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07-12-2003, 03:47 PM
Well i got awfully bored and it seems its trendy to make your own civ templates for the alleged new "SW RTS" thats ment to be coming out so i thought i might give it a try...

boy your in for it this is long!! The basic civ template but im using rebs as an example.

Basic Civ model

Tech level 1

Basic Troops and mounted troops available here. Workers have slow building construction and resource gathering methods.
The basic idea is Tech 1 would what a starting civilisation/organisation would be at.

Tech level 2

Bigger variety to troopers, resource upgrades available, some mechs available, weak air unit available. Jedi's become a
formiddable force here.

Tech level 3

First combat air units available, stronger mechs available, more resource and building enhancments available. Spaceport first
available here.

Tech level 4
Trade units become available

Tech level 5
Advanced weaponary

Most buildings must be powered, various methods available.
Workers gather resources which in turn let you produce units, create buildings and research.
Techs are researches. Same basic model as GB across the board.

Food - Gathered from animals, animal building, bought from spaceport, and farms.
Durasteel - Replacement for carbon, workers gather wood/raw durasteel from rocks, sent to durasteel plant to refine.
Credits - Replacement for nova, various methods in obtaining.
Duraplatinum or something - Better but rarer version of durasteel, refined from the ground, appears as a metallic
grey patch in the ground. Available tech 3 only after workers and durasteel platforms have been upgraded. (its a lame name
but i couldnt think of anything else!!)

Vigor - Similar to mana in WC3, or faith in AoK, vigor is used for special abilities. It's the force power for non-jedi/sith units.
Stances are refined. These are the stances

Normal - Will engage any unit attacking it, will pursue an attacking enemy for a short distance. Will not stop if being attack after
an order has been given.
Customized Stances - Some units have special stances that grant then special abilities eg Rebel Guerilla's passive stealth ability.
Attack Move - Same as above except if it is attacked when it is following an order it will attack back.
Raid - Concentrates mainly on worker units, will attack other units if no workers are present
Stand Ground - Will stay in its spot and attack if possible
No attack Stance - Will not attack no matter what

Rebels Civ bonuses
All Buildings are self-powered but have -5% hit points, are 15% more expensive and take 10% longer to build
Rebels begin with -25 durasteel but +50 duraplatinum
Rebel Troops have +2 LoS
Rebels gain power core techs free
Rebel Buildings may be decontructed, and 25% of the resources spent on the original building are returned to the player.
This happens eventual, it takes over a minute to decontruct a building and resouces are slowly gained as it is deconstructed.
To deconstruct, select a worker click decontruct in the side menu and select your building. Alternativly select a building,
click decontruct and the nearest worker will move toward it. Only one worker can desconstruct at a time.

All aircraft are 5% cheaper

Rebel Terrain Bonus
Troopers move 5% faster on snow terrain than other civs.

Rebel Command Center (220 durasteel, 165 duraplatinum)
-Worker droid (T1), 50 food
upgrades to (70 food, 35 durasteel units)
- A(rtificially) I(ntilligent) Worker droid (T2) - Gains a defend stance
upgrades to (450 credits, 600 duraplatinum)
- Advanced Worker droid (T4)(+2 Armour)

Workers are now upgraded, replacing the motivator techs from battlegrounds. When it is upgraded its HP, speed, gathering
speed,construction speed and attack are increased. Advanced worker research requires a lot of duraplatinum,
but workers still cost food.

-Scout (Lightly armoured dude on TaunTaun or whatever) (55 food)(Detector)
upgrades to
Agile Scout (T3)
upgrades to
Combat Scout(T4)
upgrades to
Guerilla(T5) (Gains passive stealth stance)(Gains power-down ability)(Gains sabotauge ability)(Rebel unique unit)

Scouts are now built from the command center and no longer are all on bikes. The rebel scout has a weak ronto style kicking attack
Scouts can be upgraded. An agile scout gains LoS, Is equipped with a small, weak blaster, gains more hp and a small amount of
attack. The tech 3 scout is strong enough to be used for raiding, but will probably die if the enemy has any sort of small army.
The tech 4 scout has improved attack vs workers and can destroy ground troops en masse, however would prove ineffective as
a fighting force. The tech 5 rebel scoutis a unique units and reflects the rebels guerilla sneak on endor disable shield generator
type tactics. It gains the ability to temporarily disable power to a building bar the command center for 30 seconds.
Sabotauge plants explosives in a building, taking some hp from it, but not enough to destroy a whole building except maybe
a prefab..

Power droid(T1)(50 durasteel, 25 duraplatinum)(Power core required)(-10% slower than power core)
upgrades to
Heavy Power droid(T2)
expanded power output
Electron Droid(T5)

Yes the power droid is back, and with expanded use this time. However it has a smaller radius and works at a lesser efficiency
than a power core.

Medic(T3)(100 durasteel, 50 credits)
Medics heal all biological units in their radius slowly thus proving more effective than the battlegrounds medic being able to heal
multiple units. However the medic costs a lot more and cannot be built before tech 3. Needs vigor to heal.

