.

Mobas looked at her. "Is that all anyone can ask me?" he said. "We're landing the ship. Then we're getting off, and rather quickly. I didn't want to chance the escape pod- no controls as to where we'd land." he looked at the security cams. "I wonder how the Jedi is doing..." he trailed off.

Lord Glorfindel
07-08-2003, 04:17 AM
Jinru looked down upon the fallen sith, with his lightsaber firmly pointing at the sith.

"Now tell me what does Niro want to do with the Jedi? considering he his obviosly working for the sith." Said Jinru but Hin'on didn't answer "Why does Niro want to go to Dantooine where the entire planet is poplutaed with Jedi? He would surely be sensed by the Council." but Hin'on still did not talk "Tell me or else I will go to Niro myself and hand him over to the Jedi or the authorities." Hin'on and a wicked smile on his face and looked up at Jinru "What made you think that you can just walk into the office of Niro and not be seen, do you realize that while were up here Niro is now contacting every law enforcement agency and criminal organization and putting a bounty on you head alongside with you bounty hunter friend, and by the time you reach the landing pad on top of Niro's office, there will surely be more sith waiting for you, but you could try going to another place on Taris, and be shot down by Taris' defensive systems." Hin'on laughed a cruel laugh, Jinru had never realized that and was now trying to figure out a way out of this place "And I am sure" continued Hin'on "Niro probably even contacted the Jedi by now." Jinru looked down upon Hin'on "That wouldn't be a smart thing to do because the Jedi would see through his lies, and besides what will he tell them?" Hin'on smile a wide and cruel smile "Who would they believe a new young Jedi who just got his knightship or a Politician who so many Tarisian People trust? Tell me." Jinru looked down, he had a troubled face, but Hin'on finding Jinru's weakness force pulled his lightsaber and swiped downward upon Jinru, but Jinru, seeing the red blade coming down upon him, stabbed Hin'on right in the belly. Hin'on was standing at the face of Jinru with Jinru's lightsaber in his stomach "May you die without honor." and Hin'on breathed his last breath, Jinru deactivated his lightsaber and watched the Sith fall with a thud, but Jinru quickly ran down the corridor and into the cockpit with the bounty hunter...

07-08-2003, 11:28 AM
"Bad news." said Mobas, after Jinru had entered. "We've got fighters inbound." He pointed to a sensor display that showed three small blinking dots that were headed for the cruise liner. "They've been telling us not to allow any escape pod launches, and have given us a very strict flying path."

Ahbella looked at the sensor display again. "There's two boarding transports," she said, pointing out the two dots that were moving somewhat sluggishly for them. "We can't make space, obviously, so we're kind of stuck."

Mobas thought for a moment. "I've also been paying attention to a holo-cast." he whispered as an aside to Jinru. "They interrupted previous breaking-news to bring us the fact that a Jedi had attempted to kill Sedra Niro, and had taken a number of people as hostages." he gestured at the bridge crew. "I was listed as a conspirator. Niro made a statement saying that he understood that occasionally Jedi break and go crazy. He assured the populace that this was a once-in-a-lifetime fluke, and that he still wished to talk further with the Jedi. He says he bears them no ill will because of one young hothead trying to become a hero."

Mobas looked at Jinru, and Ahbella leaned in, too. "What's going on?"

Lord Glorfindel
07-09-2003, 04:50 AM
Jinru looked at Mobas then at Ahbella and then sat down on a chair in the cockpit "My mission was to meet Sedra Niro and escort him back to Dantooine so the Jedi can hear Sedra's plea. But when I met Niro I sensed something wrong inside the man, but I never fully gave it thought until I asked him a question that I knew he made up an answer for, and then later he told me that the ship we are in, when it reaches Dantooine that the entire Jedi Order will be crippled and then be slaughtered by the sith, and then he tried to kill me after he told me that, and then I went up the elevator and came here." Jinru was now staring at the radar and another com message from the Tarisan fighters demanding our stand down "And the worse news is, we may have to fight both sith, and Jedi. And not to mention every criminal and law organization wanting our bounty." Jinru now looking Mobas straight in the eyes "So my bounty hunter friend I am not a very good pilot and don't know anything about Taris, but I do think I can get the fighters off our tail, will that be enough of help to get us down to the surface and hide in the city?" Said Jinru looking at Mobas

07-09-2003, 11:14 AM
"If you can get rid of the fighters, I can have us set down fast, and we can get away and out of the area before they start locking down portions of the city." Mobas thought for a moment. "We'll need some diguises, and we need a way off-planet." he frowned thoughtfully. "They don't seem to have found out about Ahbella," at this moment he indicated her as way of introduction. "So we could take her ship. Because mine will have already have been impounded, I think. We can either do that, or we can find places to hide in the undercity." he thought some more. "Is Dantooine out of the question? Will the Jedi not believe you when you go them in person?"

Lord Glorfindel
07-10-2003, 04:30 AM
"If I can talk to the Jedi through a secure Holo channel I think I can get them to believe that I haven't turned bad and the Jedi may send help, and I think we should stop Niro before he leaves Taris and before he attempts to destroy the Jedi Academy." Jinru had an assumption at what Niro was planning but he wasn't 100 percent sure, Jinru looked at the radar of the ship and saw the two Tarisian Fighters and then looked at Mobas "Do you need the fighters of your tail?"

07-10-2003, 11:49 AM
"I suppose not." said Mobas. "All they could do would be to bring the ship down, and we're already planning to do that." he paused. "I'm just planning for a slightly more controlled descent than they'd want."

