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07-22-2003, 02:07 AM
Ok I posted this stuff under my other post of Crimson sand panthers and others tuff but no onw read that one so here is what i said about the other stuff

If anyone has any of the special ability powerups I am looking to buy some so please give me a tell or email or post it here what it does and whether it is for armor or for clothes. The circular tape looking ones are for clothes and the flat panel looking ones are for armor.


Wraith I know I told you originally that I wanted a large house but that was before I learned about onyl having 10 slots and a large house taking up 6 of them. So know I would like a medium house as longs it takes up one or two slots because I want to put houses on other planets to ie Dathomir and Lok. Also waht style, I mean since we are gonna be living on Naboo I thought that style but then I realized that people who are moving their houses from Coreilla have it in that style. So I would like a house in the Naboo style unless we are making the houses up of all Coreilla style. Thank you very much and also I will need furniture too, and if I supply the 120 wooly hides oe hwo many every can you make me a bed then as well.

Furniture I would want/need from you 9tell me how much I owe you by the way) is

-two couches black
-one reclining chair
-cafe table
-large bed

I think that is all for the moment I may change this order depending on how much all this stuff is gonna cost me.

07-22-2003, 11:55 AM
Awww Very nice. :D

Wraith 8
07-22-2003, 12:09 PM

There are in total 4 types of houses.

Naboo (can only be placed on Naboo)
Corellian (Can only be placed on Corellian)
Generic (can be placed on any planet you wish)
Tattooine (Can only be placed on Tattooine

I have a Naboo medium hous wich takes up 2 lots. now about the different styles or floorplans.. i dont know the differentce on all houses.. only off the naboo houses. i just know that the styles 2 bring me more XP then the normal ones.

About the black furniture.. i can make a small vcouch wich is grey black. other then that i can not give color to furnitire... im sorry.
The torches can be done.. only i need some stuff only a master artisian can make. how many do you need?