Sneech(T3)(80 durasteel,25 credits)
upgrades to
Heavy Sneech(T5)
Workers can no longer repair mechanical units, instead a new lightly armoured unit called the sneech can. It can only repair one
unit at a time unlike the medic however is of more signifigant value since mechanical units cost more. Repairing with a sneech will
cost resources depending on the unit, and takes time however can make or break a battle if a user is prepared. Repairing costs
about half-price of a normal unit.

Fortification(T2)(50 duraplatinum)
All buildings gain +15% hp, Command Center gains +3 attack +2 fire rate and +1 range

Advanced Training(T2)(50 credits)
Workers have +10 hp, +2 attack

Fusion(T3)(100 credits)
All units are created and upgrades researched 10% faster

Sensor beacon(T2)(35 durasteel)(35 food)
All buildings +2 LoS
upgrades to
Sensor array(T3)(100 food)(50 credits)
All buildings +4 LoS

Superior Developments(T4)(300 credits, 450 duraplatinum)
Buildings have +30% HP, +2 Range, Constructed +10% faster, +5% cheaper, buildings that can attack have +3
upgrades to
Sustainable Development(T5)(500 credits)(400 food)
Resources are exausted 10% slower, Medics and Sneeches heal +20% faster, everything +5% cheaper, all buildings +4 LoS

Tech Level 2(420 food, 120 carbon)
Tech Level 3(800 food, 225 credits)
Tech Level 4(1250 food, 600 credits)
Tech Level 5(1400 food, 1200 credits)
Power Core(180 duraSteel)(T1)
Strengthened assembly(T2)(75 duraplatinum)
Power core has +200 hp, power droid has +40

Solar Energization(T3)
Power cores have a larger radius, troop center, mech factory, etc units are created 10% faster

Efficient Buildings(T4)
Units are produced 10% faster and research is conducted 10% faster

Rebels are the only civ not to have power cores but i will list them anyway...

[/B]Rebel Barracks(184 durasteel)(T1)
Trooper(T1)(35 food)(35 durasteel)
upgrades to
Foot Trooper(T2)(+15% speed)(+1 attack)(+5HP)
upgrades to
Armoured trooper(T3)(+10hp)(+2 attack)(+2 armour)(increased fire rate)(+1 range)
upgrades to
Heavy Trooper(T4)(+2 range)(+2 attack)(+2 LoS)(+2 armour)
upgrades to
Repeater Trooper(T5)(increased fire rate)(increased attack)(+10% speed)

Defender(T2)(60 food)(10 credits)
upgrades to
Benched Defender(T3)(+3 Armour)(Gains grenade attack stance)
upgrades to
Frontman(T4)(+2 Attack)(+3 Armour)(Detector ability gained)(+20% speed)(Increased fire rate for normal stance)
upgrades to
Elite Frontman(T5)(+2 Attack)(+1 Armour)(Gains nest ability)

Defenders are a useful unit to defend against rushes, however prove ineffective for rushes as they are very slow compared to troops,
cost a lot more, and can be easily taken down by workers. However they prove effective vs troopers and a good rush defense.
Once upgraded to Benched Defender they gain a Grenade attack stance, which is similar to the GB Grenadiers attack.
Elite Frontmen gain the nest ability which give them +3 armour for as long as they are nested.

Flak Trooper(T2)(65 food)(40 credits)(splash damage)
upgrades to
Heavy Flak Trooper(T3)(+2 Armour)(+15HP)(+1 Range)(Gains boycott ability)
upgrades to
Mega Flak Trooper(T4)(+2 attack)(+3 Range)

Flak Troopers are short-range units particulary effective at beating Defenders and have a decent attack vs mechs if en masse.
However they are weak vs most other non mechanized units. Boycott disables any mechanized unit for 15 seconds.

Rocketeer(T2)(50 food)(45 durasteel)
Heavy Rocketeer(T3)(+2 Armour)(Gains Ground attack stance)
Advanced Rocketeer(T5)(+2 range)(+3 attack)(+2 Armour)

Rocketeers are the main anti air troop force, and the only unit in the game capable of hitting both air and ground targets, but are
ineffective against most ground units bar heavy weapons. Their ground attack is effective vs buildings also.


Enhanced MacroBinoculars(T2)(75 food)
All troop center units(except Flak Troopers) gain +1 range

Lighter Armour(T3)(80 durasteel)
All troop center units move +10% faster

Portable Scanners(T3)(180 food)(Requires Enhanced Macrobinoculars)
All troop center units(except Flak Troopers) gain +2 range

Intergrated Rangefinder(T4)(300 food)(Requires Portable Scanners)
All troop center units(except Flak Troopers)gain +1 range

Dexterity(T4)(350 food)(250 durasteel)
All troop center units gain +10% speed

Dual Focusing Coils(T5)(550 food)(Requires Intergrated Rangefinder)
All troop center units(except Flak Troopers)gain +1 range