"We'll just have to move fast," he said, and took the helm. The liner began to sink, almost began to fall, as the messages from the fighters increased. Soon, despite a couple of shots from the fighters, they landed across a platform. Mobas looked to Jinru and they got out. Ahbella stayed behind, because in the broadcasts, they hadn't talked at all about her.

The two men ran from the ship, grabbed a personal speeder, took a moment to get it started, (For Mobas was by this time an expert at stealing vehicles.) And they zoomed away. The fighters tried following, but Mobas knew the city like the back of his hand, knew some spots that were too small for the fighters, he'd shake them. Then they'd need another getaway vehicle.

Lord Glorfindel
07-12-2003, 01:09 AM
Jinru looked up between the tall buildings and saw two fighters scrambling above trying to keep up and not to lose sight with speeder. Jinru was amazed at how good Mobas was at handling a speeder especially through cramped alley ways and run down streets. Jinru looked down the alleyway to see that they were Tarisian Police fully armed and aiming their blaster directly at them, Jinru waited to see what Mobas was about to do...

07-12-2003, 01:54 AM
Mobas threw the air-brake control, and pulled back on the controls. Then he pulled to the left, into a small alley, even smaller than the one they'd been in. He barely made it in.

A futile flurry of shots from the police later, they were flying down the alley. He could tell the Police were behind him. This alley was not wide, nor was it tall. It was a quick access area from the alley they'd formerly been in to...

They spilled out onto a crowded thoroughfare, cutting suicidely in and out of traffic, moving up down, sliding left and right, but moving perpendicular to traffic, and straight on into another alley, this one much like the one they'd been in when the Police had shown up.

He went left around a civilian, then cut right at a fork. A moment later, he chose to move further down when another fork gave him that option. At the speeds he was going, it would be suicidal for the Police to try to catch up. But they tried anyway. Several of their speeders hadn't made it across the thoroughfare, and even fewer made it through the new alley with all its twists and turns. Some hesitated when presented of which tunnel to take, and ended smashing, others just tried taking the curving tunnels too fast. Others, through no fault of their own, got caught up in their crashes.

This caused a problem for the few that survived. They had to slow down to make it through the wreckage. When Mobas saw they had a chance, and saw where to take it, he did so. While the Police were behind a curve or two, he pulled the air-brake out again, and pulled hard to the right, into a parking garage. He cut the lights on the speeder, and readied his blaster and a couple other weapons. The Police shot past, though, still convinced of where their quarry was.

A moment later, he had parked the speeder and was out of the vehicle. He started moving for another speeder to take, at a more leisurely rate, to a spot he knew he could be lost in. He'd break no traffic laws on this trip, and would be the epitome of lawfulness.

"We've got a little bit of a drive ahead of us," said Mobas to the Jedi. "We're going to a hideout I have that no one else knows about. At least, no one that'd turn us in." he looked to the Jedi, and realized he did not know the man's name. He stuck out his hand. "Mobas Rekken."

Lord Glorfindel
07-13-2003, 12:51 AM
"Jinru Tak" Said Jinru shaking the hand of Mobas, with a smile "Its odd how two hours ago we wanted to kill each other and now we are shaking hands." Jinru said with a laugh, but then looked down the walkway and turned his mind to the matters at hand "Does this hideout of yours have a ship parked near it?" still chuckling to himself...

07-13-2003, 02:15 PM
"Yes," laughed Mobas. "It's very odd. And Ahbella has a ship we can use." he continued. "It might be best to lay low for a little while. They'll be closely paying attention to what ships are leaving the system for a whiles, if this is as important as it seems it is."

After a hour's drive, they reached the place. It was far undercity, deeper than the slums. Mobas left the speeder unlocked, knowing full well it wouldn't matter either way- the speeder would be gone when they got out of the hideout again.

He moved up the walk to a door, old green paint flecking off to reveal rust beneath. He knocked twice, and knocked two times more after a pause. The door opened, and a Wookie poked its head out. It was having problems focusing on him. It was drunk or drugged, one of the two. Wookies on Taris had a bad lot, and were used primarily for heavy labor, barely getting enough to live in the worst areas. There weren't too many on Taris, because Wookies were not seen very much outside their home planet. But Taris had one of the highest Wookie populations off their homeworld- probably because those that had come couldn't get enough money to get off-planet.

"Raragar," he said, knowing the Wookie would give him some help, because of a couple of favors he'd done to them just in case of this sort of situation. "I need to stay with you for a couple of days. So does this man," he said, indicating Jinru. The Wookie gave him a slightly more sober look, then opened the door enough to let them in.

Inside, it was worse than it was outside. Two other Wookies lounged on the floor (It was difficult to procur Wookie-size furniture) and several drinks were lying askew on the floor. They were laughing hysterically, and just laughed harder when Mobas and Jinru entered. Mobas waved to them, and moved to a corner of the room that seemed to have less chemicals spilled on it.

"They're honor-bound to me for something I did for them," he whispered to Jinru to reassure him. "They know that when I stay with them, they are nto to talk of my or my friends' presence to others." He tried to lay out and think things through.

07-14-2003, 05:55 PM
"We need to get off-planet soon," he said, turning back over. "I think if we get to Ahbella this evening, she can fake us up a couple of I.D.'s that'll get us onto the cruise ships. The authorities won't want to stop them, because they're a lucrative business, and have plenty of influence with the politicians. They'll have extra security, but they'll be flying. We should be able to get through, using some disguises."

