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Erebus-Rouge O.
07-22-2003, 04:25 AM

since the servers have been down and i havent got to pay for my house,it has been deleted.Fine i could careless about the house but i had EVERY little thing in my house from the beginning of SWG until the few days i havent had time to get to my house.So where the heck is all my stuff i mean i have everything in my house.

I mean i had Armor
ALOT of Backpacks full of Junk

if all my stuff is deleted i feel you should atleast get the people all their stuff back like in a Pack or something.

*sigh* thanks for your time,

07-23-2003, 06:40 AM
Dont' worry so much! You have a support section in your holocron just for this kind of thing. Just send them one or two ingame emails and they will help you out. I got zapped to the center of the map once and died. I sent them an ingame email via the support thing and boom, three days later they fixed me up with my stuff :D Just make sure to tell them as much as you can like date it was deleted and why and stuff. May take some time for them you get your stuff back, maybe even your house! They want to keep people happy but you unhappy peoples need to learn to relax:D Keep it cool yo!