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07-03-2003, 03:39 AM
Here are the rules:

1:no bio (describe your character in the story)
2:no killing characters that were created by anyone other than yourself(if someone else creates even a security guard at a gas stasion you may not post his death, only injury. You may however shoot at him and the person who created him will say if he get's shot and dies. If the person who created him does not post for two days for any reason, you may kill the character provided the character does not have an established name.)
3:no Godmoding(anything I determine to be God Moding must be edited, but I hope everyone will show a little discernment)
4:no controlling any character created by someone else unless they specify otherwise.(if someone creates a security guard they may specify "controlable", then anyone may control this nutral character)


The background:

The year is 2503, for three years the largest manufacturing company in the world has been Tidal. The owner of Tidal is Billionare Charles Stone, but rumor floats that the real owner is a Trent Jackson, but no one knows for sure if he really exists. And a mysterius serise of deaths and disapearences drift around with the rumors.

But this year has witnessed the sudden rise of the newest manufacturing company, Salasa, to the second largest company in the world. And it's billionare owner Wane Riddleson is on many magazines.

In the grungy run down streets of the futuristic Seattal the Shadowruners, Dekers, and Hitmen look to the bars and clubs for jobs of any kind in order to maintain a profitable career. The Shadowruners are agents for hire who perform variouse tasks and jobs for whoever's got the money. The Dekers are mages and hackers who jack into the cyber information network know as the matrix to hunt for whatever information they can find and sell. And the hitmen will hunt down and kill whoever has a price on his head.
The story:

In dark alleys men meet, in the shadows of Seattal a wisper passes from ear to ear. A man known in the Shadows as Glen Pearson has a job that Shadowruner, Deker, and Hitman from every back street alley will be interested in. For ten grand anyone can give his/her skills for hire. A shipment by a profitable company called Trizak is coming in, a large shipment, and peir 114 is the place. The job: stop the shipment. The catch: Trizak has protection, like with all their shipments, an armada of goons to monitor the docks and the ship. The rest of the dock will be silent, and this shipment is the only focus. And it's the focus of many men.

Weather you catch the rumor of the job from your local club or bar, or hear about it from another thug; payment will be delivered to those who successfully stop the shipment. Wharehouse 202 is the location for the payment, payment is delivered by Glen the next day at 11:00pm. The shipment comes in four days.


you don't have to be anything imparticular. But I recomend you be a Shadowruner, Deker, Hitman, or Merc.

You can control more than one main character if you wish, how many is up to you just don't be crazy and control fifty.


Darth Blonde
07-05-2003, 02:36 PM
When you say mage, do you mean the dekers have powers? please explain.

07-06-2003, 03:10 AM
A Deker is a person who hacks the matrix. But acctually everyone can use magic. Deker's just usually use magic more than the others. You don't have to use magic though. Magic includes a simple attack spell which shoots a fireball and explodes, eaquivilent to a grenade. Or a heal spell to cure wounds. Other than that I don't think there's much more magic. At least with my experience in the game I've never come across more than that.