Later that evening, they left Ahbella's, with diguises, (Mobas's skin had been darkened to a near-ridiculous degree, and his hair had taken on a different color. Some chemicals applied to the face had made his face wrinkled and gnarly, as if he were much older, and he walked with a limp.)

They reached the launch pads for the cruise line they were traveling with via public transport, and got onboard with no problem.

After boarding, though, problems began. Outside the planet, a Sith boarding force waited, and the cruiser could not go throguh without being carefully searched. Despite Hin'on's words, the Sith were taking the possible escape of Jinru very seriously. The Sith began searching even the crew, and Mobas began to wonder if they'd catch onto Jinru's presence.

Lord Glorfindel
07-15-2003, 11:47 PM
As a sith lieutenant was walking down the line of people of the ship, with a com-pad which had two pictures on it, the pictures were of Mobas and Jinru, the soldier when in front of a person looked down at the com-pad and then looked at them, and walked to the next person, he eventually got to Mobas, but looked at the picture and then looked at Mobas, and then walked right in front of Jinru, he looked at the com-pad, and then looked at Jinru, he had different hair color and his skin was different then the picture on his com-pad, but there was a similarity, thought the soldier, he looked at his com-pad, and looked at other identiting marks of Jinru: A wounded arm, was the only thing on the list, he looked at the arm of Jinru, and asked if he could roll up his sleeves, the wound was still bandaged, but Jinru instead of rolling up his sleeves waved his hand at the soldier and said "I am not the person your looking for." The soldier then said "Your not the person I am looking for." "This ship has no wanted men." said Jinru with another wave of his hand "This ship has no wanted men." Said the soldier blankly "Now go tell your men to get off the ship and tell you supervisors that this ship is clear." Jinru said with another wave "Men" Said the sith lieutenant on the ships com "Lets go this ship is clean." The soldiers and the lieutenant then left. Mobas then looked at Jinru with amazement, but before the cruisers door were shut, a sith with lightsaber in hand came through the door and looked at Jinru "Jinru Tak I presume? I am sure your mind trick will work on me, and when you do make sure and give me a good answer to my supervisors." Said the sith scornfully, fully knowing who he was Jinru looked at Mobas "Time to show your great piloting once more." Jinru pushed the door behind the sith, and activated his lightsaber...

07-20-2003, 12:26 PM
As the lightsabers collided, throwing sparks, Jinru moved towards the door. A moment later though, it blew in, skittering across the room and barely missing Mobas.

Sith Soldiers moved in, one at a time, through the open doorway. Mobas had his pistols out and was firing in a few moments. He had to aim carefully, for the armor on the troops was substantial enough to stop most blaster pistol fire.

One, then another soldier fell, and another poked his head and gun around the corner and sprayed fire at Mobas, who ducked for cover. Except there was no cover to be had, and one of the bolts grazed his leg.

Mobas fell flat on his stomach and put two shots through the faceplate of the soldier. Then he rolled over to the other door, opened it partially, and used it for cover for a few moments. Then the stream of soldiers stopped, and Mobas figured they were going to try flanking him. He started moving down the hallway, jogging.

A couple of turns and a running firefight that lasted a few moments later, he was getting close to the docking aperture where the Sith and their soldiers had boarded from. He didposed of the guards, and then reached the controls. A moment later, the door cycled shut and was locked. No more soldiers would be getting on board for a while yet. He ran for the cockpit....

Lord Glorfindel
07-27-2003, 11:18 PM
...Jinru was thrown to the ground when the door exploded, and so was the sith, but Jinru quickly got back onto his feet, and was swinging his lightsaber frantically, deflecting the vastes amount of blastes coming towards him, there must of been eight or ten sith soldiers, at least, and not to mention the sith who was standing behind them staring at Jinru. Jinru couldn't focus on the direction of the deflected blastes for they're were to many, but he had some how managed to kill two sith soldiers, the soldiers were advancing towards him and Jinru stepped back a few steps but still swinging his lightsaber frantically, the soldiers were leading him down a hallway which led to the ships small cargo bay. Jinru took down another two soldiers and now could focus more, and immediatly took down two more soldiers, and then after a few more blastes deflected the other six soldiers blastes and they were dead, Jinru was now standing in front of the entrance to the cargo bay, but Jinru then noticed that the Sith wasn't behind the soldiers anymore, he then heard a igniting of a lightsaber, and looked down the adjecent hallway and saw the sith swinging his lightsaber down upon, Jinru collided his lightsaber with the siths and the two were in a lock "Two sith in one day" Said Jinru while staring eye-to-eye with the sith...

07-28-2003, 10:19 PM
After taking out two more Sith Troopers, Mobas reached the bridge. It had been abandoned. Just as well, reflected Mobas.

He cycled the lock on the docking mechacanism between the two ships. With a burst of air (not to mention a couple of more Sith Troopers), the liner broke free of the boarding ship.

As he moved the ship for deep space, he realized they were going to be chased by a Sith Frigate. This was not his day at all.

He looked over to the navicomp and saw a smallish astromech droid plugged into the unit. "You!" he barked at it. Its upper portion swung around, and it blinked a few lights at him. "Set a course for us for Dantooine!" he ordered. It whistled what sounded like an affirmative, and a translation popped up on the screen before him. "Yes sir. Calculations should take a minute."

