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07-19-2003, 08:48 PM
I have a question I could not find an answer to in a search or the manuel.

I am new to RPG so forgive me if this is something I should know.

When I equip one weapon in one hand I have a Damage of say 3-8. I understand that that means the damage I deal out will be between 3 and 8 points depending.

Now I have an attack bonus of +5.

But if I equip to weapons (two swords or blasters) my Damage stays 3-8 for both hands but now my bonuses are -5 and -1.

How come these numbers are negative and how will if effect my ability to attack?

When I look at Carth though he has two weapons and both of his bonuses are around +3 and +5. How come he can use two weapons with a high positive bonus but I cannot.

Thank You.

07-20-2003, 12:29 AM
This might belong in the X-box frums, but I think it's because you're character lacks dexterity, the ability to use two hands effectively, meaning your abilities with two weapons are, at best, minimal. Your -5 and -1 ratings I am less sure of, but I think it refers to the damage done by each hand. At a guess, your attack is rolled twice, once for each hand, and 5 is subtracted from one hand and 1 taken from the other.

btw: I don't think you can go negative in attack, I think it'd just do no damage.

07-20-2003, 07:12 AM
Your "attack bonus" is a measure of your skill or chance to hit a target successfully and do damage, the higher the better. You get a penalty to your "Base attack bonus" if you try to weild 2 weapons which is why it has gone down to -5 -1, each number represents the attacks that you can do each round and their "attack bonus" stat (so you have 2 attacks per round, the first attack has and "AB" of -5 and the second attack has an "AB" of -1) ... ok well I am not good at explaining stuff so I think I should stop right there :D yea it's better to ask at the XB or strategy forum of whichever we have here :p

07-20-2003, 12:31 PM
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