View Full Version : How long should a person be AFK before they go into spectator mode?

07-02-2003, 10:23 AM
There is a new "all activity" feature with Duelers 1.3 that makes the g_inactivity timer & the g_timeouttospec timers more sensitive. This means that if a person does anything at the keyboard (or mouse), the timer for putting that person in spectator mode (g_timeouttospec) or booting that person from the server (g_inactivity) will be reset.

The question is, what should the timer be set to by default?

This poll is on the spectator mode timer. Since Duelers has a new duel code, if a person needs to go AFK all they have to do is join spectator mode.

Keep in mind, just because you go into spectator mode, it doesn't mess up your score, you start right where you left off when you join up again.

This is nice because it pairs up the better players with the better players & the worse with the worse, this way, you are not always just winning or just losing, the duels are more evenly matched; Not to mention to the fact that you do not need to wait to duel anywhere nearly as much & you can always chat with anyone in the room at anytime.