Mobas looked to the sensor boards, and saw that a minute would be shaving it close, because the frigate would be awfully close. "Can you cut any time from the operation?" he asked.

"Sir." said the screen, "I double-check the coordinates. Remember, this is not only your life you are gambling with, but the lives of the passengers."

Mobas cursed. "Look, you regulation-spouting piece of scrap metal, there's an unfirendly frigate closing on our position. In a half-minute they'll be able to fire on us. You ever been under fire?"

The droid's lights blinked. "Course set, sir." said the translation screen in front of him.

"Launch us into hyperspace." he ordered it, and it did so. They were away, then, speeding to Dantooine.

He picked up his pistol, which he'd set on the console beside him, and left the bridge, remembering to lock the door. Time to cleanse the ship of Sith scum...

Lord Glorfindel
08-06-2003, 01:24 AM
...Jinru shoved the sith off of his lightsaber and then swung down upon the Sith, the sith's lightsaber met Jinru and then swung down at Jinru's knees, Jinru blocked the swing, and then whirled around and swung his lightsaber straight down upon the sith, but then the sith flung his lightsaber to Jinru's right, then to the left, and then straight down upon Jinru, and all in few seconds, the Sith kept swinging his lightsaber with lightning fast moves here and there, Jinru could barely keep up with the fast sith, the sith was leading Jinru straight down the hallway he came to attack Jinru in the first place. Few minutes later Jinru was getting tired of the constant strikes of the siths lightsaber, Jinru knew that the sith was definetly a better saber fighter and Jinru would die if he didn't do something, fast. Jinru twirled around and jump back to get some ground on the sith, the sith and Jinru were now a few yards from each other, Jinru looked around to see where he was, he was at a fork in the hallway, which also had few dead blasted sith troopers, which were lying around him.

"You will die" Said the sith with a smile "You know I am more powerful, you pathetic excuse." The sith raised his hand and lightning sprung forth from it, Jinru put out both of his hands, dropping his lightsaber, and was trying to absorb the lightning, Jinru was being pushed back by the lightning, the sith seeing Jinru's weakness, lunged at him, but just then Jinru fully absorbed the lightning and shot it right back at the sith, but the sith did not have time to absorb, because he was in the middle of striking his lightsaber down upon Jinru, but the lightning hit the sith sending him back a few feet unto the ground with smoke rising from the siths chest, Jinru walked up to the sith, knelt down and felt the sith's pulse, the sith was dead alright. Jinru took a deep breath and then looked at his hands, he took another breath, got up, and picked up his lightsaber from the ground. Jinru looked around and saw the blasted soldiers, then Jinru thought to himself "I wonder where Mobas is?"...

08-16-2003, 10:14 PM
(Sorry it took me this long to reply- I thought the vacation I was on would be shorter, but the car decided otherwise)

Mobas slammed into the doorjam as the fire from down the hall tracked his movements. He fired twice down the hall, heard a grunt, and got through the door.

Behind the door was a large cafeteria area. Coming in through the door on the opposite side of the room from where Mobas had come from were a couple Sith Troopers.

Mobas took careful aim with his pistol and sent one spinning to the ground. He had to give it to the Sith, they had good soldiers. The other immediately sought cover and returned fire.

On the other hand, the soldier didn't know about the modifications Mobas had made to his pistols. They chewed right through the upended table he was hiding behind and blew a good-sized hole in the man's armor.

Mobas turned and shot the soldier trying to sneak in behind him. That seemed to be it, so he moved for the cockpit again. The astromech still had them in hyperspace, and the course plot showed them on the first leg of a two-leg journey to Dantooine.

Jinru came in through the open doorway. "You got the Sith?" asked Mobas. Jinru nodded an affirmative, looking at the odd copilot.

"We're on our way to Dantooine," said Mobas, grinning. "They'll listen to you, right?"

Lord Glorfindel
08-21-2003, 12:17 AM
"They'll listen to me, if Sedra hasn't convinced them that I am crazy rogue Jedi." Said Jinru, who then went up to the Holodeck, and was trying to contact the Jedi Academy. In a few seconds a Jedi was on the Holodeck,

"Master Linson, this is Jinru Tak, I am being..." Said Jinru being Interrupted by Linson "Jinru Tak, Sedra Niro contacted us, and said that you attempted to kill him and that you were ordered to stand down when in flight, but instead you went into the city and stole a speeder and was being chased by police speeders, and during that chase innocent people were killed, how do you explain that?"

"Sedra Niro is working for the sith." Said Jinru "He had two sith bodyguards, and a sith ship orbiting Taris, I know because I fought one of those two bodyguards and that Sith ship boarded us we fought them off and is now pursuing us. The reason I am contacting you is that I need the Jedi Orders help to protect us from the Sith ship..."

Suddenly they dropped out of Hyperdrive, Jinru looked at Mobas with a puzzled look, Jinru then knew what happaned "Theres still someone on the ship" He said to himself, and then looked at Mobas, and then quickly turned around to face Linson "Send ships to these coordinates, and quickly, we'll try and hold them off or try and get the hyperdrive to work." Quicky sending coordinates over the Holodeck

"But..." Just then they were hit by the sith ship, and it took out their communication relay

Jinru looked at Mobas "Well whoever tookout our Hyperdrive is not going to live long to tell the tale, will you take the con while I go find the person who did this?"...

08-22-2003, 06:01 PM
Mobas nodded. I'll see if I can run some diagnostics and see what they did to it. And if it's repairable." He left, at a run. Sometimes, speed mattered on these repairs.

