View Full Version : Ingame friends..

07-19-2003, 01:57 AM
Hey I'm new to the game (playing it that is) I've read EVERYTHING I possibly could about it. But when I finally get my new comp on Thursday I'm gonna be new to the whole world of SWG as a character. So if anyone wants to do some missions or just get aquainted leave a post with your ingame name. Thanks a bunch!

07-19-2003, 02:18 AM
All right! That's cool. Start on Corellia, if you can, Kor Vella. If not, I'll meet you anywhere on Corellia and I'll personally escort you to our future home.

My in-game name is...well kinda obvious really. It's Jek, Jek Rendar!

07-19-2003, 05:00 AM
hrmm and wheres the "future home" or is it the current one we got now that only 3-4 people go to ? hehe