View Full Version : The glory of revenge

07-17-2003, 04:38 AM
It was noon and a hooded figure sat in the back of the cantina eyeing the crowd. The cantina owner was suspicous of him. He went over and asked if he wanted a drink.
The hooded figure just staired at him. After a minute he say he wasnt leaveing, still waiting for an answer. "No," He said and then the owner walked away but looking back at him as he walked.
The door opened and 3 storm troopers walked in to get something to drink.
"Here we go," he whispered to himself. He then kicked his table up making a light barricade and drew out his 2 pistols and began gunning the stormtroopers down. 1 fell dead and the others returned fire. The blasters did not pierce the metal table but started burning through it. He rolled it to the left and dove out the right. The stormtroopers still shooting at the table were hit several times before they knew were he went. 1 more fell dead and aproached the piller which the hooded man was standing behind. Listening carfuly he put his guns away.
When the stormtrooper was 4 feet away the hooded man jumped from around the corner, his hood came off and you could see the spikes sticking out of his long brown hair. He was a zabrak. "This is for my father!" he shouted as the troopers gun split in two from the man long blade. "And this is for all the people you killed!" a slash took off the arm reaching for his pistol. "And this is for revenge!" the storm trooper was cut in two. After breathing heavily he swung his sword in a circle and it was placed back in its sheath. As he walked out 2 storm troopers walked in and saw the bodys. They asked who did it and everyone in there pointed outside. But the man was gone. more vengence was to be dealed.

07-17-2003, 05:34 AM
the hooded figure was out of city limits and began to travel across the tatoine wasteland in search of imperials. He embarked the small town for mos eisly, there he would find a spot with lots of imperials and unleash hell.
Mos Eisly was in sight and he looked to his right to see 3 AT-ST's. after more examination he saw 10 storm troopers with it. The were heading away from mos eisly and far away he say a building. A rebel flag was sticking up out of it. They were going to kill everyone there. He moved twords the base to intercept the imperial forces. He had time for a quick stop at mos eisly to pick up an adventurer to help him combat the imperials.