In the bridge, the same astromech was there. "Droid," he said. "Anybody come in here?" It beeped a negative at him.

He nodded. It would make sense for the person to have done it mechanically anyway. They'd be stranded longer. "Have you got any sort of communications jamming on board this thing?" he queried. Its response was short and a negative again. "Can you instruct the ship to broadcast white noise on all frequencies?" he asked. It swiveled its head at him and asked a question. He peered at the translator screen.

"Yes, I'm sure I want to do that, and no, I'm not crazy." he said. The noise would make them traceable, but less so than a saboteur could. He turned on a console and started running diagnostics.

09-15-2003, 03:41 PM
Mobas and Jinru heard a light clank behind them and turned to see a Jedi. Junru breathed a sigh of relief, but stopped short as he realized that this Jedi didn't seem to be happy. She had a long lightsaber in her hand with brilliant orange blades extending from both sides.

"The counsel is not pleased with your performance," she said. "They have sent me to bring you back."

09-15-2003, 04:38 PM
"Did you sabotage the hyperdrive on the ship?" asked Mobas, impatiently. "Because if not, you'd better go help Jinru find who it was." He was annoyed that this Jedi was so short with them. After all, they'd been on their way to Dantooine. He told her as much.

The console he'd been working at beeped at him. He turned and looked at it. There. That was the problem. Some wires had been disconnected, and the hyperdrive unit had had an explosive surge of energy within itself, with no way to discharge that energy. Shortly put, the hyperdrive motivator had blown up. There was a backup motivator in a utility closet off of the bridge, and some extra wiring.

"Hold on a moment," he said to the Jedi. "I'm going to have to go fix the hyperdrive. It might be useful to have someone up here that I can have initiate the jump again while I watch and make sure our saboteur doesn't come back again." he pointed to the droid. "It knows the jump path and our coordinates. Have it initiate the jump. I might be back, I might not. If not, tell Jinru if he wants to find me ever again, he'll know where to look."

09-15-2003, 05:08 PM
The Jedi considered this and nodded, putting her lightsaber away.

"I will cooperate," she said. "For now, at least."

As Mobas ran toward the door, the Jedi stopped him.

"I don't think we've been properly introduced," she said. "I'd like to fix that."

The ship lurched. "Another time, perhaps."

09-16-2003, 01:22 AM
"It will have to wait for another time because the ship should not be lurching." he turned back to consoles, and keyed up the diagnostics again.

"Our mysterious saboteur has struck again," he said. "We just lost one of the sub-lightspeed engines." he did another check. "We've still got some left, though." he grabbed the motivator and left, moving through the corridors of the ship to the area in the middle-aft of the liner where the motivator was to go.

It took him some time to get everything working again, but he managed it. He grabbed a commlink, and called the bridge.

"The motivator's working again." he said. "You should be allright to start the jump again."

09-17-2003, 01:34 AM
The mysterious Jedi followed Mobas' orders and the ship rocketed into hyperspace.

09-17-2003, 10:13 PM
"Now that that's over," the Jedi continued, "would you care to tell me more of what has happened? Hearing that you're on your way to Dantooine has made me less distrustful, but I'd be interested to know the whole situation. Oh, yes. My name is Virana Xyll."

09-19-2003, 02:09 PM
"Well," said Mobas, into the commlink, "It's a long story. Jinru tried to ascort Niro, but Niro turned out to have gone bad, and was escorted by a couple of Sith. The first ship they'd been planning to take had been sabotaged, by me, because I was trying to gain the bounty on Niro."

"When only Jinru got on board the second ship, where I had disguised myself as a chef, I was worried. I ran into a Sith by accident, and Jinru saved me from him. In return, I helped take out one of the two Sith. Then we had a pictures up together on the holonet on the planet, and the ship's hull had been breached."

"We went to stay with some wookie friends of mine, and then managed to get on board this ship by posing as staff. You obviously know about the troubles with the Sith, and our saboteur." Mobas looked around. "Any word from Jinru yet? I'm getting kind of worried."

09-20-2003, 02:15 AM
Virana frowned. "No. I haven't seen him since he left. Do you want me to stay here or try to find him?"

09-21-2003, 09:30 PM
"I'm not sure." admitted Mobas. "I think maybe you'd better look for him." he looked at the hyperspace unit. "I've got things working back here and I don't particularly don't want to leave it alone."

Lord Glorfindel
09-21-2003, 11:33 PM
(sorry it took me so long to respond, school has been hectic)

As Jinru ran down the hallway, and looking for where the hyperspace unit was, he looked down a hallway and there on the ground was a dead mans body, and leaning over it was a cloaked woman crying, Jinru had forgotten this ship to be a public transport ship, he quickly ran up to the woman and leaned down next to her and put his non-ignited lightsaber on his belt, and leaned down next to the woman, but that instant the woman jumped up and kicked Jinru right in the face sending him back, and while he was on the ground, the woman pulled Jinru's lightsaber off of his belt, and into her hand with the force. She then pulled out her on red lightsaber and was pointing both of them at Jinru.

"The Jedi are weak, dumb creatures." She said with a sneer "Always pitying the weak."

Jinru looked right at the sith, and was struck by how pale her face was, and how haunting she looked.

