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07-02-2003, 06:15 AM
Okay, I've been out of the loop for a while - over half a year I think. But with JA news ramping up, I dusted off my JK2 cd and installed, patched etc and loaded up the server browser.

There weren't alot of servers - this was to be expected. I did find 2 or so servers that had a decent ping and tried them out in turn.

Server #1 was using 1.03 settings - and after 1 minute of being in the server, I was reminded of how much i hated playing 1.03. There were about 15 people, each of whom used either pull backstab or kick backstab. Lame, so I left to the next server.

#2 was like the other one, FFA, this time in Bespin Streets. Every single person had their sabre off and would whine when I attacked them with my sabre. Yet they justified using force grip to toss me over the edge when I was unawares, or kicking me to the floor and pushing me over the edge. Okay fine I think, big deal I can use absorb. So I avoid them, and get into a few duels. Do alright; win one, lose one. Then the third duel, got into a few sabre locks; win the first one, and while he's down I hit him with a lunge. Second lock; same thing. Then he runs off until the duel is broken and whinges "you're not supposed to attack people after a sabrelock ffs!". Well EXCUSE ME: when I last was into JK2 multiplayer, it was okay to actually PLAY THE GAME AS IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED.

Am I mistaken in thinking that everything has gone way downhill since last September?

shock ~ unnamed
07-02-2003, 06:43 AM
see sig.

Yes jk2 has become quite silly but don't uninstall it yet.

I've found that going to those servers and "laming" as it's now called is quite fun for those with a sense of humor.