View Full Version : weird meshresults after rigging

07-05-2003, 06:31 AM
hi all,

after i rig my model step by step to the bonestructure, export it and do the carcass (no errors while carcassing) everything in modview looks out of place..but not in max. Im realy realy stuck here.

The hirachy of my model should be fine, i started from the foot upwards etc.

And i used the ready weighted and tagged skeleton which is available to d.l.!

Can anyone help me please?

07-05-2003, 02:01 PM
First, use the reset xform modifier on your meshes...

You can find it in the utilities section, or in the modifiers list. Add it to every meshes and move it down under the skin modifier.

Once it has been moved down, right click on the modifier and hit "collapse to" not collapse all or you will lose your weight setup.

After doing this, a number of meshes (most likely the ones that have been mirrored) will have their faces flipped...go in polygon mode (or element) and select all the faces and flip them back so they are facing the right way (aka flip the normals). You might have to unlink the hierarchy for less screwed up results.

Make sure you save your scene to a different file before you do this, transformed objects can behave strangely and screw the model seriously.