"I guess you think I am going to kill you now, but luck may have it, Sedra Niro specifically asked me to keep you alive and kill all the others, but let it be known if he didn't ask me that I would kill you where you lay." She said with a wicked smile, she then raised her hand and started choking Jinru, and raising him into the air, Jinru knew that she was a powerful sith, indeed. He started to space out but she dropped him onto the ground, and went up to him and with her lightsaber hilt, knocked him unconscious, and all was blank...

09-23-2003, 12:37 AM
By this time, Virana had begun her search of the ship, trying to find Jinru. She stumbled upon the Sith who was by this time carrying Jinru away.

"Not so fast," Virana called. The Sith spun to glare at her.

"Another pitiful Jedi?" the Sith scoffed. Virana activated both blades of her lightsaber.

"Come get me," she retorted. The Sith gave an evil laugh and launched into battle. Virana realized that this Sith was powerful, but she knew her limits as well and decided that the Sith was not outside of them.

Shado Vorn
10-05-2003, 10:52 AM
The battle lingered on for what seemed like a lifetime, when in fact, it only lasted a few moments. Virana's opponent was cold. The Sith woman would use any tactic she could to gain victory, even if it meant hurting herself to do so, which she did. As they battled, the Sith woman purposely twisted her ankle and fell to the ground. She deactivated it and rolled it toward Virana, as a sign of good faith. Jinru's lightsaber had already been knocked out of her other hand earlier in the fight.

"You would not strike an injured, unarmed person, would you?" she said with an innocent look upon her face. "I would not, but do not expec ..." A huge slam came to the back of Virana's head, knocking her out cold. Virana and Jinru did not notice the man lying "dead" was in fact alive. A mistake that they would come to learn from, if they did in fact live through this encounter. The Sith woman rose to her feet, carefully without placing weight on her newly sore ankle. "Excellent work, Shad." she said with a grin. Shad felt a bit guilty of what he had done, but had a strong will, hiding this "weakness" from his facial expression and his mind so his Sith companion did not notice.

"I did what had to be done, Landra." he said in his deep voice as he looked down at Virana. "But that doesn't mean I'm proud of it." Shad leaned down and grabbed Landra's lightsaber, so she did not have to herself, possibly straining her ankle. He reached out to hand her the lightsaber, but as he did so, she snatched it from his hand. "You always were a weak one, Shad. It is only a matter of time before I put you out of the Sith's mysery. Lucky for you, your help is needed by the Sith." Shad ignored her. He leaned down and comfiscated Virana's lightsaber, placing it on his own belt.

A person's first impression of Shad is that he is not your average Sith. He was very tall, in fact, almost as tall as a Wookie! That was no small oddity for a human as a Jedi or a Sith. He wasn't the smartest man, but he never let his physical mass slow him down. He was all muscle, and a man his size wielding a lightsaber was quite a show. He was more skilled with a lightsaber than he was in the Force, which kind of came with the territory.

"Kill her. Kill her now, while the other is still gathering himself!" Landra said with an evil hiss. Shad flicked his eyes toward Landra, then back to Virana. "No." Landra wasted no time hesitating, instead, she activated her lightsaber. She raised it in the air, and was about to swing down, when Jinru came up behind her and froze her in her tracks with a Stasis Field.

"Your turn, big fellow!" Jinru said with a bit of an astonished look on his face of the sheer size of the man before him. As he was about to use his Force powers on Shad, Shad reacted quicker. He may not have been a smart person, but when it came to battle, he was in a class of his own. Shad lifted his huge leg, kicking Jinru against a wall. Weakened by the attack, Jinru's hold on Landra was also released. She used the Force to drain Jinru a bit, healing herself by doing so. She then turned to finish what she was about to do earlier. She returned her lightsaber to a swing-down position and proceeded to do so. Not a good idea on her part. "NO." Shad said again, this time putting his response into action, picking up Landra by the throat and lifting her into the air! "NO MORE!" Shad was a gentle man at heart, believe it or not. Even though he lifted her up in the air, his grip on her neck was not a hard one. He brought her back down to the ground gently. That was his mistake. Landra, infuriated, swung her lightsaber, slicing Shad across the chest. Shad roared in pain, filling the hallway with his mighty voice.

"Your time is up, Shad. You made a big mistake." Landra said. In fact, Landra had made the mistake this time around. She pissed him off. Shad is a very gentle man, he would do his best not to hurt anyone if it could be avoided, but when Shad's angry, all the gentleness in the world couldn't stop him from beating a person into a bloody pulp. Landra found that out the hard way, as Shad ripped the lightsaber out of her hand and threw it over into a corner. He lifted her up into the air with both hands, then threw her down, making her hit the ground hard, and knocking her out cold in the process. Jinru finally rose to his feet. He was frozen in confusion. He didn't know whether to help him, or help Landra. Seeing as how he was a Jedi, and would help anyone in need, he decided to help Landra. She needed it to. If Jinru didn't help her, she would be killed by a raging lunatic with a lightsaber.

"Excuse me, big fellow?" Shad stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Jinru. That was all the time that he needed to save his enemy. He used the Force to grab his own lightsaber. It returned to his grasp. Shad had left his rage behind him, when Jinru called to him. He looked at Jinru for a moment longer, then back down to Landra. He took his lightsaber, then took hers. He tossed them to Jinru. Jinru, confused as hell this time, cought them.

"I will not fight you. You can arrest me, kill me, do what you will. I am no Sith, and I am glad because of it." Shad said as he stared at the unconscious Landra. Speaking of unconscious, Varina was finally regaining her consciousness. "I will be dealt with willingly, Landra, on the other hand, will not." Shad picked up Landra and placed her over his shoulder. He stood there, in wait of what the two Jedi would do with him and Landra.

