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Das Mole
07-09-2003, 08:51 PM
okay, here's how the game'll go...

i post an opinion of mine in each thread where i can post an opinion in the harbor. you have to find ten of my opinions, and then you have to sort out the fake opinions from the real opinions, there could be any amount of true or false opinions. this'll let us see how well you actually know me and how i think ("das thinks?"). hah! now you're all confused! okay, so i don't really think. anyway....yeah, i'll post here to tell you when i've posted these 'opinions', and you'll need to look at the dates i posted them. the ten opinions i post will not have been posted from july 9th back, the dates should only be on july 10th and any date after that. i will have them posted within the week starting tomorrow, so that's from july 10th to july 17th are the dates. you may select any ten opinions of mine i have posted, then tell me whether it is actually an opinion of mine, or if it is not an opinion of mine. you will get twenty points for each one you guessed correctly, meaning you could win up to 200 points. again, pick any ten that i post from the dates of july 10th-july 17th. actually, i start posting them at 6:00 am gmt on july 10th, and stop at 6:00 am gmt on july 17th, i hope that's not too confusing, because of all the time differences.

okay, you know what? f***. i'll put an asterisk at the end of an opinion that is being used for this game, whether it is false or true, it will have an asterisk then you choose ten and say whether they're true or false.

there, done. i'll tell you when i'm done posting them. i'll post maybe fifteen or twenty for you to choose from, or at least i'll try.:D

07-16-2003, 01:49 PM
This one didn't go down too well Das!!!