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07-09-2003, 05:29 PM
Hello All

For all you gaming nuts i am putting my pc up for sale.

The following items will come with the purchase.

Computer--450 mhz, 40 gig, 512 sd ram, Audigy 2 sound card, Geforce 4 video card, cd burner, Windows xp

Software--SWG Collectors Edition, All the EverQuest games+ books+maps) Battlefield 1942, Lots of other software (not games)

2 Printers
3 sets of speakers
linksys router
usb hub
2 gravis gamepad pros
linksys network adapter
geforce 2 card
vodoo 3500 card
sound blaster live card
Microsoft Keyboard
optical mouse

Works great with all the online games. Just time for me to move on

All yours for 750.00 obo plus shipping

Interested email me at jlabruno1@comcast.net

Deft Aklin
07-09-2003, 06:00 PM
This definetely doesn't belong in the general forums, actually this really doesn't belong at all. I'll move it to off-topic and close it.

Lightning Strikes!

BTW, the processor is a little weak for SWG, probably why he's selling it. Also, $750 is a little steep for a PC you can get from Dell for 600 and build yourself for 500.