10-05-2003, 10:50 PM
Virana stood still for a moment, still unsure of what to do. Then she felt the ship drop out of hyperspace.

"We'll let the Jedi Council decide what to do with you," she said. "It feels like we've arrived."

Shado Vorn
10-06-2003, 07:14 AM
Shad nodded in agreement. "My name is Shad Sonos. This lovely young unconscious lady is Landra Monali." Shad forgot that she was over his shoulder. He gently let her down to the ground, sitting her against a wall of the now landed ship. "You think they have cuffs big enough for these?" Shad said as he put his large hands out in front of him.

10-10-2003, 01:02 AM
Virana's commlink beeped, and Mobas' voice came through. "We're over Dantooine," he said. "I'm leaving the ship in orbit and we'll be taking a shuttle down. Who knows what sith are on board still? We can have the Jedi clean the ship out once Jinru's been debriefed. Head to the hangar. I'll have a shuttle waiting."

Jinru disconnected the link, then leaned back in the chair in the bridge for a moment. The astromech droid beeped at him, and he looked over at it. A moment later, he looked at the security cams. Where the hyperdrive motivator was, a body lay. Jinru smiled, and looked over at the droid again. "C'mon." he said to it. "I need someone who can plot me a course to the Jedi Temple."

He got up, and mvoed out of the bridge, glad to finally be to Dantooine.

10-12-2003, 11:22 PM
Virana headed for the shuttle bay and was followed by Shad and Jinru. Personally, she believed Jinru's story after hearing it from Mobas. At least Mobas believed he was telling the truth and she sensed the same in Jinru.

Shado Vorn
10-13-2003, 06:42 AM
As they each boarded the shuttle, Shad realized this wouldn't be a comfortable trip. He had to duck his head down low just to enter the shuttle. As he sat inside, his head was being pushed down by the ceiling. Virana and Jinru did their best to supress their laughter. Shad knew better. It wouldn't be the first time his size was cause for laughter, and he knew it wouldn't be the last. He didn't seem to mind it though. The shuttle finally went out into orbit. Landra was still unconscious, which was a good thing. Shad kept his eyes on her, readying himself just incase she decided to wake up before the trip was over.

10-15-2003, 05:50 PM
Landing on Dantooine was one of the most surreal moments in an adventure that had been, for Mobas, one of the most surreal... had it only been a matter of almost a week? It had felt like two lifetimes. The ride down was one of the few peaceful moments in the entire group of adventures, down to a peaceful planet where an air of tranquility hung over the ground like a layer of fog.

Setting the shuttle down, he saw more than a few Jedi standing ready at the edge of the landing pad. He motioned to Virana and Jinru. "Looks like you have a few friends ready to recieve you," he commented, as he started through the passenger compartment to the rear, where the door was. "You might want to reassure them that everything's all right." he looked at the young, unconcious woman. "And having a Sith to bring in will probably help." He opened the door, and the Dantooine air blew in, scented with the wildlife of this planet.

Lord Glorfindel
10-17-2003, 03:44 AM
Jinru was much relieved to breathe and feel the Dantooine air, as he walked down the shuttle ramp while holding Landra Monalis arm, who was still half awaking from her unpleasant unconsciousness, Jinru was then followed by Virana who was followed by Shad, and last came Mobas Rekken. Jinru looked around at the Jedi standing at the Pad, they all were staring at them with cold stares, Jinru knew it would take some convincing to convince them that he was a jedi. Jinru saw Jedi Master Linson walking towards him with his silver-hilted Lightsaber in his hand.

"Greetings, Jinru Tak, I see you have brought back... company." Said Linson looking at Virana

"This is Landra Monali, the sith who sabetoged our ship we were just on, and back there is Shad Sonos, another saboteur."

Linson looked at them, and looked at Virana, Virana nodded "Maybe so but how did you get the public transport ship in the first place?" Said Linson, Jinru then related all of his adventure, well most of his adventure, he told him everything from the time he was at Niro's office, and so on, after Jinru told him everything, Linson looked at Mobas and then Virana, and then put his lightsaber on his belt.

"Welcome back to the academy Jinru." Linson said with a bow.

Shado Vorn
10-26-2003, 01:49 AM
After a while, Landra and Shad had been escorted to a prison within the Jedi base. Shad followed willingly, and with no struggle whatsoever. Landra, on the other hand, tried to punch, kick, and even bite her escorts. One of the guards actually had to use a stun weapon on her to stop her reckless behavior. Shad sat in his cell, dwelling on current events.

"Shad Sonos, another saboteur." Shad thought about what Jinru had said to the other Jedi about him. "Nevermind the fact that I saved an unconscious Jedi who could easily have been killed by the Sith in the next cell over." he thought to himself. "Nevermind the fact that I gave up willingly. I'm just a saboteur." he thought.

"Oh quit crying already, you overgrown baby!" a voice said from the cell next to his. "Landra? You're awake?" Shad asked. "Yeah .. I'm awake." Landra said, her tone a bit quiet this time. Shad shook his head, then leaned up against a wall as he sat on his bed. "So you heard my thoughts?" it was more a statement than a question.

"I did." she replied. "Look, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting. You didn't deserve how I treated you earlier. It's just that those damn Jedi do-gooders get on my nerves. We had a job to do, and we ..... I ... I blew it." Landra's tone was sincere for what seemed like the first time.

