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07-21-2003, 08:23 AM
Warning...some inadvertant spoilers below...

I'm on the Star Forge, easily got out of the docking bay and past the next level, but once Malak decides to send the troops and Dark Jedi after me, well, it all went down hill from there...

They wiped out my party one at a time...I'm thinking if I use stealth I could sneak one party member up on them, plant a butt load of mines and then let them see me so they run to attack, but not sure if that will work ( I've never tried to get stealthy with a dark jedi, I normally just hack and slash ).

Any help and or ideas would be appreciated.

07-21-2003, 09:23 AM
FINALLY BEAT THE THING now my life can get back to normal and i can get rid of this video game heroin.

ok here is how i got past the waves upon waves of jedi
[spoiler]i took my two jedi people and concentrated on one target, usually the closest, and had R3 use stuna nd freeze rays on the people around me. after every wave i saved, so i did not have to go threw it again, but also keep moving foward do not spend time on checking the dead bodies just causes more dark jedi to come. now if you see a hallway with a whole bunch of turrets to your right you are very near the elevator to take you on to the next level, but if you go all the way down the left you can get to a place where you can make special armor for yourself, costing 19 spikes. i was dark so i got reven's robes made for me not sure what you get if you are light. the only thing is if you head left you have to fight more jedi but i find that after the first few waves it gets easier. also watch them from coming from front and behind.

here is also some other info when you get further

fighting star forge droids spoiler
when you have to fight these droids the star forge makes DONT, you will know when because you talk to malak and he says something like he will let the star forge beat you. now do not attack the droids or use force powers or they just keep making new ones until you are dead instead run to all the consules, 6 in total, and use two spikes to stop the production of the droids. once you have gotten to all 6 computer panels the droids stop attacking you and you can move on to fight malak

battle with malak
now is the main battle and be ready to use TONS of health packs. malak is imune to force push, kill, insane, and death field but force storm works and plague works some of the time. after you fight for a little bit and malak runs away and talks to you for a bit you have to do something different, run away from him like hell. he has all these jedi trapped in tubes and he drains them to regenerate his health. you have to run around and kill all the jedi in the tubes before you can face malak or he will just kick your butt. make sure to get all the tubes on the top level, and dont go down to the lower leve because it is the dead end. once on the jedi in the tubes are dead then you are ready to face him. what i did was lighting then followed by a life pack, the red ones, until i was at of force powers. this gets him to be down to 1/4 life and the rest is a saber battle which you should win if you use a power strike move followed by a health pack

good luck to you.

07-22-2003, 07:13 AM
Beat that last part...but now I'm up against MALAK, and everytime his saber touches me I get stunned...I have tried everything I can think of to beat this guy...is there a trick? I took out all of the 'jedi' lining the room and then faced him one on one...he stunned me every time he hit me and then I lost...how in the heck do you beat him?

07-22-2003, 10:52 PM
Thanks for the help...finally managed to beat him...I sat there and thought I'd have to go and replay some other parts of the game to get a special item or something...and it just came down to a whole lot of running...

07-24-2003, 03:19 AM
Sounds fun lol:D :c3po: