View Full Version : Problems with Mask Scent

07-08-2003, 10:20 PM
Mask Scent has just been patched with a 1 min timer. I find that this timer is first of all a little to long, but thats a personal opinion. I have a problem where i mask scent and yet a critter attacks me. This is normal but my mask scent stays up and i can get points off other creatures in the area while im fighting.

Second of all is being detected by all yellow dot critters. This kills when your using mask scent and run by a herd of yellow dots or when creeping upon some red dots and there is a yellow dot critter on the screen. This causes the timer to kick in.

finally hunting (Mask scent) III is worth alot more xp then hunting (mask scent) IV. with III i can get 2-3 250 xp points. But since i have gotten hunting IV i get 4 or so 60-90 point hits before im discovered.

Also do medics and such get a heal timer? they aquire xp that way.