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07-09-2003, 03:27 AM
hi.... quickly dont have much time..... umm i got galaxies in mail yesterday wont play untill like 20th july ..no time ....thanks jackrabbit i send money tomorrow :D how is everyone.... ummm sorry been gone.... be back after winter holidays..... skiing is good... ummm see yah

07-09-2003, 03:30 AM
hurry back but be safe skiing :)

07-09-2003, 04:56 AM
Have fun and safe skiing, hope to see you soon. :)

Thew Rydur
07-09-2003, 05:13 AM
Hope you have a fun time man, hope to see you ingame soon. :D

Wraith 8
07-09-2003, 10:23 AM
have fun skiiing shreneka.. get with us fast tho. :D

07-09-2003, 10:38 AM
Originally posted by Wraith 8
have fun skiiing shreneka.. get with us fast tho. :D

Haha, I just pictured a Wookie skiing.

Glad to hear you got the game swediot=). Take your time with the money; we both know I didn't get the game out to you right away :rolleyes:.

Don't you all look at me like that. I was playing the game, and missed a couple days :o.

07-10-2003, 02:26 AM
so much for safe skiing i just smashed my knee and spraigned my wrist..... so wont be skiing for a couple of weeks.... what a way to start the season :D

07-10-2003, 02:38 AM
UHHHH your season just started??? Man I wish I was there so bad. I just got my level 2 teaching certification for snowboarding. I have a passion for powder its just the greatest feeling ever.

07-10-2003, 06:32 AM
well its icey rocky and all around crap.... so all off pist is a no go :(

Wraith 8
07-10-2003, 10:20 AM
so you will be playing the game? :D

07-11-2003, 04:54 AM
no probably not till 19th of july when my friend has gone home

Wraith 8
07-11-2003, 10:59 AM
Originally posted by swediot=)
no probably not till 19th of july when my friend has gone home can you explain this?

Jan Gaarni
07-11-2003, 02:57 PM
His friend is prolly visiting him, so he wants to get as much quality time with him. :)
Right? ;)

And if my gut feeling is correct, my bet is his friend lives a loooong way from Swediot. :D
Am I right? huh? huh? :D

07-11-2003, 03:59 PM
You should be a detective Gaarni :D.

Jan Gaarni
07-11-2003, 04:05 PM
Well, what I mean about a looong way from Swediot, is a reeaaally looooooooooong way from Swediot. :D

Not just another city on that tiny island. ;)

07-11-2003, 07:42 PM
yeh jan is right again

07-11-2003, 11:46 PM
Smashed wrist? Wont that messed up your gaming! :(

07-12-2003, 07:21 AM
yes ...... yes it will...

*tries to move mouse

OW..... damnit