View Full Version : Is there a lost room in Loom?

07-23-2003, 03:03 PM
Many years ago in a Loom poster I saw a room with hourglasses I believe in the glass city. Having finished the game I realized that I never found such a room. Years after, playing Loom again. I decided to watch in the middle of the glass city, and it appears to be like those hourglasses and there is like a path to them in wich the character cannot walk. I tried on two different versions. Maybe it is for a version for a different platform than PC. I dont know. I decided to download ScummVM. After searching room by room I notice that a file is missing: 21.lfl. The files for the rooms of glass city go from 17.lfl to 24.lfl aproximately. This is strange. From 00.lfl to 70.lfl is the only file missing. Do you know something about this?

08-03-2003, 05:09 PM
Room 48 is also missing. I'm not sure if it ever existed.

But I think you may be right about room 22 being cut out, since I can also see the "hourglasses."

My only guess is that they were cut out so that the game could fit cleanly onto a few disks.

Edit: I just noticed that in the disk version, the hourglasses are visible in the middle of the long exterior shot of Crystalgard (between the Chalice Room on one side and the Graveyard and Scythe Tower on the other). However, they appear to have been removed in the CD version. The artists probably felt that they should remove any indicators of the missing room from the game.