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07-23-2003, 05:07 PM
Bad news. Daring Dueler has just informed me that Wal-Mart will now only be selling 2 things: Basic 3 3/4 inch figures, no ships, deluxes, and lightsabers. Thats it. 3 3/4 basic figures, and lightsabers. That means they won't be making the next 3 cantina packs. You can right a complaint to Wal-Mart, go to www.sirsteevesguide.com . They seriosuly better sell the rest. If not, I will no longer shop here, and go to Toys 'R Us.
Burn Wal-Mart!!!!! :mad:

daring dueler
07-24-2003, 03:07 PM
while wal-mart has done the most drastic,its just the tip of the ice burg (always wanted to say that). you see all the stores are making cut backs on star wars buying, for a couple of reasons, 1 being that hasbro (the all eveil enemy) have been shipping 1 figure per shipping thus a store could get 3 boxes of star wars for stock, that may be just one figure in all the boxes, pretty stupid, for those of you who had fan choice 3 ephant mon trouble this is why, 6 ephant to a box, no store wanted one shipment, another reason was that ep 2 sales dipped horribly on action figures and the stores like episode 1 have lots of left over stock, and dont want more fearing the same problem,(target the only smart one has been shipping old stock back to hasbro to get new stock of toys, they and toys r' us are the topps now).now the stores are screwed by hasbro becuase often they dont even know what they are getting and and when. while target and toys are us and even kb toys are our best bets , even at those stores stock will be limited once again because of our friend hasbro, they get shipments not often, and once again they ship 1 maybe two figures, maybe not from the same collection, luminara undili is still shipping! I mean c'mon hasbro! also the packages have changed in the saga line...wonder why, not for new year, but rarther a trick to fool the stores to think its a new line, they hope that this new line turns into another potj a very good selling line because stores wanted it, and lets face it, hasbro did pretty well on that line over all, fans liked it, stores ordered it becuase it was new and a fresh line, but that was when a colletion of 4, maybe 5 figures to a shipment, stores wanted it, when potj came out , if you made a find you found 3-7 new figures, because of shipping patterns. over all i blame wal-mart yes, hello there are collectors out there who buy, and you are not helping, but the base problem=hasbro well lets hope they change this line to shipping better ,and hasbro, weve got enough han solo's already, the re-paints-the re-packaging the re-makes of already made figures, they say because certain figures sell better, well lets take a look at the fan choice figures, none have been popular figures or the ones you say sell well, they sell well becuase they are the only ones we can find in the stores!
i got much of this info at www.sirstevesguide.com and from the guy who owns www.johns-toys.com and a little from myself.

happy hunting, not that your gonna find much now, the secondary market is basking in this, because they are getting all the buisness, my top 4 places to buy online are-

07-24-2003, 11:08 PM

Ok, Its hard to read waht hes saying, but I talked to him ealier, and it does make sence. :)

Good job, again, Daring.... chap........ :D

daring dueler
07-27-2003, 09:32 PM
well, what can i say, im a people person, who, drinks....erm! yes yes well, this got me mad so i had to ay something.

08-24-2003, 11:12 PM
After getting the band and adding Kitnak whatever to my Cantina Wish List, I was wondering who would be getting these next 3 in stock? I really want Kitnack!