"It's okay, Landra." Shad replied with a slight smile, relieved that Landra wasn't the evil person he had thought her to be. "I'm not cut out for being a member of the Sith, Landra. I can't bring myself to hurt people unless they deserve it." he said in a soft tone, but still coming on loud because of his deep voice. "I'm truly sorry for hurting you, Landra."

"It's okay, Shad. I had it coming." she replied. "I should have known better than to piss you off anyway. You know, Shad, I'm starting to think that the Sith aren't the way to go either." "Are you serious?" Shad's eyebrows raised in shock as he asked. "Of course I am, big guy. I may have an attitude, but that doesn't mean that I'm evil." she replied.

"We're in trouble, aren't we?" asked Shad. "I'm in trouble. You redeemed yourself, so I imagine they'll be leniant on you. As for me ..." Landra didn't finish the sentence. "I won't let them hurt you, Lan." Shad said, sternly. "I know, big guy. I know."

10-26-2003, 05:50 PM
Mobas found his accomodations, while nice, rather repetitive. The unceasing beauty of this planet was beginning to get on his nerves.

He knew why he was still being held in here. It was because they were still verifying Jinru's story. They'd gone through it twice with him, and that seemed to be it.

So it was that Mobas found himself sitting on the veranda on one of the resort-like domiciles. And it was there that a Jedi Master found him. The Cathar sat down. He was nearly bald except for a topnot. His feline ancestry showed through moreso in him then it did in any other Cathars Mobas had met.

"Mobas Rekken," said the Jedi Master, examining Mobas as if examining prey.

"You found me." said Mobas, sipping a drink. "Not, of course, that you should have any problems with that."

The Cathar Jedi chuckled. "Jairin is my name," he said. "Master Jairin."

Mobas had had enough of Masters in the past day or so to last him a lifetime. "You already know my name." he said. "I haven't really got any way to respond to that."

Jairin smiled. "I'm not talking to you for your conversational skills," he said. "I'm here to offer you a job."

Mobas blinked. "How am I supposed to complete this job? I haven't got any weapons, you Jedi took them all." He heard a familiar clink, and looked over. A suitcase was sitting on the table beside him. Jairin cocked an eyebrow.

"I must say I was rather impresed at the sheer volume of firepower you had on your person," he said, in conversational tones. "It's all in there. And Jinru mentioned you liked grenades, so we put a couple of those in, too."

Mobas flippied open the suitcase. his two primary blasters, his backup blaster, the secondary backup blaster, two flash-bang grenades, two stun grenades, and four high-power explosive grenades. A shrapnel grenade, too. He whistled.

"Yes," said Jairin. "Nice, no? I selected it based on Jinru's descriptions."

Mobas looked up, suspicion forming. "What's this job?" he asked.

"We'd like you to go back and kill Sedra Niro." said Jairin.

"How much?" asked Mobas.

"Or," said the Jedi Master, his tone lowering quickly, "You could stay here for the rest of your life."

"Maybe I'll come back when I'm ready to retire," said Mobas. He knew he'd go crazy were he confined here, and besides, he was too young for retirement to happen to him. And Ahbella was still back on Taris. Plus, the man back on Taris who'd ordered Niro's death would probably still pay up. He looked at the Jedi, who was watching him. "I'll do it." said Mobas. "But there may be Sith. I'm not sure I can handle them."

"I'll be going with you," said the Cathar Jedi. "I need you so I can get onto Taris. I'll handle the Sith, you handle any normal guards and Niro, and then I leave. You are then free to do whatever you want."

Mobas nodded. "I can get you to Taris, and take car of the others. You have a deal." The Jedi nodded, and offered his hand to Mobas. "We'll leave immediately. But you'll need some help first, from our disguises people."

Two hours later, with a fresh disguise, (The Jedi had expert disguises, much better than what Mobas had) and with all his weapons with him, Mobas pilotes a small shuttle up and off of Dantooine. He realized partway up that he'd not even said goodbye to Jinru. Oh well. One of these days, he'd come back to Dantooine and see how the young Jedi Knight was doing.

For the moment, though, he threw the hyperspace levers, and they shot into that insane speed, moving in a roundabout way towards Taris.

Lord Glorfindel
10-26-2003, 07:34 PM
Two Jedi looked out the window of the temple and saw Mobas Rekkens ship take off, his ship raised itself and it then pointed itself at the sky and was gone. The two Jedi were still staring at the sky where the ship had gone.

"Hopefully the next time we meet we won't try and kill each other." Said one of the Jedi, both of the Jedi then laughed.

"I hope that he fulfills his duty." Said the second Jedi

"He will, he won't fail I promise you, Master Linson." Said Jinru

"I sure hope so." Said Linson taking his eye off of Jinru and back at the sky "You did well Jinru, especially on your first mission as a Jedi Knight, I knew you would do well, even when you were my padawan, you are a very talented Jedi, Jinru, I see you becoming a great Jedi." Said Linson still staring at the sky. Jinru looked at Linson and then looked at the sky, Jinru stared at the sky for a few more minutes and then bowed toward the sky, in signalling Mobas who wasn't there, and then walked off.

10-27-2003, 05:57 PM
Virana approched Jinru quietly when Master Linson left. She stood with him for a moment before turning to face him.

"He'll be fine," she said, motioning to the departing ship. "He knows how to take care of himself."