[B]Animal Nursery(T1)(110 duraSteel)
Same as GB nursery, garrisonable nerfs etc BUT

guess who's back:)
- Mounted Trooper(T2)(55 food)(20 nova)
upgrades to
Heavy Mounted Trooper(T2)
upgrades to
Advanced Mounted Trooper(T3)
upgrades to
Advanced Heavy Mounted Trooper(T4)

Stimulants, cloning etc

Animal Taming(T4)(400 food)(340 duraSteel)
All animal based units have +2 attack, +20 hp and 10% speed
Mech Factory(T2)(198 duraSteel)
*~comin soon~*
*~comin soon~*
Heavy Weapons Plant
*~comin soon~*
Rebel Stronghold
*~comin soon~*
Research Infirmary(T1)

*War center and Research Center Combined, since i never liked the research center lol*
Unit upgrades

Standard Armour(T2)(100 food)
All barracks units gain +1 Armour

Production supervision(T3)(100 duraSteel)
Rebel buildings which normaly need to be powered produce units and research 10% faster, and are 10% cheaper

duraArmour(T3)(100 durasteel)(75 duraplatinum)(Requires Standard Armour)
All barracks units gain +2 Armour

Enhanced Armour(T4)(200 food)(100 credits)(Requires duraArmour)
All barracks units gain +2 armour, +5hp

Gene therapy(T5)(450 food)(300 credits)(Requires Enhanced Armour)
All barracks units gain +2 Armour and regeneration

Gene Splicing(T5)(1000 durasteel)(400 food)(600 credits)
All biological units gain +15% HP, all troop center units gain +10% speed, +2 range, +2 LoS, +1 attack, +10% accuracy

Combat Training(T1)(50 food)
All troop center and mech factory units gain +10% speed, Defenders gain +10HP

Primary Focusing Coils(T2)(100 food)(Requires Combat Training)
All barracks and mech factory units gain +1 attack

Cooling Sleeves(T3)(150 food)(100 credits)(Requires Primary Focusing Coils)
All barracks and mech factory units gain +1 attack

Advanced Cooling Sleeves(T4)(250 food)(200 credits)(Requires Cooling Sleeves)
All barracks and mech factory units gain +2 attack

Digital Augmentation(T5)(600 food)(700 credits)(Requires Advanced Cooling Sleeves)
All units gain +10% accuracy, +2 range, +10% speed, +15% fire rate
Vigor up(80 credits)(50 food)(T2)
All units with Vigor have +10% more

Metabolic Injections(100 credits)(100 food)(T3)(Requires Vigor up)
All units with Vigor recover it 10% faster and have 5% more

Stem Cell modifications(250 food)(200 credits)(T4)(Requires Metabolic Injections)
All units with Vigor recover it 10% faster and have 10% more

Bio Co-ordination enhancements(T5)(300 duraplatinum)(800 credits)(Requires Stem cell modifications)
Vigor is recovered 40% faster, units with vigor have 20% more, units move 20% faster, and are 10% more accurate)
Elevation Tracking(T2)(150 food)
Command centers, turrets, fortress-equivalents, mechs, ships, etc same as in battlegrounds have +1 range, line of sight and attack

External Sensor Pod(T3)(200 food)(100 credits)
Command centers, turrets, fortress-equivalents, mechs, ships, etc same as in battlegrounds have +1 range, line of sight and attack

Targeting Sensor(T4)(300 food)(200 credits)
Command centers, turrets, fortress-equivalents, mechs, ships, etc same as in battlegrounds have +1 range, line of sight and attack

Homing Sensors(T5)(400 food)(600 credits)
Command centers, turrets, fortress-equivalents, mechs, ships, etc same as in battlegrounds have +2 range, line of sight and gain
homing capability
duraSteel support beams(T3)(250 duraSteel)(175 credits)
All buildings have +10% hit points and +1 armour

permicite plating(T4)(400 duraSteel)(300 credits)
Buildings have +10% hit points and +2 Armour
Power calibrator
Rotational Bearings
Heavy Weapons Engineering
Ion accu-accelarator
Medium, Advanced turret
Medium, Shield Wall
These techs Same as in battlegrounds

Turret(T1)(125 duraplatinum)(25 durasteel)(minimum range)

Sentry Post(35 carbon)(10 duraplatinum)(detector)

Light wall(5 carbon)

Anti-air turret(150 duraplatinum)(50 durasteel)

Thats about it now... basically Battlegrounds with a few new features.... it is actually *a sequel* so it could be called *Battlegrounds II* because of all the ideas still present from it...

Admiral Vostok
09-29-2003, 03:43 AM
Skythe, not sure if you're still visiting us here, but sorry I missed this. You must feel rejected. I was looking through the back log of threads and saw this, so thought I might as well comment...

Anyway some interesting ideas here, for a Generic Unit Set, though a bit too much like the old SWGB for my liking. Post some more civs and we'll see how it goes. One thing though, I'd refrain from sticking costs on everything just yet, as that needs to be done whilst properly balancing and testing, which I don't think you have the resources to do...